Why People Bet on the Favorite Even When the Spread Favors ...

Last night, it really hit me. This is pure gambling.

Last night, I was watching the Rolland Garros semi-finals (Grand Slam tournament - basically 1 of the 4 biggest tennis tournaments every year.)
I love tennis both as a player and spectator, and as I have been rooting for this particular player for many years now, whom yesterday had a real chance of winning and going into the Finals of Rolland Garros for the first time in his career, I thought to myself:
Why not place a small fun bet to make it all the more exciting.
I had never betted on sports ever before this, maybe once with $2 as a joke with some friends around 10 years ago or so.
The player I am supporting starts to lose during the first hour of the match. So I sign up, deposit the minimum $10, and find that the return rate was 4/1 (I.e. $10 gets me $50 if my player wins, $40 profit).
Being a massive fan of the player, I thought on top of my own excitement for the game, 4/1 odds were fantastic.
I am about to place the bet, but I find that the odds had shifted to 3/1 as my player had started earnings some points back.
Then to 10/3, then 3/1 again.
I found myself in a disgusting mindset hoping my player would lose a few points so that I can get in on the 4/1 odds, which I thought were great odds. I had never, ever wished for this player to lose a point before. This shook me quite a bit.
And it happens! I quickly place my bet, and I realise I had just bought the dip on a fucking tennis match.
The match resumes and my player keeps losing. I refuse to believe this will happen as like I mentioned previously, I am a massive fan, believe in him, and want him to succeed.
The match reaches a point where my player is nearly defeated, at which point I go back and look at the odds.
I see now the new revised odds at 7/1, then one more point is lost and I it goes to 8/1!
On the rush of adrenaline from the match and from my desire for my player to win, I deposit another $10 and place another bet at $10, with a profit of $80 if my player wins.
In the moment I realise I just doubled down on a tennis dip, and I have a position of $20 with a potential profit of $120.
A few points later and a lot of adrenaline, and it happens. I am thrilled.
My player makes a comeback, FUCK YEEAH, I scream!
He gets back in the game and for the next hour or so ups his game significantly, just as I had hoped. The match is a complete thriller filled with adrenaline and unbelievable tennis. I am loving it.
I am so happy for him and at the same time, I am thinking about my tennis tendies.
The game reaches a point from near defeat, to perfect equilibrium in score from the two players.
I log back in to the betting platform to look at how the odds are fairing now.
The $10 bet I had made early in the game was now worth $17.40
The $10 bet I had made later in the game was now worth $31.31
I now had the option to cash out nearly at 150% return, get out and enjoy the game and root for my player, or diamond hand this bitch and root for my player still.
I choose the latter as the $20 was insignificant to me, and think to my learnings that I will pass the fuck out before I tap out.
A few exhilarating points ensue, but it turns out my player had become exhausted. The rest of the game progresses and it's clear that he will lose. He cannot keep up the brilliant come back that had taken place thus far.
I go back into the betting platform and noticed that:
The $10 bet I had made early in the game was now worth $0.35
The $10 bet I had made later in the game was now worth $0.14
Not only was my favourite player about to lose, but my contracts would expire worthless.
And lose he did.
It was an incredible match and he won the hearts of many fans that night. He is an unbelievable player with so much promise as he is still very young.
The tennis they played was just fantastic.
The whole experience left me thinking to myself that the emotions, the mechanics, the complete and utter unpredictability where identical with options trading.
It was then that it really hit me that the term "investing", or "trading" platforms is the fakest front for what is actually absolute gambling.
I can't help but feel a bit dirty that I took something I am passionate for, something I've kept pure for so many years, a pure love for the sport and put inside emotions and mechanics of greed and opportunism. That's the definition of the ugly side of capitalism and I got the taste of it first hand last night.
I have deleted my betting account and will never engage in sports betting again after this. The rooting and cheering I had for this player in previous matches VS this one felt self-less and pure, whereas last night I found myself rooting on the fact that I'd make money. This left me feeling pretty shitty with myself.
I thought I would share this story with all of you retards, hoping that you will learn something and relate on a level which will benefit you in life.
1) Some things are best kept pure and outside the scope of making money.
2) Options are not financial derivatives, they are gambling derivatives.
3) Gambling can exist in every single aspect of life, and it can really consume you and your passions.
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I'm a commentator for a tournament of nightmares. There's more than one horrifying champion in the NFC.

The Exhibition Match.
The Opening Round.
Quarterfinals first half.
Quarterfinals second half.
NFC Wildcard Opening Round Match; “Wendigo” Wendy Hathale Vs JJ Watson
Wendy’s eyes narrowed, and she cracked her knuckles in anticipation, sighing.
“Alright, we’re both clearly freaks of nature. How do you wanna do this?”
JJ’s smile widens, and he leans down, leering at her.
“You think we can just tear each other apart without issue, don’t you?” He chuckles and licks his lips. “You haven’t realised yet that this isn’t YOUR home, little one.” He looks to what I can only assume is an invisible camera only JJ can see and flashes a far too perfect grin, mechanical in its nature. “The poor girl is so clueless, folks! But don’t you worry, JJ can remedy that stupidity!”
He laughs, shaking his head and slapping his forehead, repeatedly shouting “STUPID!” as his laughter grows more guttural, more manic. He drops to a knee and howls with glee.
“My goodness, my first true contest in a LONG time and it’s against a little girl who reminds me SO much of my dear audience back home. It’s almost ironic, I can’t get away from them how hard I try! I may as well say “HONEY, I’M HOME! DID YA GET ME ANOTHER FAILURE?”
He laughs harder, getting off his feet to lunge at Wendy and pin her down, still laughing as his drool coats her head and mask. I felt sick watching it.
Wendy, to her credit, was unperturbed.
“Man, you ever been told how much of a fuckin’ creep you are? You reek of chemicals, look like a dollar store horror mannequin reject and talk in such a creepy way that even the local pervert wouldn’t touch you. But most of all…” She pushes him off with great force and sends the laughing, drooling JJ smacking the canvas before he rights himself to stare at her. In that time, she darts forward and in an instant is across the side of the pit, clutching an ear in her hand and throwing it to the ground as JJ continues howling with laughter, white fluid and pus trickling out of his ear.
“You’re fucking disgusting, JJ.” She quips, turning back around and extending her fingers. I'm staggered, but I proceed with enthusiasm.
“This truly is a blink and you’ll miss it bout, fight fans! Wendy Hathale clears half the pit in a split second and takes JJ’s ear with her! Curious that she doesn’t go to taste it though…”
“Not at all, if you consider that JJ isn’t human.” Nelle replied, searching the contents page of her book for a particular entry, flicking through the pages until she stopped under “I”. A detailed diagram of a spectral shape that shifts at will to scare townspeople laid bare for me to see. “He’s an Ikaggen, a very special kind of trickster god that can shapeshifter into many things to enact his cruelty. But his most common appearance…” She trails off as JJ splayed out on all fours and began twitching while he laughed.
His back hunched up and snapped, stretching out to form the long neck and thorax, a bulky abdomen housing an extra pair of spindly legs with gnarled hooks across the length of them. The front hands reaching up and bending forwards to form the raptorial saw-like weaponry as his skin darkens and the carapace shimmers under the lights, piercing silver antenna split out of his head as the hair recedes and gives way to grotesque bulging eyes. The jaw crunching, splitting and gnashing as mandibles rapidly replace the perfect teeth. He gurgles as his laughter gives way to hisses and growls.
“You are not in The Hotel just as I am not Beneath The Static, we are both vulnerable to the unyielding jaws of death. I am not willing to risk such a thing in front of a live audience, young one. I will tear you to pieces and show the world what lies beneath the static.”
He lunges forward and takes a swipe at her with his hooked claws, slicing the inside of her thigh as she darts back and ripping the skin, flecks of black blood coating the hooks as he chuckles, his body remaining still.
Wendy landed as her leg gave out, looking at it expectantly, hoping it would fix itself. Instead, the blood continued to trail around her until she ripped away the torn fabric and wrapped it around her.
If she was scared, she damn sure didn’t show it.
“Well, I guess you’re truthful about something, JJ.” She said, breathing a little heavy from the blood-loss, steadying herself as she rose to her feet. “Y’know, we get cable in the Hotel Inertia, I’m aware of who you are and what you do… pickin’ on teenagers for your own amusement. You really THAT much of an attention whore that you can’t stay away? They'll grow up and come back stronger, you know. When you pick on someone your own size, you're always gonna lose.”
JJ didn’t respond, swaying ever so slightly like a brittle leaf caught in a mild breeze. He was waiting to strike. Wendy pulled off her sweater and threw it aside, showing a thin stomach that almost caved in, binding wrapping her chest and ribcages, old wounds and scars littering her body.
“This is the result of countless fights, feedings and gruelling fights. Some at home with my “adopted family”, others with The Order of the 13th floor alongside my friends, the ones this fuckin’ tournament ripped me away from at our crisis moment. You think YOU scare me? You think the idea of being torn up and actually dying scares me?” She laughs, it’s hollow and bitter, like she’s remembering the bright side of a vicious beating is the unconscious state she’ll fall into when the pain gets too much.
“You have NO fuckin’ idea. I’d be so happy to go to sleep and never wake up, to have that ceaseless hunger stop for just one day. Do you know what that kind of hunger does to someone? It makes an ordinary person angry on the first day, delirious on the second and manic by the third. Now take what I am and multiply that number by thousands.”
Wendy takes off her mask and shows the gritted teeth biting on her lower lip so much that she’s torn through the flesh, blood coating her chin as the teeth grow more spiked and the jaw grows larger, her eyes blackening and skin greying. She grows taller and the features of a once beautiful woman give way to a horrifying creature known for its insatiable lust for flesh.
Crouching down like a sprinter at the starting line, she stares down her opponent like a piece of meat.
“So just imagine what that’s gonna do to you now I’ve let loose, JJ.”
I can’t believe my eyes. In that moment, the reality of the situation hit me like a freight train and I feel the innate fear of being a small fish in an ocean filled with sharks. I can’t let my composure falter, not with Alduin’s gaze bearing down on me. I take a long drink of water and tumble headfirst into my adrenaline.
“AMAZING! Wendigo Wendy living up to her name as she assumes a more terrifying form! This fight looks to be heading to its climax folks, expect blood and guts galore!”
I was right. Within 20 seconds, it was over.
Wendy leaves great dents in the canvas as she tears forward, JJ swipes at her in the instant she comes into his range, his front forearm hooking into her flesh and pulling her in. She pushes forward, the skin tearing with the force of her movement and an ungodly shriek emitting from her as she bites into the offending arm and pulls up with her jaws, tearing it free while her right hand slices into JJ’s eye, the nails going straight through the soft flesh and pulling at the socket until it’s wrenched completely free.
She casts it aside and lets the wailing JJ Watson stumble away, leaking that same fluid addled with a horrid chemical stench.
Losing strength, he begins forming back into himself; the eye closing up and his suit tattered as he gripped the stump. Wendy watches him for a moment, bits of JJ’s mantis-arm still in between her teeth that she spits out as she stares him down. He’s breathing heavily as she walks closer, every step impactful.
“Well, folks… It seems I underestimated this young woman’s ability to let go. I thought she’d be like my hardcore audience and just cave under the pressure of mortality…” He looks up, that perfect skin cracking around the edges. “But I’ll tell you something, this will make for great publicity!”
She kicks him square in the gut and he’s sent into the air with a wheeze. As he falls down, she catches the back of his neck in her jaws with a sickening crunch, his body twitching in the air as he gasps.
“Looks like… my time at the NFC… is up. But, Wendigo Wendy… I made you see what you fear. What lies Beneath The Static… Death itself.”
He snaps his fingers and the lights go out across the venue, obscuring us for a moment. When they turn on, Wendy is kneeling on the ground in her normal form, exhausted and her mask firmly back on.
“A stunning turn of events! Right as Wendigo Wendy had JJ in her jaws. He pulls a fast one and escapes out of the back door! But, I think we can all agree that while Wendy had some scrapes, it’s absolutely her fight to win!”
I look to Alduin who is seething with rage, but concedes the fight is over and awards Wendy the victory.
“Wendy Hathale advances, we will announce the remaining participants at the end of the interval, but each has been told of their inclusion already. The tournament will recommence in 3 hours. Rest up, you’ll fuckin’ need it!”
Alduin storms off to the back, leaving Wendy still struggling to get up as the crowd disperses. I debate going down there to help, but a surprising hand is offered to help her up.
Eustace De Kolta holds out a red-gloved hand, his curled smile betraying his keen and curious eyes.
The guy gave off the sort of vibe one would expect from an old creepy man on public transport.
“You had quite the ordeal, Miss Hathale. I knew you had something special in you, I just wasn’t aware of how unique you truly are…” His voice was like silk, every syllable softly declared and hanging in the air, Wendy looked up before slapping his hand away, struggling to her feet.
“I know what you are and what you do, De Kolta. A single handshake from you and I could end up in that nightmare fuel Pokemon satchel you keep with you. No thanks.” She walks towards him and despite being a solid foot shorter, gets in his face and stares up at him. “You come near me, I’ll pull a disappearing act of my own on your jugular. Understand?” He shows his teeth as he grins and backs away, bowing deeply.
“I look forward to seeing your future matches and I do hope you succeed. It would be most fortuitous if we were to meet in the pit. I think you’d play well with my menagerie.” He stands and watches her as she leaves, an open door leading into the main lobby of the arena now available. Before I can process everything, his gaze locks onto me and I see something I never expected.
The smile immediately dips into a low, sinister grimace.
He looks at me with a hunger and a hatred I have never seen before.“Hey, Sal.” A voice calls behind me. I turn to see Nora in an orange and white hoodie, the hood turned up and a warm smile beaming at me, immediately disarming my sense of anxiety. When I turn back, Eustace is gone.
“Oh, hi! Nora Zayne, you were fantastic in your bout! I knew Pencak Silat was deadly but man… who’d of thought it’d be used so well against monsters, huh?” I stood up and felt my knees buckle, the adrenaline wearing off and hunger overtaking me. Before I even hit the floor, Nora caught me.
“Easy big guy, I gotcha. Let’s get you some food and talk, kay? You coming along, Nelle?” Her informal nature was so unexpected from a woman I’d just seen decimate something Asia fears across the continent, but I felt myself just naturally going with it. Nelle looked and immediately busied herself with the compendium.
“Oh! Uhh.. no, no. I have far too much work to do, research for the wildcard entrants and whatnot. Oh and there’s that uh.. that thing I have to attend to. Gotta speak to Alduin too about something… I’ll catch you in a couple hours to go over notes, kay Sal?” She looked awkward and hurried herself past us as Nora stared incredulously.
“Huh… well, that was a bit odd. But no matter, let’s go get some grub. I’m sure you have questions, right?” I just nodded as she took me by the arm and kept me steady as we barrelled past the denizens of the audience still debating “who would win” scenarios, old champions and other nightmarish spectres. The upper ring was sprawling and hard to navigate, I had no idea how Nora was so familiar with it. As we descended to the middle floor where the vendors and entertainment was situated, we passed a bar serving strange drinks with a multitude of bottles, a beautiful Bernese mountain dog barking at the window, his big fluffy face licking at the glass until a man pulled him away.
“He’s cute, can we stop there?” I asked. “Feelin’ kinda thirsty… maybe they have an adrenaline drink?” She looked back, a tad confused, but didn’t stop as we made a beeline for the fighters only cafeteria.
“What bar?" She asked. I looked again, but in its place stood a donut stand, a surly older man dishing them out by the dozen with a multitude of sprinkles. My mouth agape, she chuckles. "Hey since you'r so eager, I’ll make you a deal; I make it through the semis, you can buy me a drink.” She winked, and I felt my stomach knot up.
Couldn’t tell you if it was the hunger or butterflies, but motormouth was very much silent for a little bit.
“You’re wondering why I’m taking an interest in you, right?” She called over the booming sound of the crowd and pumping metal music, I nodded. “You showed a support in me when you called my fight and when I had to defend you... Well, I looked up and thought you were cute. Got a thing for the nerdy ones.”
“But that’s not all, is there?” I asked, my head pounding as I did so. Maybe it was the music? She looked back and flashed a cheeky grin.
“Nope, but that’s a story for another day. We gotta eat and you’ve got more interesting questions for all of us.” She laughed as we watched a fighter far too drunk for his own good challenging a still-eating Miroslav Zanaya to a fight.
One side punch later, the guy was on his ass and vomiting.
“All of us? What do you mean?”
“The fighters! You’ve gotta meet and interview ‘em ahead of the semifinals and wildcard, don’t ya?” I shrugged, and she laughed again. “Man, you really are clueless, Nelle wasn’t kidding. You’re doing part of her job, too. I’m doing you a favour by bringing you with me.”
We passed a betting table showing the odds for the semifinals and wildcard, Eustace and Wendy respectively being the odds on favourites to win. Nora and Landry Eavy being the biggest underdogs.
Whatever was lurking in the booth and taking slips from paying customers, it had tendrils and shimmering red eyes. I didn’t dare stare too long as we passed it.
Down one more flight of stairs and we were in the employee section housing the nightmares, fighters and various services like medical stations, prep rooms and the like. One long hallway to our left was all that stood between us and some glorious smelling food. As we got halfway down, however, Nora pushed me to the wall and put a hand over my mouth, her slightly taller frame covering me as someone walked past.
I looked to her and was about to protest, but the look on her face screamed danger. Her brow was furrowed. The calm and kind demeanour she’d showed was replaced with an instinct to protect.
As I followed her gaze, I saw why.
It was like watching a great black swarm that undulated into the visage of a human man with long horns. A cloak of hungry, vivacious locusts that jostled and crawled for position. The sound rippled through my ears, my eardrums threatening to burst and my skull screaming for breath as it neared.
When the locusts parted, a skull with an elongated back that stretched out horizontally peered down at Nora, the arms on the back of the thick spine pulling at a sheathed sword on its torso. The smell of rot was so powerful that I felt my vision blur.
“You realise that by coming back here, you’ve sealed your fate and thus our deal must be concluded.” It spoke in a thousand voices at once, the boom of so many souls screaming for relief and joy and ecstasy. A bead of sweat ran down Nora’s forehead as she tried to find the words.
“I’m aware of our arrangement and what it means to return. But I ask that you wait until my time in the tournament has concluded.” The locusts hissed, and the cloak revealed more of this abomination; the shimmering black armour clad in gold, the powerful arms on the shoulder blades, the hoofed feet and a worn down, blackened and cracked NFC Belt.
It turned its head to me and I felt the looming shadow of death put its hands around my throat in a way I can only describe as seeing an oncoming car and veering out of harm’s way, but amplified 100 fold. A sensation that your life could end with one false move.
This creature was a foot away from me and we both know it could crush me in an instant. Fear doesn’t begin to describe how I felt in that moment. He spoke again, silencing her.
“I will decide when such a contest must be undertaken. Be it now, during your next bout or when you are nearing death at the hands of Alduin IF you somehow survive your next two bouts… I will add you to the chorus where you shall remain.” The locusts covered him again, and he walked away, humming. “You should have stayed forgotten, it would have been better for all.”
As he walked away and into the darkness, both I and Nora collapsed against the wall in a heap. It took a good couple of minutes to regain thought, and I’m man enough to admit I was shaking.
“What… what the hell was that?” I breathed. Nora wiped the sweat from her head and stood up, clenching her fist.
“That was someone I made a deal with when I was last here. He offered me a fight I was not supposed to refuse. The penalty for leaving meant he could challenge me anytime, anywhere, and under his rules. If he beats me… well, you’ve seen what happens." She walks with me expediently to the end of the hallway where the other fighters are waiting. Suddenly, all the terrifying and skilled talent we've seen in the tournament ebbs away, just for a moment. She continues, the noise and ruckus of the semifinalists drowned out by the mixture of fear and anger in her voice.
"Where Alduin rules the openweight division and anyone can compete, making her the queen of the NFC... He rules the nightmare division with an iron fist. Only the most terrifying of creatures compete for that prize and the promise of something... more."
She swallowed and turned to me, genuine terror in her eyes.
“That was Abaddon. The NFC's Abyss Champion. And he’s coming for me.”
NEXT: There's more going on here than just the fights.
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Some early game tips on teams/weapons/artifacts

So, I did some posts on team buildings to give tips on what teams to build and lately I have been getting some requests on team building and how to build your team both through the topic and by direct messages. I will just say upfront that I have only been playing the OBT for a few days and then played since launch so my knowledge is mostly from in game testing and what I have gathered from reading around a bit.
This post is towards ppl who wants to increase their damage and/or get some tips on what teams to build, who to build and a bit about what to gear. This is not to be seen as an in-depth guide and I apologize if I give wrong information in any way, shape or form here.
To start of I’ll briefly go over some gear choices and my own opinion on these. Since this guide is mostly geared towards these early stages and things that are fairly reasonable for everyone to get. I will only touch on 3-star gear and the 4-star weapons you get/craft for free in game, since pretty much everyone will get these, the 3 star weapons are gacha gated but I am pretty sure everyone who has done the gacha will get these at least a couple of times.

Part 1 gear

Magic Guide: This catalyst is great for Lisa or Mona since it increases dmg against targets inflicted with hydro or electro status by a flat amount and since each of their basic attacks inflicts this every time, they hit an enemy that means the dmg bonus is always active for them while attacking. So even though it has lower base stats then 4- or 5-star catalysts it’s passive for hydro/electro casters makes them deal a ton of dmg and should not be underestimated.
Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers: Now this one is quite the beast and might be usable for a long time. What it does is that when you switch characters the character switched to gets an atk % increase for 10 seconds, it can only occur once every 20 seconds but it can occur for any character switched. So, it doesn’t only affect the one wearing the Catalyst, it also increases hp % as it’s secondary, it is in my humble opinion one of the best catalysts to put on Barbara and one of the reasons I also strongly recommend bringing her to your team. I highly recommend refining this to 5 asap, if possible and you want to bring Barbara on your team.
Prototype Malice: This is a fairly good weapon to put on Barbara for instance however it’s passive only activates when the ultimate is used and thus it won’t see as much use as the Thrilling Tales.
Mappa Mare: This is probably your best catalyst on any catalyst user that is your main damage dealer, unless your using Lisa or Mona and your Magic Guide is refined to rank 5, even then eventually Mappa Mare will be the better choice once it’s refined enough. Triggering an elemental combo will increase your elemental dmg by a % and it stacks twice and lasts for 10 seconds however it doesn't have a cd so if you just keep them combos going, which is fairly easy for a mage character you’ll have your elemental dmg boost up at all time.
Slingshot: This bow has a massive dmg increase for anyone using their bow users in close range, while decreasing the dmg at long range. Slingshot in short makes you use your bow user like a melee character and the dmg boost it gives is well worth sticking in melee range.
Prototype Crescent: This bow is probably one of the strongest among when it’s passive is active with a massive boost to attack and a movement speed boost. However, it only procs when a weak point is hit, all enemies have a weak point and if it's not obviously pointed out in almost all cases it will be their head in that case. When your able to hit enemies weak pointsit is quite the beast this is however fairly hard to do while in combat.
Compound Bow: This is probably your best bet for a bow outside of the Slingshot since normal attacks or aimed shots will that hit will increase your atk and atk speed by a % and stacks up to four times for 6 seconds, but you can refresh it over and over. Slingshot hold the higher dmg but requires you to stay in melee range or do less dmg, this bow can be used at any range.
White Tassel: This spear is good if your using mainly basic attacks, which you should be doing with most physical users, what it does is increase the dmg of all your basic attacks.
Halberd: This one is my recommendation amongst the 3-star spears since while White Tassel in theory will do more dmg in most cases you will not be able to hit the enemy at all time and therefore the big extra dmg attack Halberd does every 10 seconds will probably give you more bang for your buck. Xiangling’s skills also scales of her atk thus a higher base stat in atk and a secondary that gives an atk % increase helps more especially if she’s used as a support.
Prototype Grudge: I would not recommend this spear at the moment since Xiangling is the only spear user and it’s buff that activates on elemental skill use lasts for 12 sec but Xiangling’s skill cd is also 12 sec so it’s pretty much impossible to get 2 stacks of it going unless your using cd reductions which can be done by bringing two anemo characters on your team. Its secondary stat is also energy recharge which is not that great if used on your main dmg dealer.
Crescent Pike: Is probably your best bet outside of the Halberd since you will be picking up elemental orbs/particles fairly often and the dmg % increase to normal/charged attacks for 5 seconds is pretty good. It’s base stats coupled with it’s secondary stats will mean your physical attacks will deal more dmg then with the Halberd which is great for a main dmg dealer, however this will not increase the effectiveness of Xiangling’s skills and thus is not a good choice if using her as a support.
Harbringer of Dawn: This sword has a lot of dmg potential being able to increase both your crit dmg and crit chance by a large amount. However, it requires your hp to be above 90% for you to get the crit chance bonus. This means all your attacks will deal a ton of dmg as long as you keep your hp high.
Fillet blade: This will be a much safer bet as it has a secondary stat that increases atk and every attack has a 50% chance to deal a massive bonus dmg attack but it can only occur every 15 seconds. Personally, this is one of my favourite passive effects since most of the time your not able to attack over and over and instead you will get a few hits in and then dodge to attack again.
Prototype Rancour: This is probably your best bet if your using your sword user as a physical attacker and your main damage dealer. Simply hitting with normal/charged attacks will increase you atk and def and its secondary stat increases your physical dmg.
Iron Sting: This sword requires you to deal elemental dmg to start stacking dmg % increases its secondary stat also increases your elemental combo dmg overall this will not be as good as the Rancour most of the time, though if you’re not using your sword wielder to deal physical dmg, Iron Sting will probably be a better choice
Skyrider Greatsword: This one increases your atk by a % up to four times on normal/charged attacks it also increases your physical attack as your secondary stat which means it is a great choice for anyone using their claymore wielders as their main dmg dealers.
Debate Club: This one will probably be your best choice if your elemental skill has a low cd. While it does say it’s cd is 3 seconds between each trigger while using Diluc you can use his e once hit + trigger, e again hit + trigger and e again hit + trigger. This might get “nerfed” shortly to have it work as intended. But again this is a great choice for Beidou/RazoChongyun because of their short cd but not so good for Noelle because of her 24 sec cd which means she can't have the buff up att all time. The Skyrider Greatsword overall is the better choice.
Prototype Animus: This is probably my favourite weapon when it comes to the 3- or 4-star claymores. Every normal/charged attack has a 50% chance to deal a large bonus dmg attack in a small aoe with a 15 sec cd on its effect and its secondary stat is bonus atk %. I will go a bit more in-depth on this effect in a little bit.
Whiteblind: Now this would have been the best choice most likely if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s secondary stat is bonus def %. Like the Rancour this claymore stacks bonus atk/def % while hitting enemies with normal/charged attacks and stacks up to 4 times while lasting for 6 seconds. So while at maxed stacks it’s bonus atk % will be a bit higher then the Animus but it won’t have the bonus dmg trigger.
Now on the mentioned Halberd, Fillet Blade and Prototype Animus weapons. How their effects work is that when they trigger on your attacks you will deal your normal attack at let’s say 100 dmg and then a bonus dmg trigger will pop up for an additional 300 dmg. How this dmg is calculated I am honestly unsure since for instance my main dmg dealer using the Animus deals 850ish dmg on a normal attack with a 300% attack dmg boost on the weapon will deal 850 + 2000 dmg with no gear it would be 381 + 998. But while testing the Fillet Blade my sword user with the Fillet Blade who deals 60 dmg on normal attacks with a 240% attack dmg boost will deal 60 + 390 dmg another sword user would deal 10 + 50 dmg. Doing another test with a weaker 2h wielder who deals 120 dmg on normal attacks triggered attack will deal 120 + 500 dmg. The halberd which has an additional 160% dmg boost would give the results of 25 + 98. Of note is that the claymore triggers in a small aoe, the sword on a single target and the spear only on normal attacks but It triggers on anyone hit by that normal attack. The bonus dmg is also able to crit. Most likely it has something to do with the dmg calculation which thus far I am unaware of how it works.
Still this trigger works wonders in fights since most often you will not be able to attack at all times so you can actually see it as while dodging your actually “charging” a stronger attack so to speak. Most often while fighting against weak enemies this effect is strong enough to either instantly kill them or leave them with very little health.
Here I will only mention some sets to aim for early on that are fairly common (I believe) and what main stats I personally prefer to see on artifacts.
Berserker 2 set +12% crit, 4 set below 70% hp + an additional 24 % crit
Marital Artist 2 set normal/charged attacks +15% dmg, 4 set after using elemental skill normal/charged attacks + an additional 25% for 8 sec.
Sadly, the only artifact sets I have been getting a ton of so far is Berserker, Martial Artist, Instructor, The Exile, Traveling Doctor, Lucky dog and Adventurer. Of these I only find Berserker, Martial Artist and perhaps The Exile to be of any long-term use. There are some really great sets I’ve gotten a single drop of but again this guide is looking at early to perhaps mid game tips and I won’t dive into all possible sets and combinations.
For goblets you’re mainly looking for the type of elemental dmg % your mage is using, physical dmg % for your physical attackers or atk % bonus for use on both.For sands you’re mainly looking for atk % bonus on your dmg dealers, elemental mastery if your using a lot of combos with the character or elemental recharge % if you want to regenerate a lot of elemental orbs/particles to use your elemental burst more often. Atk % is your best bet early on.
For circlets you’re mainly looking for atk % bonus, crit rate % bonus or crit dmg % bonus. Again atk % is best bet early on but crit rate and crit dmg will probably later on be your best source of dmg once you get enough crit rate and crit dmg.

Part 2 who to build

Now on this part I will not go much into particular characters since most people rooster at the moment is fairly varied and frankly it would take too long. Instead I will go over the different weapon and character types.
I am someone who is of the firm belief that characters who are useful in as many situations as possible are the best choice therefore for dmg dealers I strongly recommend building a claymore user for your first main dmg dealer, if this is the type of playstyle you like.
So why do I prefer claymore users?
While swords, spears, catalysts and bows attacks faster than the claymore they pack a bigger umph and also attacks in a very broad spectrum every attack a claymore does is almost a small aoe attack in itself. This makes it easier to hit multiple enemies with each swing they do have the weakness of slower attacks and in certain situations getting attacked too often will make you think about changing weapon, though the charge attack will let you attack over and over in quick successions after a short wind-up. However, this part is pretty much up to preference, what really makes me prefer claymores are as mentioned their overall usage. While out and about claymores will be able to destroy mining nodes and rocks in a matter of seconds there are also enemies with geo shields/armour that only claymores have a great effect against, these enemies become fairly common in Liyue and their commonness is what makes me like claymore characters especially. Catalysts also has the advantage of being great in certain puzzles and against enemies with elemental shields same with bows against flying enemies or enemies with weak spots. Swords and spears on the other hand does not have any enemy or place in the game their extra useful against so far, but hopefully in the future enemies that you have to hit rapidly or something similar appears that will make them shine more, but for now swords and spears have no enemies their especially good or important against.
Still remember that you should enjoy the character you are using foremost and this is based on how and with who I like to play.
Anyhow overall I suggest your main damage dealer to be a physical attacker to start with.
This is because physical attackers will always be useful though they will deal little to no dmg against an enemy with an elemental shield or that only takes dmg from elemental dmg this will disappear once enough elemental dmg is dealt the break their shields most of the time, so far there are no enemy completely immune to physical dmg unless you count the final part of Electro Hypostasis (that I know of) but even then, all physical dmg dealers are able to deal some elemental dmg. Mages on the other hand are only able to deal elemental dmg, so far, certain enemies will therefore be a 100% immune to their dmg if used against enemies/bosses of the same element. So early on physical dmg dealers will have the advantage, mages will probably be the end game choice when used against the right elemental enemy since they get a 50% bonus dmg when used against the right element, for instance hydro vs pyro.
Remember to always max out your basic attack talent for your dmg dealers since this will be your main source of dmg and the increase for each lvl is very big. For instance every lvl will increase your dmg by about 3-10% per lvl depending on your character, weapon type and the talents lvl.
Outside of your main damage dealer you best bet is to build 1-2 supports and 1-2 healers. You’ll want your main damage dealer to be max lvl and with the best gear possible, your supports and healers mostly won’t need much investments above getting them into about lvl 50 early on and your probably better of building another dmg dealer once you’re at the point where you have a maxed our dmg dealer and the support + healers at lvl 50.
I would strongly recommend building the free character Barbara and consider including her into your team, more on this later on, Xiangling is also a free character and a great addition as a support character to most teams. An honourable mention is Fischl though not everyone will have her and Qiqi if your lucky enough to get her is perhaps the best support/healer in the game at the moment.

Part 3 what teams to build

Now to start of I will go fairly in-depth into the free character Barbara just to showcase why I think she is a staple inclusion into almost every team. First of as a catalyst user she can use the catalyst Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, this weapon will give the passive of “when switching characters, the new character taking the field has their ATK increased by 24/30/36/42/48% for 10s. This effect can only occur once every 20s.” this effect works as long as a catalyst user with it equipped is on your team. So what you want to do is start the fight with for instance Barbara active then switch onto your main dmg dealer for the atk % bonus for 10 seconds, you will then have to time your switches so this passive is always active on your main dmg dealer, but once you get used to it the dmg increase is massive, especially since most likely you’ll be able to get to refinement 5 fairly easy. The books secondary stat is also hp % which is what Barbara’s skills scales of. Her skill which gives a persistent over time heal on active character has the weakness of applying the wet status to the active character but what a lot of ppl don’t talk about is that it also deals hydro dmg and applies wet to enemies around the active character as well, this means that if your short on supports or characters to combo with often she can be a great addition by having her skill deal hydro dmg to anyone close to your character which you can then combo with, many times even though it barely deals any dmg with it’s attack it has helped me break hilly mages shields very quickly since it will combo with their shields on it’s own, unless it’s the hydro mage. In short the catalyst I mentioned on its own gives a great boost to any team and for now at least Barbara is mainly the only useful character to put it on who also adds support and healing on her own. So even if you don’t need her healing just the atk % bonus can be a great addition, of course you could bring another catalyst user to put it on.
When it comes to physical dmg dealers what I recommend for early game is to trigger the superconduct combo, electro + cryo dmg, this gives a -25% def for 12 seconds on the enemy it triggers on and equals about a +30% dmg boost for all physical attacks. Therefore, you want to keep an electro and cryo unit on your team at all time when using a physical dmg dealer as your main dmg source. Fischl is the best choice for a electro unit since you can just switch to her use e summon bird and it will attack over and over with electro dmg for you, switching to Lisa and doing a single basic attack works as well, having Beidou or Razor as your main dmg dealers is also a choice to bring electro dmg. When it comes to cryo dmg your option is either to use Kaeya and switch him in to use his skill to hit with cryo dmg, Qiqi is the absolute best choice since her skill works similar to Fischl only in short range around you but it also heals you, using Chongyun as your main dmg dealer is also a choice though you’ll have to run out of his field after you’ve used it since it makes you deal cryo dmg instead of physical dmg and it has a fairly long cd compared to Kaeya.
If you choose an elemental dmg dealer superconduct is your worst elemental combo to use since it deals a very small amount of bonus dmg and is mostly for its physical defence debuff which does nothing for you. Therefore, you never want to do electro + cryo as your combo.
Xiangling is a free character who is also a great addition to almost any team because of her persistent skills that deal pyro dmg.
I would almost always recommend at this point of the game to build a team with either two or three of Fischl, Xiangling, Barbara and if your lucky Qiqi because of their persistent effects and synergy with almost everyone. Building teams around the different elemental resonances is also a good choice with double pyro giving your team +25% atk, double geo +15 % dmg while shielded and so on.

Part 4 showcase

Lastly to give an example of what I am using at the moment, I am at AR 31 almost 32 so world lvl is 3 and I have so far cleared every content in the game that I could find, that means every elite/boss available at the moment, every hidden quest + their fights and every dungeon open to me.
My main dmg dealer is Diluc but I pretty much use his normal/charged attack 95-99% of the time (mostly the charged attack) so you could pretty much use any claymore weapon user or really any physical dmg dealer for the same or at least if it’s not a claymore user similar effect.
Here are some pictures of how he looks at the moment and what gear I have him using.
At the moment he deals about 850ish dmg on normal attacks and charged attacks deals about 650ish dmg without any buffs or debuffs applied, crits are of course higher and the trigger effect deals an extra 2000-3500 dmg on average depending on if it crits or is a normal/charged attack. With buffs and debuffs the dmg on average is anywhere between 1000-2400 dmg depending on crits or not (and I crit a lot) and if I hit the switch + atk or not with the trigger effects dealing around 3000-7000ish bonus dmg depending on if it crits or not. With this I am able to pretty much kill all normal enemies and some of the elite enemies in a single hit or within a few seconds. I am able to shave of up to 50% of the Regisvine when their in a downed state, most bosses that are incapacitated loses close to 25-50% of their health when their in a downed state, pretty sure this will go down as we move along the game but this is with a max lvl’d character (that can be switched for any other claymore character or physical dmg dealer for similar effect), max lvl’d 4 star weapon that everyone can get and refine to lvl 2 like me, three 3-star artifacts two at +8 and one at +12 and two 4-star artifacts at +12 and to be frank most of the artifacts either have bad or suboptimal secondary stats, lastly his basic attack talent is lvl 4.
What I use in combat is pretty much only the superconduct debuff, the thrilling tales switch atk buff (though I still haven't really gotten the timing down) and then very rarely I will use Dilucs skills to deal pyro dmg to combo with Fischl's e skill when I am low on stamina, but I almost never do this since my normal/charged attacks deals more dmg most of the time.
Any how this post became quite lengthy and I hope this helps at least someone out there and anyone is free to use this post or the info it contains however they like. I also apologize for any misspellings as english is not my first language and it became quite long at 6-7 pages.

Extra part:

So haven't really seen anyone mentioning this part but upon the 2nd, 3rd and I believe 5th and 6th ascension each character will get a boost in a certain area tied to themselves, in short 1st unlocks a talent, 2nd + 3rd boosts a stat, 4th another talent and I believe 5th + 6th will further boost the stat. I'll add the one's I know of so far and feel free to give info so I can add to the list. These additions are in the long run not game defining but in some cases they can show you towards what kind of stats/builds are most beneficial on your character.
Since in some cases I wasn't paying much attention to this while ascending I'll just add the aproximate buff.
Diluc: + crit rate, +4,8% crit at 2nd and another +4,8% crit at 3rd total +9,6% at this point, estimated + 19,2% crit rate at max lvl
Venti: + energy recharge, +8% energy recharge at 2nd, estimated +32% energy recharge at max lvl
Keqing: + crit dmg, +9,6% crit dmg at 2nd, estimated +38,4% crit dmg at max lvl
Jean: + healing bonus, +5,5% healing at 2nd, estimated + 22% healing at max lvl
Qiqi: + healing bonus, +5,5% healing at 2nd and +5,6% at 3rd total +11,1 % healing at this point estimated +22% healing at max lvl
Traveller: + atk, +6% atk at 2nd and +6% atk at 3rd, total 12% atk at this point, estimated +24% atk at max lvl
Mona: +unknown (would love someone with mona to tell me what it is and at what % sadly no friend of mine got her :/ )
Barbara: + hp, +6% hp at 2nd and +6% at 3rd total 12 % hp at this point, estimated +24% hp at max lvl.
Fischl: + atk, +6% atk at 2nd and +6% atk at 3rd, total 12% atk at this point, estimated +24% atk at max lvl
Chongyun: + atk, +6% atk at 2nd and +6% atk at 3rd, total 12% atk at this point, estimated +24% atk at max lvl
Razor: + physical dmg, +7.5% at 2nd, estimated + 30% physical dmg at max lvl
Ningguan: + geo dmg, numbers unknown (guessed to be same as Razor)
Beidou: + electro dmg, numbers unknown (guessed to be same as Razor)
Kaeya: + energy recharge, numbers unknown (guessed to be same as Venti)
Lisa: + elemental mastery, numbers unknown.
Xiangling: + elemental mastery, numbers unknown
Amber: + atk, +6% atk at 2nd and +6% atk at 3rd, total 12% atk at this point, estimated +24% atk at max lvl
Sucrose: + unknown
Xingqiu: + unknown
Bennet: + unknown
That is the info I have at this time but this does show you a little on what the optimal way to build some of the characters are, for instance Diluc and Keqing will benefit the most from crit rate + crit dmg builds, since they already get + crit rate/crit dmg. Razor is best as a physical dmg dealer and so on. These bonuses are as mentioned not game breaking but sort of like having an extra artifacts main stat on the characters.
Edit: While finishing of the marksmanship achievement I found out that hitting enemies in the head count as hitting their weakpoints so I changed my take on the Prototype Crescent bow.
Edit: Changed recommendations on the debate club to more be in line with how I intended.
Edit: I just noticed not a lot of ppl have talked about the bonus stat each character get so added a part about it.
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One Piece 500K subscribers Survey Result!

It's time for the result of our latest survey! And it had 7252 participant! So thank you everyone that took time to answer those questions.
You should be able to see the answer if you go there : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KfHOyWHQTyFEEeAYvCZRxBc3_ZGZxJn6ZUztiwMdVjE/edit

Community section :

What country are you from?

Country U.S.A. Germany India Australia Canada U.K. Bazil France Spain Sweden
Percentage 33.1 % 7.4% 5.4% 5% 4.8% 4.4% 3.1% 3.1% 2.1% 1.7%
Is nice to see that we have users from all around the world, even if nearly 50% are from English speaking countries.
Image 1.

How old are you?

The average age of a /OnePiece user is 23.62 years old. We have roughtly 10% of users that are underaged, and 10% that are 30 years old or more.
Image 2.


Gender Male Female Other
Percentage 88.6% 8.9% 2.5%
There is no surprise there.
For the others, we have some Gender Fluids, transgenders, Bigenders, quite a lot of Non-binary, a Loli, a Furry, and nearly a 100 Oden (You wish), as well as some rude people, but I won't put up what they said.

Manga or Anime?

Both Manga Only Anime Only
49.8% 46.2% 4%
No real surprise here either. Considering the subreddit has a lot of spoilers and is focussed around the chapter release, it's obvious there are only a few Anime Only people here. So thank you for Sticking Around, even if it the best place to avoid spoilers.

For approximately how long have you been following One Piece?

1 Year or less 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years 6 years 7 years 8 years 9 years 10 years or more
8.7% 6.2% 6.8% 6.1% 8.1% 7.1% 6.7% 7.1% 4.6% 38.5%
Nearly 40% of our users have followed the series for 10 years or more. (To give an idea, this mean they followed the series since Before the timeskip, as chapter 597 was released at the end of August 2010).
For the rest, we have roughly the same number of new readers that stays with the series. So it's quite good to bring new blood and not have a decrease of new readers.

Where does One Piece rank on your list of favorite manga?

N°1 Top 3 Top 5 Top 10 Bellow Top 10
70.1% 21.6% 5% 2.6% 0.6%
Well, you are in /OnePiece after all. So it's kinda obvious the manga is either your favorite or in your top 3.
If it isn't your number 1, what series are better than One Piece for you?

Do you own One Piece Merchandise?

No Manga Volumes Figurines Clothes Poster DVD/Blu-ray
44.2% 33.1% 24.5% 18.4% 17.2% 6.3%
Those are some good numbers I would say, 55.8% of users have some merchandise and are probably supporting the series (depending on where you bought those)
For the OTHERS answers given, some good ones are : autograph from dub VA of brook, Alvida pre devilfruit bodypillow, Chopper teddy bear, Sountracks, Custom made and 3D printed Keychain, Databook.

Subreddit Section :

Do you visit OnePiece mostly on mobile or on desktop?

Mobile or Apps Both Desktop
50.6% 29.5% 19.9%

If you are using desktop, are you using the old version of reddit? Or the redesign?

Redesign Old version
63.3% 36.7%
It seems like most users are using Mobile and Apps, as well as the redesign on desktop, so it's probably time to pay more attention to that than to the old version, this way we can get banners/flair for users that are on the new version of reddit.

How often do you make : a submission on OnePiece?/Comment?/read the rules?

Submission :
Never Rarely Sometimes Often Very often (Daily)
67.1% 24.7% 5.6% 1.6% 1%
Comments :
Never Rarely Sometimes Often Very often (Daily)
41.2% 32.7% 17.6% 6.7% 1.8%
Check the rules :
Never Rarely Sometimes Often Very often (Daily)
49.1% 17.1% 13.7% 8% 12%
This really shows that there are a lot of lurkers on the subreddit. Most of you won't ever post or comment on the subreddit. With 8% of users creating submission and 25% commenting.
As for the rules, there isn't any surprise since nearly every post respect the rules. (Only 1/5 of the post needs to be removed), so thank you to all of those that read them.

Content you enjoy the MOST/the LEAST.

Content you enjoy the most :
Theories/Discussion Fanart Polls Cosplay Merchandise Youtube Video Media (Photo and Video)
89.6% 47.9% 19.7% 16.7% 14.4% 14.1% 11.7%
So without surprise, people in this subreddit enjoy the Theories/discussions the most out of every type of post, it's then followed by the Fanarts.
Which is good since like 75% of posts made are Discussion (50% total)/Fanarts (25% total).
Content you enjoy the least:
Youtuber Video Merchandise Cosplay Media Fanart Polls Theories/Discussion
36.7% 35.1% 31% 15.7% 15.3% 6.9% 4.2%
Here there aren't any content that most users enjoy the least, but it still seems like users don't want to see that much Merchandise or Cosplay post. (Youtuber video are very rare)
Also, a quick reminder, Discussion/Theories are mostly found by sorting by New. This is where you will see all of them, as it's hard for them to show up on the front page of the subreddit (but if it shows up on Hot, then it's a very good one).

Do you only use the subreddit for the Spoiler and Chapter Discussion thread?

No Yes
63.4% 36.6%
It's nice to see that roughly 2/3 of the users are here for more than just the Spoilers and Chapter discussion. But there is still a huge part that only use the subreddit for that.

Do you want the spoilers gone from this subreddit?

No Yes
86.7% 13.3%

Rate your overall experience on OnePiece.

Here it's seems that out of 10, the Overall Experience on /OnePiece is 8.35
Image n°3

One Piece related questions :

Who is your favorite Straw Hat?

Luffy Zoro Nami Usopp Sanji Chopper Robin Franky Brook Jinbe
34.8% 29.1% 1.3% 6% 10.1% 1.8% 6.5% 2.4% 5.4% 2.6%

Who is your least favorite Straw Hat?

Luffy Zoro Nami Usopp Sanji Chopper Robin Franky Brook Jinbe
0.8% 3.3% 10.6% 15% 6.5% 21.3% 4% 19.2% 8.3% 11.1%
As it was expected, Luffy is the Favorite Straw Hat for a lot of peopel, he's also the Straw Hat with the fewest "Least Favorite". After him Zoro is second favorite, followed by Sanji, Robin, Usopp, Brook, with the other Straw Hat having very few votes (and Nami having the Least "Favorite" Straw Hat.)
After that, it seems like Chopper, Usopp, and Franky are the one people like the least out of the Straw Hat.
I know it was a hard question for some of you, but the result are still interesting to know.

Which Strawhat has the saddest backstory?

Robin Brook Sanji Chopper Nami Other
50.9% 25% 9.3% 7.1% 5.8% 1.9%
The Straw Hats with the saddest backstory is Robin! Followed by Brook, then Sanji, Chopper and Nami.

What is your favorite Yonko crew?

Red Hair Whitebeard Big Mom Beast Blackbeard
34.7% 31.1% 14% 10.6% 9.5%
So the favorite Emperor's crew are the Red Hair Pirate! Which is very impressive since we haven't seen much of them. I guess Oda better delivers when it come to see them in action after Wano.

Who is your favorite Admiral?

Garp Aokiji Fujitora Kirazu Akainu Sengoku Green Bull
28.4% 28.2% 20.8% 15.8% 4.7% 1.7% 0.5%
While Garp was only a Vice Admiral, he was put in the poll, and he won it! Whitout him, it's Aokiji that is the favorite, followed by Fujitora.
Image 4

Who is your favorite Supernova (outside the Straw Hat)

Law Kid Bonney Urouge Bege X Drake Hawkins Apoo Killer
63.5% 12.4% 5.5% 4.5% 4.3% 4% 2.8% 1.7% 1.3%
Who else than the character that nearly managed to defeat Luffy in the 5 popularity poll? Law is the Favorite Supernova outside of the Straw Hat!

Which is your favourite canon arc in One Piece?

The Favorite Canon Story arc are (You could vote for more than 1) :
Position Story arc Result
N°1 Enies Lobby 43.3%
N°2 Marineford 39.8%
N°3 Wano 30.2%
N°4 Water 7 23.3%
N°5 Impel Down 19.6%

Which is your least favourite canon arc in One Piece?

The Least Favorite Canon Story arc are (You could vote for more than 1) :
Position Story arc Result
N°1 Long Ring Long Land Arc 37.2%
N°2 Fishmen Island 16.9%
N°3 Syrup Village 15.8%
N°4 Thriller Bark 10.1%
N°5 Punk Hazard 9.7%

Favorite Cover Story?

Position Cover Story Result
N°1 Enel's Great Space Operations 24%
N°2 From the Decks of the World : "The 500.000.000 Man Arc" 11%
N°3 The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet 10.7%
N°4 Ace's Great Blackbeard Search 9.8%
N°5 Straw Hat's Separation Seria 9.6%

Character Design in One Piece :

Do you like the female character designs in One Piece?
Yes No I have no opinion.
63% 19% 18%
Do you like the male character designs in One Piece?
Yes No I have no opinion.
89.6% 0.9% 9.5%
It's true that Oda isn't the best when it comes to Female character design. However it seems like the majority of users don't have a problem with that.

Are fight a determining factor for your enjoyment of the series/arc?

Yes No
52.6% 47.4%
Now this is rather surprising I must say. What do ou thing about this?

What is/are your (absolute) favourite aspect(s) of One Piece?

From the result we have, it seems like the World-Building is the favorite part of One Piece (With 88.6% of voters choosing this).
It's followed by The Adventure (69%), The characterization (54.4%), the Inter-character relationship (49.4%), the Action (36%) and the Art Style (26.2%).
And those result are obvious. Some of the most upvoted chapters of this subreddit are when we have huge world building moment, like 907 (Shanks talks to the Elders), or 957 (ULTIMATE).

Post-Timeskip is?

On Par with Pre-TS Better than Pre-TS Worse than Pre-TS
59.8% 28.2% 12%
This question is one of the most asked. With a lot of vocal voices saying that post TS is worse than Pre-TS.
It's different for sure, but now we know how the community feels about that.

If you could eat a Devil Fruit, what type would you want?

Paramecia Zoan Logia
28.9% 8.6% 62.5%
Most people could choose to eat a Logia, and it seems like becoming a Furry is the lesser choice in this subreddit.

The Final Antagonist of One Piece will be :

With 48.5% it's Blackbeard!
Really? That is surprising for me since it's obvious that Oda will make the SH fight against the World Government after they find the One Piece. And I honestly don't see Blackbeard being the final Antagonist because of that.
So people who voted for this, what was your reasoning for it?

What is One Piece Biggest Flaw?

Some of the biggest flaws mentionned are :
  • The Pacing
  • The Lack of characters' death outside of Flashback
  • The Anime.
Which are all fair flaws to the series.

Random Questions about the Series :

As of Wano, is Jimbei stronger than Zoro?

Yes No Yes but Zoro will be stronger soon
9.8% 60.3 29.9%
I guess people really want Zoro to always be the second strongest no matter what... I expected this result, but I was still disappointed...

Was Zoro as strong as Luffy just after the timeskip?

Yes No
31.5% 68.5%
I... Really? 31.5% said yes?

Will Sanji get laid by the end of the story?

Yes No
49.6% 50.4%
Nearly the perfect split, and it's easy to see why it's very divisive. (Also shows that every vote counts).

Will Usopp be part of the 1 Billion Club by the end of the story?

Yes No
76.4% 23.6%

The Straw Hats will go to Laugh Tales :

Before fighting the WG After Fighting the WG
71.1% 28.9%
It's been hinted at a lot that the SH will go to Laugh Tales before taking on the WG. So for me it feels rather strange to have more than 1/4 voting for them reaching the final island after.

Who will be the one to defeat Kaido? (So give the last hit)

With 66.3% of the votes the one who will give the last hit to Kaido is : Luffy!
Followed by 11.5% with someone else (that isn't Law/Kid/Zoro/Big Mom/Scabbard/Admiral) and 11% by one of the Scabbard.
Zoro received 6.4% of the votes.

Who will be the first SH to realize their dream?

Luffy Zoro Nami Usopp Sanji Chopper Robin Franky Brook Jinbe
16.2% 12.5% 3.2% 32.7% 7.8% 1.8% 15% 6.8% 2.8% 1.2%
Most users believe that Usopp will be the first one to realize his dream!
I also think the same as it's the easiest Dream to realize really. I could bet you it will happen in Elbaf.
After that, we have Luffy and Robin, and it make sense since their dreams are linked. Both can be done once they reach Laugh Tales.

How many members will the crew have at the end? (With Luffy)

And most people want 11 members total in the crew! (With 28.6%), 27.5% wants 12 members, wile 19.8% want the crew to be complete right now with Jinbe.

Who do you think wins in a 1v1 : An Emperor or an Admiral?

Yonko Admiral
92.3% 7.7%
If you are active on the subreddit, you know it's one of the question that creates the most discussion/arguments about.
So it's nice to know the overall opinion of the subreddit on this question (Doesn't mean it's always correct mind you).

Is Mihawk emperor's level?

Yes No
57.7% 42.3%
Also a very divisive question on this subreddit.

Is Aokiji emperor's level?

Yes No
38.3% 61.7%

Is Akainu emperor's level?

Yes No
66.2% 33.8%
So they fight for 10 days in a very close battle. With Akainu winning in the end, but after a long and hard fight. And one is Emperor's level while the other isn't?
Really? I find that hard to understand.

If Oden was alive would he be stronger than Mihawk

Yes No
63.7% 36.3%

How strong was Oden at the time of his death?

The strongest Top 3 Top 5 Top 10 Top 20 < Top 20
1.4% 15.4% 32.5% 37.5% 11.9% 1.4%
I like Oden, but sometimes I feel like people are overestimating him.

Who is stronger between Shanks and Mihawk?

Shanks Mihawk
85.6%% 14.4%
This is also one of the question creating the most arguments on this subreddit, after all Mihawk is the World Strongest Swordman. But Shanks is an Emperor and became one after losing his arm.

Is Kaido stronger now that 20 years ago?

Yes, he's stronger Same level Weaker
64.5% 26.3 9.2%

Had Ace survived, would Wano be liberated by now?

Yes No
17.9% 82.1%

Could the Marines take on ALL the Yonko at the same time ?

Yes Yes in Marineford only No 2 at the same time 3 at the same time
2.4% 3.3% 68.6% 23% 2.7%
This question is also linked to how you see the Emperor vs Admiral. So depending on which side you are on, you are more likely to pick Yes or No.

Which character do you want focus on next?

Rank Character %
N°1 Vegapunk 24.7%
N°2 Dragon 18.8%
N°3 Shanks 14.6%
All very good choices, and all of them are character we have known for a long time without really knowing.

Will Blackbeard find the One Piece before Luffy?

Yes No
18.7% 81.3%

How strong is Monkey D. Dragon?

The strongest Top 3 Top 5 Top 10 < Top 10
3% 18.8% 31.8% 37.5% 8.9%
Here, most people seems to think that Luffy's father, Garp's son is part of the strongest characters of the series. Oda better respond to our expectations then.
As for his Bounty : Well, 31.6% think it will be more than 6 Billions and 28.1% think it will be between 5-6 billions.
That remind me, I once made a poll asking people what Sabo's bounty would be (since we knew it was getting revealed in a magazine soon). So maybe I will do the same for Dragon? That could be nice.

Who is currently the strongest Emperor?

Kaido Shanks Blackbeard Big Mom
43.1% 26.4% 26.3% 4.2%
I wonder if the recent chapters made people change their perception on this...

What are the fights you would want to see?

Fight %
Blackbeard vs Shanks 55.5%
Garp vs Rocks 54.9%
Garp vs Roger 54.8%
Mihawk vs Shanks 52.6%
Akainu vs Aokiji 44.6%

How long do you think One Piece has left? (At a rate of 40 chapters a year)

Image 5.
As you can see, most people think One Piece has at least 5 years left to go on. We will know Oda is terrible with respecting his own objectives. And this is good. The more One Piece the better.

On a scale from Spandam to Whitebeard/Roger, How strong is Im?

For this question, it seems like most people put Im at the same level as Whitebeard/Roger with 28.6% voting Im being there.
I honestly don't know how strong I want Im to be.

What arcs, after Wano, do you want?

The arcs people want the most are :
Arc %
Elbaf 79.8%
Laugh Tales 68.6%
Vegapunk 67.5%
The Final War 66.3%
Red Hair Pirates 38.2%
So arcs teased for years (Elbaf/Laugh Tales/Final War) and about character that people want to see (Vegapunk/Red Hair pirates).

How is Blackbeard able to use multiples Devil Fruits?

Reason %
More than 1 soul 29.5%
Weird Body 29.7%
Yami Yami 35.2%
Other 5.6%
It's one of those question were people have very different opinion about. And right now there isn't really a major concensus in the fandom, even if the theory about it being related to the Yami Yami is more popular.
In the Other catergory, there was the Cerberus Devil Fruit option, Blackbeard being a Triplet, him being actually 2+ kids in a trenchcoat, him being a failed Vegapunk experiment, having several stomachs him being pregnant (Stop reading fanfiction), him putting the power inside his rings, being a great guy and him being a cunt.

Haki is :

Image 6
Overall, People like Haki in the series, with a 4.38 out of 5!

How many arcs are left after Wano?

Image 7
Here, it seems like the answer for the community would be 4-5 arcs left. Which would then make (base don the How long One Piece has left), like a year per arc on average.

The final war of One Piece will be :

Reason %
SH+RA vs WG+Marines vs BB 50.8%
SH+RA vs WG+Marines 37.6%
SH vs RA vs WG 6.8%
Other 4.8%
I just don't see Blackbeard being in the final war, as my opinion is that he will be dealt with before it. For the other answers, there was Straw Hats vs Blackbeard Pirates, Family of D vs vs im sama, Total civil war in marines, Straw Hat vs Shanks, Straw hat vs Pound, Zoro vs World Goverment, Dugongs vs buggy.

Will Luffy die at the end of One Piece?

Will Luffy die? %
Yes 28%
No 72%
An ending were Luffy died wouldn't be a good ending for me. He needs to survive and go on more adventures.

Are Shakky and Rayleigh Mihawk's parent?

Answer %
Yes 10.2%
No 89.9%

Will the crew still be together at the end of the series?

Answer %
Yes, they will keep going on adventure together.| 57.6% o, they will move on, like the Roger Pirates| 42.4%
Like with Luffy living, I want the Crew to stay together, and sail together for many more adventures. I could see them taking breaks from time to time, but them staying together would be the best ending for me.

Can the Red Line be destroyed with Ancient Weapons?

Answer %
Yes 91.9%
No 8.1%

What is the biggest mystery left to be revealed?

The most common answers were : The Void Century, the Will of D, Im, The One Piece, Joy Boy, Luffy's mother and Who is Pandaman?

What is the One Piece?

Here, there was plenty of : "No idea", The friends we made along the way, a Devil Fruit, Knowledge, Uranus, History, a book, my mom.

What sort of Devil Fruit do you want to see in the story?

The most common answer was : Water Logia! Followed by Wind Logia and people wanting more mythical Zoans.

What is the craziest theory you believe?

Here are a few of them :
  • Shanks is a Celestial Dragon
  • That Vegapunk is going to flip a switch in the Pacifista programming to fight the marines at the end.
  • Luffy's mom was a celestial dragon
  • Devil fruits are all artificial from the void century
  • That Finland doesn't exist
  • Zoro is going to get Rodger's disease
  • D's were the original Celestial Dragons
  • Weevil was made by Vegapunk using Whitebeard's cells and then was discarded until Bakkin picked him up
  • One of the Roger Pirates (probably Scopper Gaban) is on Laugh Tale waiting for whoever finds it, sort of like how Crocus and Rayleigh seem to be positioned to monitor rookie pirates
  • Onigashima is an Oarz like skeleton and Big Mom is gonna bring it to life.
  • The different races came from other planets/moons
  • Tama is a Kurozomi
  • Ussop is a descendant of Mont Blanc Nolan
  • Luffy hatched from an egg.
  • The fish that bit Shanks's arm off was Joyboy's pet
  • Bon chan is Kin'emon's son
  • Oda no longer draws the manga
  • bonney and ace having a child
  • That Perospero is going to help kill Big Mom.
  • Dragon being former Admiral
What are your favorites?
And here it is, the 500K survey! Took me far too long to make, as I underestimated the time needed to sort the answer and create this post. Like damn.
I hope you enjoyed it. The anwers for the Survey Saga will be up next in some time.
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UFC 253 Fight Predictions

Hello friends!
Firstly, I hope you're all doing well, I hope you're all happy, healthy and ready to watch a monumental event.
This has been a very fun card to talk about. It may not be as star stacked as the last card was, but it's stacked in terms of raw talent alone. But... I will state this now because it's pretty important. There are very controversial decisions in this prediction post, I'm sure you'll spot it. and with that warning said, please bet at your own discretion, it's a very hard card to predict.
With all the formalities said and done, lets get dirty.
(c) - Champ
(D) - Debut
FLS - Fight Lose Streak
FWS - Fight Win Streak
NS - No Streak
(#x) - Rank in Division
Lets go!
Light Heavyweight
Khadis Ibragimov (8-3-0, 3 FLS) v Danilo Marquez (D) (9-2-0, 2 FWS) - I’m not sure if i’m keen on this, but I suppose any Light Heavyweight bout could be explosive. Ibragimov is on a pretty severe losing streak so far, and considering he hasn’t won any fight in the UFC in his 3 fights, he seems to be on the brink of being kicked off the roster, which is a shame really because he kinda just started. Ibragimov seems somewhat well rounded, he is an adequate grappler and has serious power behind his punches, but at the end of the fight he just seems to be outdone, so i’m a little skeptic about his future performances. Marquez is coming off the regional circuit as a fairly strong finisher who only has one decision win in his professional career. One relatively large issue that I see straight off the bat is his inactiveness, he hasn’t had a fight in over two and a half years, so I feel like there might be some ring rust, and well, it’s hard to tell what he’s gonna bring to the fight. I’m not sure who is gonna win this one, but judging from how active versus how inactive each fighter has been, I feel like Ibragimov has this one.
Ibragimov via KO R2
Jeff Hughes (10-3-0, 2 FLS) v Juan “Cejudo but bigger” Espino (9-1-0, 7 FWS) - Well, that’s a name I did not expect to see. Hughes seems to be one of those heavyweights that made it through to the UFC on power alone. He’s a big dude that swings and if this was the early 2000’s that would be fine, but considering he lost to two much more well rounded fighters, I strongly hope that he finds a quick turn around because he’s still young and no doubt hungry for victory. In his last fight against Pessoa, Hughes was incredibly patient and didn’t take any unnecessary risks because Pessoa is fairly explosive, he was methodical with his approach and even though he lost the fight, we saw that he didn’t always have a one dimensional approach to fighting. Now, the interesting fighter in this bout is Espino. Now, you might be wondering where you heard that name from, well, he’s the winner of TUF 26 (Heavy Hitters), and at the ripe old age of 37 he won in quite dominant fashion against fellow contestant Justin Frazier. For two years now, I have always asked, where the hell is he? Here he is, his announcement must have completely flew under my radar because I had to blink twice to see if I was dreaming. Espino is an excellent submission artist who has a relatively large background in grappling and submission competition and he has absolutely dominated the scene. Expect the fight to go to the ground early, because that is where Hughes doesn’t want to be, and where Espino needs to be. The tricky part about Espino is how will he look after a 22 month layoff? I’m not sure but i’m pretty excited to see him come back. I got Espino on this one.
Espino via Sub R2
Light Heavyweight
William Knight (#1 US Northeast) (D) (8-1-0, 2 FWS) v Aleksa Camur (6-0-0, 6 FWS) - Knight has been at the forefront of hype during this season of DWCS, he is built like an absolute Abrams and he has insane punching power. Now, whether or not he’s a clean fighter with just insane Usman-esque genes or if he’s best friends with Jon Jones, but either way, he’s a dangerous opponent. We have only seen almost 3 minutes of him beating up his opponent so there’s not too much analysis, but just know that when he lands, he lands extremely hard. The best way for Camur to deal with him, is to avoid him for the first round, gauge the explosiveness, read his setups and then counter. Camur is the longer fighter in terms of range, he can counter jab any aggressive movement that Knight makes. Now, this at the moment is all pure speculation because we’ve only seen a little bit of Knight and Camur, but judging from each fighter's style, if Camur can survive the onslaught from Knight then he’s got it. It’s a tough one to call though, but I might go with the hype train for now, I could be wrong so please don’t bet based on this prediction.
Knight via KO R1
Shane Young (13-4-0, 2 FWS) v L’udovit Klein (D) (#2 Europe Eastern) (16-2-0, 7 FWS) - That’s one hell of a debutant right there and in my opinion an underrated matchup. Young is an excellent kickboxer who throws excellent and slick combo’s efficiently and with such speed. He has often outstruck his opponents and he’s always throwing and always in his opponents face, the pressure is insane and if Klein can’t handle that then he’s in trouble. Klein has an extensive knockout record and at a young age of 25, the fact that he’s knocked out veterans of the sport with relative ease, shows how dangerous he really is. These european guys don’t mess around and we’re seeing more and more talent from that part of the world dominate the scene, and this man is no exception. 7 knockouts, 8 submissions, all action. I don’t like betting against my fellow Aussie/NZ fighters but all of my eyes (I only have two) are on Klein on this one. Such an insanely fun matchup.
Klein via KO R2
Diego Sanchez (30-12-0, NS) v Jake Matthews (16-4-0, 2 FWS) - I love how much of a big favourite Matthews is even though he’s facing a legend in Diego Sanchez, someones probably going to make a whole lot of money. Sanchez might be the strangest fighter both personality wise and his antics in the octagon, but he is no doubt one of the most experienced fighters on the roster. He’s exceptionally well rounded and he gets the job done in many cases. The big question here is whether or not Sanchez will be all there, he’s been knocked out and to many people out there he seems to be a shell of his former self. Now, my man Matthews has one hell of a mountain to climb this coming Sunday, it’s a large step up in competition considering his last fight was against Meek (who at the time of the fight, was 1-2 in the UFC). So to say that Matthews has an opportunity of a lifetime to pull a significant win and get his name in the spotlight is to put it pretty lightly. Matthews is very well rounded with a heavy focus on ground control to major tom. His grappling is excellent, and his relatively large frame allows him to smother his opponents and control everything that his opponent does. Now, will Sanchez be able to avoid the ground? Sure, he’s done it before, but each fight is different. This is a very interesting fight and I wonder how the stress/anxiety of Matthews will be handled, he’s been known to shrug off pressure and get to work without any forethought, but I feel like Sanchez has this one, very controversial I know, you can yell at me in the comments below, so feel free to bet against this, the reasoning why I think Sanchez wins this one is simply experience and knowledge. I just hope that Sanchez doesn’t somehow trip on DMT as he enters the Octagon.
Sanchez via Sub R2
Brad Riddell (8-1-0, 5 FWS) v Alex Da Silva (21-2-0, NS) - The more I watch RiddellThe more that I realize his style is very similar to Volkanovski, with a wide variety of feints which gives his opponent a false sense of varied attacks incoming, when in reality, it's just setting up a strong right hand. It’s exactly how he managed to knock down Mustafaev earlier this year, he started off with many different looks, then amongst the confusion, and the anticipation of something, Mustafaev got hit with the right hand. Riddell is a very good kickboxer, he’s extremely loose on the feet and has great defensive movements. The only thing he really needs to work on is his ground game, in both of his fights in the UFC, his opponents have taken him down numerous times, and whilst Riddell did manage to stand back up and power through, it wasn’t a very technical stand up. That’s pretty dangerous territory if you’re coming up against a submission specialist in Da Silva. Now, Da Silva isn’t only just a submission specialist, he has 13 knockouts as well so its clear that he’s got phenomenal power in his hands. He’s a high level finisher and I’m so glad the UFC picked him up at such a young age. He only has two losses, that’s pretty nuts. This is a very good fight, and I feel like if Riddell has an advantage here, it’s in the striking, it’s very advanced and the fact that he has a heavy focus on feints and different looks he gives off to his opponents, he’s going to be trouble for Da Silva whilst the fight stays on the feet, although i’m quite curious to see if he has upped his ground game and grappling defence a bit. Very interesting match up.
Riddell via UD
Main Card
Hakeem Dawodu (11-1-1, 4 FWS) v Zubaira Tukhugov (19-4-1, NS) - This is lowkey a banger. Dawodu is a solid kickboxer who has a solid background in Muay Thai (42-5-0), a prodigy in combat sports is what I feel Dawodu is. Dawodu has such great consistency with his accuracy and variety of techniques, his kicks are fast, his punches and combos are fast, he’s powerful and he’s always moving. If you watch him closely, no matter what he throws, he has his defence up ready for a counter from his opponent. Do not sleep on Dawodu. I don’t care if your house is on fire, shit it’s probably on fire coz it senses Dawodu on the screen. Tukhugov is well known for his escapades after the Khabib v Conor fight, and he probably boasts about his ability to punch an already defeated McGregor, but all that stuff aside, Tukhugov has very fast and powerful hands, but his most advantageous style over Dawodu is the grappling and Sando style that typically comes from being a cousin of a Nurmagomedov. I highly doubt Tukhugov will exchange with Dawodu. I clearly have Dawodu on this one, very confident with this pick, I just hope Dawodu can avoid the takedowns of Tukhugov.
Dawodu via KO R2
Women’s Bantamweight
Ketlen Vieira (#5) (10-1-0, NS) v Sijara Eubanks (#14) (6-4-0, 2 FWS) - This is a pretty interesting fight because Eubanks was in a fight fairly recently and whilst her being active is great and the opportunity to stack up wins is certainly there, I personally don’t think it’s safe nor smart to get back to back fights considering her history with rough weight cuts and weight misses. All that aside… Vieira is a dominant grappler and BJJ based fighter who drives for a takedown or a trip, she’s very much a ground based fighter and she’s going to be looking to get close and personal, get into a clinch situation and then take Eubanks down because Eubanks has strong striking, and not necessarily clean striking at that. Her only loss was against Aldana who is now headlining the next card after this one, so really that’s a pretty rough loss but it was against a dangerous opponent. Expect the fight to go to the ground during this fight, because Vieira will be looking for it consistently. Eubanks is, as I said before, coming off a decision win over Avila, and what that tells me is that she is going to be cutting weight twice within a month so that’s no doubt going to be detrimental to her health in the long run, but i’m not sure how much it will affect her performance, but i guess we’ll see how she looks at the weigh ins. Safe bet? Vieira, she’s got a great set of techniques that can take Eubanks to the ground and has the experience to keep her there.
Vieira via UD
Co-Main Event
Kai Kara-France (#8) (21-8-0, NS) v Brandon Royval (#12) (11-4-0, 3 FWS) - Now, before you scratch your head and say “Slayer, this isn’t the co-main”. Hear me out, I always do this with multi-championship bouts, and I firmly believe that Reyes v Blachowicz deserves more praise than “Co-Main”. Back to this fight. Kara-France is a very well rounded kickboxer coming out of City Kickboxing (which, I mean, doesn’t surprise me, it seems whenever Izzy is fighting, his whole team is, it’s one hell of a thing to see). Kara-France is a majestic fighter to watch, the way he moves and gets in and out of range, the way he switches stance to launch an attack then switches back almost instantaneously, his footwork is truly something to marvel at, and it’s the main reason why it’s been so successful. It’s just so hard for his opponents to keep track of. It seems to be the core technique of City Kickboxing to have excellent feints and well timed strikes from those feints, because every fighter coming from that camp does it exceptionally well. Kara-France is no different, he doesn’t rush for a finish, he sets a plan and executes it. Royval is still very new to the UFC and has one very good submission win over Tim Elliott, he’s clearly comfortable on the ground and with his relatively dominant time in LFA, it’s clear that the UFC is his next stage of evolution as a fighter. He’s got a very tough challenge ahead of him in Kara-France, but if he can take the fight to the ground I'm fairly confident he can make Kara-France struggle because he’s so fast on the ground. Not only is he fast, he’s significantly taller than Kara-France and longer, so it could be easier to maintain position or to slip in a choke. Either way, This feels like your typical striker v grappler fight and I have a feeling Kara-France has this one.
Kara-France via UD
Light Heavyweight Championship bout
Dominick Reyes (#1) (12-1-0, NS) v Jan Blachowicz (#2) (26-8-0, 3 FWS) - This is a fucking phenomenal fight. You have no idea how loudly I said “holy fucking shit” when I saw that these two were fighting. Reyes went 5 rounds and arguably won his fight against Jon Jones, we haven’t seen Jones in trouble like that in a long time and that’s why I firmly believe that Reyes has the toolset and athleticism to become the champion. Reyes’s background in American Football is pretty beneficial when it comes to MMA if you think about it, explosiveness and cardio are two of the main things for that particular sport and when transferred to MMA you get Reyes. Reyes has what seems like the perfect amount of power and speed, and we saw how much he can adjust in a championship fight against Jones and he exceeded everyone's expectations. The variety of strikes and targets he attacks is incredible and just shows how much he has implemented into his style so early on in his career. Blachowicz has some serious Fuck You power. The way he shut down Corey Anderson in the very first round with a powerful right hook just shows how dangerous he is. Blachowicz has an extensive record and with that record comes devastating knockouts and slick submissions. We have seen him dominate opponents on the ground, in that Jared Cannonier fight he managed to just smash and smother him the whole fight. I do honestly feel that Reyes in this case, having experienced Jones and his ability to survive and thrive, has no doubt added a substantial amount of experience to his fight game. I have Reyes on this, I’m very confident that Reyes has this, it doesn’t need to be a flashy fight, he can avoid the power of Blachowicz and just put on a striking clinic from a distance. This is an insane fight.
Reyes via KO R4
Main Event
Middleweight Championship Bout
Israel Adesanya (c) (19-0-0, 19 FWS) v Paulo Costa (#3) (13-0-0, 13 FWS) - Now, this is the fight I feel like all of us have been waiting for. This is going to be long. Adesanya is one of the biggest names in combat sports at the moment, his extensive kickboxing record has left a mark on that sport, and his introduction to the UFC has shaken the world of MMA. Adesanya has consistently proven to us that he can get it done, it doesn’t have to be a fancy or explosive finish, because at the end of the day, he still wins, and he’s going to win this time… or is he? Adesanya has every technique in the books covered, he has mastered the sport of striking, he has been capable of setting up submissions (See Gastelum fight), he is evasive, but he does have one glaring issue, and that’s the fact that Costa is fighting him. See, Adesanya has fought some big motherfuckers in his time, he has knocked out some huge fighters, and he has survived an onslaught. But everyone slips up, and as the promos about this fight say, someone's 0 has got to go, and we saw some openings in his fight against Gastelum where he suffers, and that’s his inside defence, he’s exceptional at evading and dodging attacks from a distance, but with Gastelums ability to hop into range and land a clean strike, we saw where Adesanya's defences lack, and that’s the movement. Now, before you scratch your head, look at where Adesanya has always been in trouble, against the cage. Costa has this remarkable ability to just constantly be in the face of his opponent and throw hooks, and hooks are dangerous for fighters who evade using lateral movement, it cuts off routes of escape, and I can see Costa cutting off the Octagon and landing solid strikes on Adesanya. Now, what Adesanya does best is counter, if he can counter the oncoming attack from Costa, and change angle to get out of the way, he’s got a very solid chance, and well, his range advantage (8 inches) will play an important role in this bout. Costa on the other hand is all offense. His fight against Romero? Evident that he has the power and weaponry to knock out Adesanya, but he needs to cover that distance first, and by the time Costa goes from his position in the Octagon, to where Izzy is, Izzy is to Costa's left, or right, way out of danger. Costa needs to find an opening, catch a body kick, do something to get into that range where he can land some solid hooks, but this fight is that hard to predict, that anything can happen. Costa is the definition of power. Whether it's Costa winning by KO R1 through 5, or Izzy winning via KO or UD in any round, this is one of those fights that is near impossible to predict. In my honest opinion, I feel like Izzy will simply outstrike Costa, and perhaps knock him out in the championship rounds, so here’s the official prediction.
Adesanya via KO R4
There we go!
See, a few controversial picks, so please implement your own bets into this, i doubt i'll get all of these correct, some ballsy picks haha.
If you would like to follow me on twitter, you can find me @Slayer_Tip or if you want, add me on discord and we can have a super friendly chat about all things MMA: Slayertip#7013
With all of that said and done, I hope to see you guys in the comments down below, it's an amazing event, and I wouldn't pick a better community to share my thoughts and have a discussion with than you fine people.
Much love and happiness to all.
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There is no getting around it; Mass Effect Andromeda is a poor game.

It seems like every year since the game came out there is hot debate about whether the game is 'really that bad' and if it 'deserves another shot with fresh eyes' and I'm going to say: It's pretty damn bad and it isn't really worth the time it asks of you.
First and foremost my full disclosure that I'm a huge Trilogy and extended universe fan. The first 3 mass effect games were not perfect but on balance as collection I can't think of a more impactful trilogy of games or a more well crafted sci-fi universe.
When Andromeda was announced I had mixed feelings. Sure I wanted a new Mass Effect game because I loved the franchise, but I did question if I needed a new Mass Effect game. Was I really ready to re-invest my attention, love and time into a new cast of character who almost certainly wouldn't be as memorable as the first?
I decided to just accept that I'd play it sooner or later so I wanted to give it a chance, I wanted to try and build cautious excitement for it. I should probably also say I completely ignored the development 'backlash' re-the facial animations and the Ess-Jay-Dubyoo reactionary shit. I never let these things colour my opinion of a game. Not FF7 Remake, not TLOU2 and certainly not a Mass Effect game.
So when I finally got the game I really wanted to give it a fair shake, despite there being things right off the bat I didn't like.
I really didn't like the opening, it felt cold, disconnected and frankly kind of rushed. I found it hard to get invested in the Ryders because they frankly just lack the subtle charm of Shepard. I also was not crazy about the 'Important Father' plot device that annoyed me in Fallout 3. But I stuck with it.
Then, finally after about 25ish hours into the game I gave up. I was bored and I saw no reason to keep playing. Andromeda was the first game I ever returned after getting halfway through it. I left it feeling angry both that I wasn't able to see the game through and that I wasted time trying to like it in the first place.
It wasn't the worst game I ever played, but it was a pointless, messy slog that missed the mark on basically everything that made the Trilogy special.
The Story
Now I think I should mentioned that I didn't find the story of the original Trilogy to be anything groundbreaking. It was a fairly standard 'ancient evil' action-adventure. But what made it stand out was the world building, and the story-telling. Andromeda lazily tries to re-hash the entire story of the Trilogy into one game and sacrifices any sincere attempt at world building which leaves the conflict feeling weightless.
When i played the Original Universe I felt I was part of a living breathing universe that was turning and developing independent of me. Andromeda had me colonizing empty, boring, barren planets in a universe devoid of any life or personality while I fought the most insultingly one-note B-movie race of 'baddie aliens' the Kett.
There is no getting around it, the Kett suck. They have no proper introduction so for a lot of the game you're wondering why the hell you are shooting at them other than the fact they are shooting at you. This is where I start disregarding arguments that it's a good game but just 'not a good mass effect game'. No. The Kett are just bad sci-fi villians, they belong in an a retro arcade shoot em up like Galaga, not in a Triple A franchise of any genre. But because they ARE apart of Mass Effect you are left wondering how they went from Saren to that.
The Characters
I honestly don't hate the all of the cast of Andromeda that much. I really don't like Ryder, but then shepard casts a large shadow. Liam or Cora bored me but then so did Kaiden, Ashley, Jacob and Miranda.
Peebee was tolerable but kind of annoying and a clear pandering to the 'bet you can't wait to romance her!' crowd. Drak was okay, but I couldn't shake the feeling that if he was in the original Trilogy he'd be a quest giver character with maybe 20 mins of dialogue, and for that he just feels like a stretched out extra.
Vetra was my favourite. Garrus and the Turian race in general set high expectations with their unique writing and development and I think Verta did the race proud. She was funny, relatable and probably the only one who I looked forward to talking to, or was interested in what she thought.
Jaal sucked. I hated Jaal. Similar to the Kett he feels like watered down versions of what was interesting in the OT specifically Javik and Thane. Jaal is nowhere near as interesting or unique as either of them, precisely because he is so shamelessly modelled after them in personality and character. Apart from the annoying passive-aggressive Scottish religious woman I can't for the life of me remember any other character, so they must not have stood out.
The Gameplay
Let's talk about the combat! This is the 'saving grace' of the game isn't it? It's so expansive and customizable, and it gets back to the more RPG roots of ME1, right?
Well, no. The combat is indeed more developed and there is far more freedom between class powers but this doesn't nessecarily make the game more fun when you look at the context it grants you these freedoms. Yes you have more powers to play around with, but when you spend you time fighting waves and waves of cookie cutter Kett mooks and the occasional bullet sponge charging beast the combat loses its tension.
Mass Effect OT had fairly simple combat in terms of functions but there was thought out map design for each encounter. When I was pinned down by enemy fire and being actively flanked by foes who could do some real damage up close I was having fun, I had to think on my feet, I had to think about which team mate could assist and from which angle. I had less freedom but more engagement.
In Andromeda if any enemy is giving me trouble I can leap out of danger or abuse some poorly designed structure or landscape to cheese combat encounters. No tension or excitement just different way to throw colorful effects at repetitive enemies.
This also becomes more glaring when you realise just how much damn combat you go through. Because of the nature of the planets and the awful 'go there, kill that' quests you burn yourself out on the encounters and fighting just becomes a slog. Combat encounters in mass effect should never feel like 'gameplay filler' they are supposed to immerse you in the dangerous world. Andromeda just plays like a subpar looter shooter. Nothing has any meaning.
Being a vast open universe isn't enough if there isn't places I want to explore. I spent time reading about planets in the original 3 games because the universe was bursting with character, it made the lore something to give a shit about. Andromeda just has worlds the look like standard video game levels.
Again I want it to be known I don't think Andromeda is the worst game ever made, I just think it fails to do what it's trying to do. There might have been an acceptable sci-fi romp game in there somewhere but the execution was terrible. And because of it, the series is literally dead now.
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Warzone Solo Strategy - My Tips for Kills and Success

Hi everyone, I have been playing almost exclusively warzone solos for a while now and I've noticed there is actually not much in the way of good strategy guides just for solos. I am a bit above average (KD 1.24) but far from the best player around, nevertheless I believe I have a great deal of experience in fine-tuning different solo strategies and seeing what works and what doesn't. In this post I will go through my process of what to do, when to do it, why I'm doing it and how I go about doing it. Gun-skill and situational awareness are two prerequisites that should be nailed down before thinking about macro-strategy, and can only be learnt by practice.
Note that the strategy below is probably not the best one for overall win-rate. That one would probably the do-10-recons-and-camp-the-final-circle strategy but if you like to play more aggressively getting lots of kills and dislike the camping playstyle, read on.
Step 1 - The Drop
The very first step to a successful game is a good drop. As with many things, you should be able to drop anywhere and make it work, so this is mostly about efficiently getting kitted up as soon as possible so you a) don't get into a position where you are encountering loaded-out players while you're stuck with ground loot and b) can get your loadout as soon as possible and start racking up kills on players that haven't yet got theirs.
Dropping locations vary on a scale of hot (many players landing in a condensed location) to cold (no other players landing there). The heat of a particular drop location depends on the following:
  1. Relative position to the flight path. Almost without fail the hottest drop locations are immediately below the point where the plane enters the map. These are the players who are in a mad rush to start looting and don't want to waste any time in the air. The middle of the plane's flight path is still pretty hot for much the same reason, just not so much as the beginning or end. The end point of the flight path is hot because this is where the AFK players get kicked out. Usually there are about five AFK players but also another five who want to grab some easy kills on them. Conversely, the longer the transverse distance from the flight path the colder it gets because it takes longer to get to, risks being shot while parachuting and is frankly a little bit tedious. That is not to say that it is necessarily a bad thing to do.
  2. Relative position to first circle. There does not appear to be much variation in heat within the first circle which is marked on the map - the centre is not particularly hotter than the edges. But the further you get outside the first circle you get the colder it becomes. The reason for this is obvious, you only have a couple of minutes to loot before the gas closes and if you are far outside the circle you will have to race back to safety.
  3. Scavenger contracts. These contracts can turn an area from a cold to a hot drop location, simply because most people realise that these are one of the best ways to begin a solo game.
  4. High-value locations. These locations will generally always be hot, more or less-so depending on where they are, relative to the flight path and first circle. High-value locations are places which have a lot of valuable loot in a small area and are consequently the quickest way to get decent ground loot and the money for a loadout. Examples include the train, superstore and passcode bunkers.
What is good to keep in mind is that a drop location will be hot for a reason - people want to drop in a certain place because it offers a certain advantage. Equally, a cold location will be cold generally because it offers little advantage. On the other hand, lots of competition in the early game is very risky. Even if you have great gun-skill it is very easy to get third-partied and therefore in half the games you drop hot you will get sent to the gulag within a minute or two. In solos the player count drops from 150 to 120 or less in about a minute - those 30 almost certainly dropped hot and paid for it. Cold drops, while taking longer to reach, will allow you more time to loot in peace and will generally give you enough space to seek out enemies on your own terms. However in the coldest spots you may struggle to find anyone, which isn't very fun at all.
As with most things in life, a compromise is often the best option. You should be able to handle the heat of two or three players dropping within 100m or you, so no need to go colder than that. Go much hotter and it becomes a toss-up if you'll survive into the top 100.
Obviously there's more to it than simply trying to pick a lukewarm drop position. You have to think about what you want to do upon landing. A contract is generally your answer. Bounties, while rewarding, aren't generally the best thing to get straight away. For a start, often your bounty target will still be in the air and will soon be hundreds of meters away. Alternatively they could have had a lucky drop and have found far better weapons than you. There is one situation however where I would recommend bounties straight away, and that is when you are the one who got a lucky drop and you were able to get a very good ground loot weapon very quickly. For example, with the season 6 ground loot origins even if the bounty target hides like a rat upstairs in a building, you can reliably rush them. Time is the great equalizer; after about five minutes you can assume that everyone has a good weapon. Before that time, if you have a powerful ground loot weapon then squeeze as many kills as you can. Recons are only good in my opinion if you go big on recons till the end (as I mentioned above). Supply runs are a bit meh, at the start you want to be focusing on looting items not buying stuff. That leaves us with scavengers.
While I did mention above that these contracts make for pretty hot locations, they do so for good reason. A scavenger contract only takes a minute or so to complete and rewards you with all the plates you'll need, a high chance of rare/legendary weapon and often enough cash to go straight for a loadout. Essentially, they reward you for what you would be doing anyway at this point in the game - looting. Furthermore, in season 6 the drop rate for plates decreased a lot - meaning that generic looting cannot guarantee you will get enough plates as quick as you will need them. With a scavenger, you avoid getting stuck without armour - suffice to say this is not a good position to find yourself.
Since scavengers are hot drops, you'll want to go for one on the colder end of the spectrum so you actually have a chance to reach it first and not die in the process. So long as you pick one that's not under the flight path you should be fine. Also, think contingencies. Think 'what am I going to do if I can't get that contract?'. This is why, ideally, you should go for a spot with a few scavengers in the vicinity so that if one gets taken there will still be others to grab. Ironically these locations are often less hot than places with just one scavenger - in such places there will likely be three or more players all converging on one place. Another tip is that some scavenger icons on the map are hard to see because they are under other icons or place names - many players would have missed those, leaving them all to you!
Alternatively, instead of going for a contract you could drop on the train. The train is pretty much a moving bunker's worth of loot but avoids the risk of getting trapped inside by another player. Admittedly, if the train is close to the flight path it can get really hot and therefore not worth the risk. If it is far away however it is possible to have the whole train to yourself. If you do then you often will get twice the loot of a scavenger contract in a fraction of the time; then jump off the train at a buy station and you could get your loadout within a minute of the drop. Obviously it is a lottery whether other players have the same idea as well and most of the time you will have to fight the other passengers. What's good about the train is that it is easy to bail and escape a bad gunfight if you feel you need to.
An ideal drop that leaves both strategies open is if you aim for a scavenger contract near to the train track and loot until the train approaches. Then you can quickly see if it is unlooted in which case you can jump on and do the honours, if it is currently being looted it is quite easy to kill the looter who, thinking they had the train to themselves, is focusing on looting. If the train has been looted and the looter has skedaddled, no worries! You still have a scavenger contract to keep you busy.
One final thing I will say about dropping is that it is preferable to drop fairly centrally in the first circle. The reason for this is that you'll want to have your free loadout drop deep in the circle which means it will stick around into the mid-late game. You will want this because if and when you get sent to the gulag and return you will want to be able to grab your loadout ASAP. The later in the game it is the harder and more dangerous cash is to find, making raising 10k a tough prospect.
To summarise, drop on a scavenger or the train (ideally both) in a medium-heat location in the centre of the circle.
Step 2 - Early Game (drop -> loadout)
Ok, so you've dropped on your scavenger and have started looting. Your priorities here are as follows:
  1. Getting a decent weapon. Doesn't need to be fantastic, just lose your pistol as quick as you can. Even the plain old grey Uzi will serve you well in the early game. As you loot further you can pick up better weapons.
  2. Getting plates. The one plate you need to get from your starting two to the full 250 health bar is critical. You don't want to enter any gunfights until you are fully plated - ideally with a few more in the pocket to sustain prolonged intermittent firefights. Don't panic if there aren't any plates around - just focus on completing the scavenger and you'll get all the plates you need.
  3. Getting cash. The ultimate aim for early game is saving up the 10k for a loadout. A scavenger won't generally give you enough cash on its own, so as you proceed from box to box make sure you open regular blue boxes en route to try and grab more cash.
Once you've completed the scavenger take a look at your cash stack. If you have 10k, then head to the nearest buy station and grab a loadout marker. If you are short of the 10k, you will need to either loot some more or grab a bounty. I'm partial to a bounty at this point if I have a decent weapon and I'm not in downtown (bounties in downtown are very difficult to pull off). A bounty will give you 6k in addition to whatever the target drops, so if you kill them you will have more than enough for a loadout as well as a self res or UAV.
Buying and grabbing your loadout is one of the most dangerous parts of the early game - the red smoke is difficult to hide and often snipers will wait for you to stand still for half a second while you open the loadout before they dome you. There are however ways to mitigate the danger. One tactic is to run off into the woods or mountains on the edge of the map and drop the marker there. This method is fairly safe (so long as you make sure you're not being followed) but it takes a while to get there, if you're in the centre of the map it can be unfeasible. Another method is to find a building with an accessible roof, clear it of any enemies, and drop your marker on the ground floor. This will both hide most of the smoke and put the loadout on the roof, hopefully avoiding people sneaking up on you while you grab it. Note that this latter method is vulnerable to snipers, so avoid using buildings that are close to even higher buildings (e.g. downtown) and remember to go prone while opening the loadout.
This brings me to the question that is always on the mind of warzone players - what loadout should I get? The only rule I would stick to is to make sure you have the ghost perk. You are playing at a massive strategical disadvantage, especially in mid to late-game, if you don't run ghost. Overkill may be tempting, but at this point you should have a good enough ground loot weapon to keep on hand along with whatever loadout weapon you pick. Even if you don't have anything decent, just go with an all-comers weapon like an assault rifle. Honestly, it's not worth being the one guy that everyone will be making a bee-line too when they start popping UAVs in mid-game.
Since you'll only be getting one primary weapon in your loadout, you ought to pick whatever complements your best current ground loot weapon. As a rule of thumb, you always want something to cover mid-range (assault rifles, long range SMGs, LMGs) and then you can pick a long-range (snipers) or short-range (SMGs, shotguns) weapon depending on where the circle is moving and/or your playstyle. The northern part of the map has a lot of open spaces that reward sniping, while in the more urban areas you will want something to handle close-quarter encounters. Personal preference is of course a major factor - don't pick a sniper if you hate sniping. If you like rushing buildings then don't leave without an MP5 or good shotgun.
In season 6 there are good ground loots weapons in every category. When you head to buy your loadout, have a think of what you want to keep and what you'll want to pick up (make sure to do the thinking before you throw down the loadout marker, you want to pick up the loadout as quick as humanly possible after that). Below is a list of what I would recommend getting depending on what you have on hand, in terms of ground-loot:
The other things to consider are perks, tacticals and lethals. Everyone has their favourites, but for solos I recommend the following:
Once you have picked up your loadout, remember to pick up whatever ground loot weapon you decided to keep (if any, you may prefer a launcher secondary to handle vehicles) and high-tail it out of the area as quickly as possible. You want to put distance between you and the red smoke which has probably caught the eye of some thirsty players who are now running there trying to catch an easy kill. You could wait and try and kill some of these players, but consider they could be coming from any direction and you will have to keep an eye on 360 degrees of approach.
At some point, 13s before the gas reaches the first circle IIRC, you will get a free loadout. Leave it alone unless you're coming back from the gulag. For one, it will likely be camped and become a deathtrap, secondly you want to leave your future self a lifeline if you go to the gulag and redeploy. Again, this is why it is helpful to be near the centre of the circle when the free loadout spawns so that you can take advantage of it even if you redeploy late-game.
Optional Step 2.5 - Gulag
Fairly often in the early game you will get unlucky or outplayed and get sent to the gulag. It happens to everyone and is far from the end of the game. I would say that at least half of my wins have come after returning from the gulag. I can't tell you how to win the gulag - that comes down mostly to gun-skill and muscle memory. If you lose the gulag, it's not the end of the world, just play again. Now let's say you kick your opponents ass and you redeploy, you should aim straight for the free loadout if it has spawned yet. If not, drop on a scavenger and go through the early-game process of getting plates, weapons, cash etc. Then grab the loadout when it arrives. Doing this is dangerous especially if many players' loadouts drop together, but so is waiting around without your loadout. Either approach as soon as it drops and grab it before people settle in to camp it, or encircle the loadout and clear out potential camping spots before grabbing it.
Optional step 2.6 - Bunkers
If at any point in the game (except perhaps late game) you find a red access card, drop everything and head to the nearest card bunker. There are four I believe; dam, military base, hills and prison. Especially since season 6 these are incredibly valuable. Now there will always be, right at the back of the bunker, a 'super-legendary' item. This could be a loadout drop marker (a.k.a. 10k cash), durable gas mask, advanced UAV, minigun, foresight or juggernaut. All are incredibly useful (except perhaps the minigun) and potentially game-winning, especially the juggernaut and foresight. If you pick up a juggernaut it is very hard to lose in solos. It feels like a cheap win, but a win is a win. Foresight is also incredibly broken, it's gives you the exact position of the final circle including all the circle movement. When I talk about the late-game I emphasise how important circle movement is to victory, and this gives you all that intel on a silver platter. If you fancy a relaxing game it also tells you exactly what house to go and have a nap in until the late game. Even if you get none of these items, the sheer amount of cash you can loot from the bunker can mean you'll never need to worry about money for the rest of the game.
Be careful getting to the bunker though. By all means take a vehicle, just don't park it right outside the door. That's just asking for an uninvited guest to crash the party. Park a hundred meters or so away and take the rest by foot, making sure nobody sees you go in. If you're trapped in there by someone waiting at the door there's no other way out.
Step 3 - Mid game (loadout -> top 20)
Now this is where the fun begins! When you have your loadout you could pick a building and sit in there like a loser. What is much more rewarding is to go out hunting. Players could be anywhere, just wandering around aimlessly is not the key to a high-kill game. You need targets to aim for and approach strategically like a tiger. How can you find targets? You can see players visually and follow them, which is a cheap and effective method but unreliable, furthermore if they have decent situational awareness they will spot you back very soon after you do, leaving a limited time window to attack with the element of surprise.
Another way to locate targets is to head in the direction of unsuppressed fire, which will place a temporary red dot on the mini-map. If this happens close to you then you have a prime opportunity to third-party someone and get a cheap kill, but if you have to travel a few hundred meters it becomes a less reliable way of getting kills. Consider that the player who has been firing their unsuppressed weapon is fully aware that they have just broadcasted their location and will be quickly relocating after the fight if they have any game sense. Furthermore, many players will likely have the same idea as you and will flock like moths to a flame hoping to get a few juicy kills, this can often create a chain reaction of third-party attacks as people arrive to intervene in the unsuppressed gunfight, who fire more unsuppressed shots thereby attracting more people. This generally ends badly for 90% of those involved, so best avoided if you can.
There are only two methods to reliably locate targets - UAVs and bounty contracts. The former costs money, while the latter awards it. However, the crucial difference is that someone highlighted by an UAV is completely unaware that they have been targeted and that you are heading straight for them. Granted, they will hear the 'UAV overhead' announcement but that is so common in solos that it doesn't have much meaning - in mid-game solos you can reliably assume that there is always at least one UAV overhead from someone. In contrast, when someone is chosen as a bounty target they know that they specifically have been singled out and how close their hunter is. Most players' reaction to this is to just camp in a building for the three minutes until the time expires. If you have a decent short range SMG or shotgun you should be able to rush a building in which your target is hiding, but it is no guarantee of success. Remember, just because you have a bounty target it does not mean you have to attack - if they're hiding upstairs in a house with an origin and claymores on the stairs, it's not a fight you have much chance of winning. Move along.
In short, if you have the money buy a UAV and hunt with whatever intel it gives you. Ideally the kill you get with that intel will fund your next UAV purchase and you will snowball round the map racking up the kills. Remember if there are no UAV targets near you and it runs out of fuel before you reach the red dots, you can try and pinpoint them with your heartbeat sensor. Think of it like a mini-UAV. I should probably mention at this point that if you have left over money from buying a UAV, pick up a self-res if you can. 80% of the time they won't help but you'll feel incredibly grateful for the 20% of times they do. Of course, if there is a fire sale you might as well grab one for free.
If your snowball of death grinds to a halt; maybe you ran out of non-ghosted players in the vicinity or you ran out of money by killing too many poor players, now is a good time to pick up a bounty target to get the snowball going again.
A third way to find targets more reliably than just wandering around, but without the risk of bounties or the cost of UAVs is to employ the famous 'pinwheel rotation'. Popularised by youtuber Icemanisaac, this is where you hug the gas while it is stationary and then rotate into the next circle at a 45 degree angle to the gas when it closes in. The logic for this strategy is that you will catch players moving into the inner circle directly perpendicular to the gas, including players flushed out of their camping spots by the encroaching gas. What's more, you don't need to worry so much about your outside flank since that will be covered by the gas. I find this strategy works best mid to late game when the gas isn't moving as fast and the amount of non-ghosted players diminishes the value of UAVs. Be sure to grab a gas mask if you're using this strategy as you will occasionally need to dip into the gas. Note that you can use UAVs as you pinwheel, giving you extra intel (e.g. if the UAV picks up someone in a building on the edge of the gas, you can expect them to be flushed out where you will be waiting for them).
Using our toolkit of UAVS, bounties, unsuppressed fire and the pinwheel rotation, you should be able to grab a good amount of kills in the mid-game.
Step 4 - Late game (top 20 -> Warzone Victory)
Generally around the top 20 the real end-game begins. Now the value from UAVs is diminished, since non-ghosted players are probably dead and in any event you don't have the liberty anymore to start running around everywhere looking for kills. Bounties aren't worth it anymore because cash becomes more or less irrelevant at this point - there's probably only one or two buy stations left and they're most likely camped. If you come across a bounty you can take it just for the extra intel it gives you, just be very careful about going after them. At this point in the game you need to play a lot more cautiously. I would say camping is fine at this stage - you've had your fun already.
If you can secure a house in the final circle then that's ideal, what is more likely is that the recon-ers have already secured all the nice camping spots. If you have a good MP5 or shotgun you could rush the building but its a risky prospect and liable to third parties joining in the fun. If you are stuck outside in the cold then, if it's an open area, your best bet is probably to continue to pinwheel in as the gas closes, albeit at a slower, more cautious pace. If the final circle is a more urban area like downtown or promenade, you can slowly but surely proceed into the circle making sure to check all your corners, make maximum use of cover and dial the situational awareness up to 11. You can still get quite a few kills this way as often players won't hear your approach if you don't run.
At the final circle it all comes down to gun-skill, stealth and a healthy dollop of luck. In the top 3, try to third party the other two. Nine times out of ten the two players who start the gunfight lose to the player who waited and finished off the victor. Of course, you often don't have the luxury of picking your fights. When the circle starts moving, this is where the RNG can give you or steal away the win. If the circle moves to your side then it's simply a matter of waiting for the gas to deliver your opponent(s) into your arms. If not, then the opposite will apply. The odds will be against you in this case but it's by no means a done deal. Here your only chance of survival is superior gun-skill.
And there you have it! The entire process from dropping to winning the game. This took way longer than I thought it would but I hope I've given some useful tips. I would love for you guys to offer any thoughts on my strategy and stuff you do that also works well.
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Joint Training Exercise

A small continuance of my We Are Coming For You series. I hope you enjoy it.
Standing in front of a platoon of soldiers General Drulle gave his men an appraising look before turning to the tall Praxian standing beside me. “What do you think Captain? These are the finest soldiers in the Praxian military.” he boasted proudly. “More than a match for the humans you’ve been working for, eh?”
“I’m sure they’re a credit to the Conglomeration, General.” he replied diplomatically, his bright golden eyes gleaming as he examined the soldiers before them.
Puffing out his chest Drulle turned back to his men and loudly said “As you all know we are here as part of a Joint Training Exercise proposed by our human allies. The purpose of this exercise is for us to learn from one another; we aim foster a deeper understanding of each others strengths, share our strategies and tactics. The humans believe that developing coordination between our two militaries will strengthen both our nations.” he paused for a moment before continuing “You are the pride of the Praxian army and as such your performance represents that of our entire species. The humans undoubtedly feel they have the superior military after the incident in the Niol system but you all shall show them that the Praxian military is second to none!” he declared.
“Yes Sir!” the Praxian soldiers shouted in response.
Satisfied with their fervour Drulle gestured to the Praxian standing beside him “This is Captain Artum, the first non-human to join the United Terran Army. He has more experience working with humans than any Praxian alive and so he will be in charge of your unit for the duration of the exercise. You are to show him every respect and follow his orders as if they came from my own lips, is that clear?”
“Yes Sir!” they repeated.
Giving them an approving nod Drulle turned back to Artum and said “I’ll leave them in your hands Captain.”
“Thank you General.” he nodded as the general walked away leaving Artum alone in front of the troops. Looking out over the stonefaced soldiers he started “As General Drulle said, I am Captain Artum of the United Terran Army. I enlisted in the humans army almost two years ago and in that time I’ve learned a great many things from them, chief among them is that their soldiers are unmatched in the entire galaxy.” he declared making even the most disciplined soldier bristle with agitation. Smirking at their reaction Artum continued “How many of you have seen a human before?” getting a few affirmations Artum pointed to one of the soldiers and asked “And what was your impression of them?”
Thinking for a moment the Praxian replied “Small.” he grunted out “Don’t see why the Lizards had such a hard time with them.”
Letting out a laugh Artum replied “Yes they don’t seem very impressive at first glance do they? And yet they stood against the full might of the Union armada and did not waver, a feat which has never been accomplished since the founding of the Union. Could the Conglomeration do the same?” he asked. Getting silence in response Artum smirked and said “I though not. I have fought along side many humans in my time with them and I can personally attest to their military prowess. You will all learn a lot from them.”
“I’ve certainly taught him a few things over the years.” a familiar voice called out behind him.
Turning, Artums golden eyes glowed as he spied the woman sauntering towards him. “Asami! What are you doing here?!”
“The guys and I just finished a job a few systems over and I heard you were out here so I decided to take some shore leave and pay my favourite kittycat a visit.” she said as she peered up at him over the dark sunglasses she wore with a playful smile on her face.
Drinking in the sight of his lover Artum let out a hungry growl. She was wearing a dark green tank top which fit snugly enough to show off the contours of her chest and a pair of shorts which ended mid-thigh showing off her slender, toned legs. “Are the others here too?” he asked as his eyes roamed her body.
“Just me I’m afraid.” she said huskily as she pressed herself against him and ran her hand over his chest “mmm, have I mentioned how good you look in our uniform?” she asked as she reached up to scratch him beneath his chin. Letting out a throaty purr Artum wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her into a kiss, one hand sliding down to grasp her shapely rear and lift her higher as their tongues played together.
As the platoon of soldiers watched their new commanding officer reacquaint himself with his lover one of the soldiers muttered under his breath “If that’s what the humans are offering, it’s no wonder he joined up with them.” setting off a series of poorly suppressed laughs from his cohorts.
Breaking the kiss Arum rounded on them with a snarl and stalked over to them to glare into the eyes of the soldier who spoke. “Care to say that again?” he growled. When the soldier remained silent and stared ahead blankly Artum sneered and said “You see that human there?” he said gesturing to Asami who gave a cheery wave “She could tear her way through the lot of you without even breaking a sweat. They are the best warriors in the galaxy which is why we are doing this exercise; so that You can learn from Them.” he said as he poked the soldier in the chest causing him to frown slightly but otherwise not react. “When the Niol system was overrun with pirates what did the Praxian military do? Went running to the Union for help. And who answered their call? The humans.” seeing a scowl start to form on the soldiers face Artum smirked and continued “The Conglomeration threw their entire fleet at Niol and were beaten back by a bunch of self proclaimed Pirate Lords. A squad of four humans could retake an entire system-”
“Ahem.” Asami cleared her throat with a pointed look cutting him off.
Quickly discarding that line of thought Artum instead said “If I had to choose between having an entire battalion of Praxia’s finest at my back or her I wouldn’t hesitate to choose her.”
“You’re so sweet.” Asami smiled as she wrapped her arms around his.
Finally having enough of Artum disparaging him and his fellow soldiers, the Praxian Artum had been haranguing spat out “Then perhaps she should give us a demonstration of her prowess.”
“With you? Sure, sounds like fun.” Asami grinned before Artum could say anything.
“You sure?” Artum asked, giving his lover a sidelong glance.
“Don’t worry, I won’t rough up her pretty face.” the Praxian smirked.
“See, there’s nothing to worry about. He’s going to go easy on little old me.” Asami smiled innocently up at Artum.
Holding up his hands in defeat Artum said “Just don’t cause too much damage.”
“If she’s as good as you say she is that shouldn’t be a problem.” The soldier retorted.
“He wasn’t talking to you.” Asami smiled “How about we make this interesting?” she suggested.
“What did you have in mind?” he asked.
“If you win I’ll let you take me out for dinner tonight.” she said with a sultry smile.
Looking her up and down the soldiers lips curled up in a smirking leer as he eyed her slender body “Never had a human before, usually prefer females with more fur but I suppose I could make an exception this once.”
“Lucky me.” Asami said dryly before looking up at Artum. “Are all you Praxians such Lotharios?”
“I have no idea what that means.” Artum replied.
“I’ll explain it to you later.” she said with a wink.
“And what do you get if you win?” the soldier interrupted their conversation.
“Then Artum will buying me dinner.” she said nudging her lover in the side with her elbow.
“Seems like I’ve got nothing to lose then.” he said as he agreed to her bet.
“We’ll see if you still feel that way in a few minutes.” Asami smiled sweetly.
Snorting at her bravado the Praxian soldier said “I am Captain Mendril, commander of this cohort.” he declared pompously. “You are?”
“You can just call me Asami.” the woman replied with an easy smile.
“What is your rank?” Mendril asked with a frown.
“Oh, I don’t really exist within the command structure but it’s probably best if you assume that I outrank you.” she said pleasantly making Mendril scowl at her “So how do you want to do this? Unarmed or with weapons?”
“You can use whatever you want, I’ll use my own claws.” he replied as he held out his hand with his sharp claws extended.
“You sure? I can use anything?” Asami asked.
“Anything you want.” he smirked condescendingly at her.
“Alright, if you’re sure.” she said as she grabbed the gun holstered at Artums waist and shot the soldier in the foot. As Mendril fell to the floor screaming in pain and clutching at his bleeding foot Asami smiled brightly and said “Well, that was fun. I guess you’re going to treating me to dinner tonight.” she said to Artum as she leaned in close to him and rested her hand against his chest. “By the way I’ll be wearing my leather coat and boots tonight so you’ll have that to look forward to.” she purred breathily as she scratched him beneath his chin causing him to let out a throaty growl.
“Will you be wearing anything else?” he asked with a grin.
“You’ll just have to wait and find out.” she said teasingly as she stepped away from him. “You boys have fun playing soldier.” she said with a lazy wave as she sauntered away without returning his gun.
Staring hungrily after her for a moment Artum turned back to the assembled soldiers who were in such a state of shock that they hadn’t even moved to help their injured comrade yet. Stepping towards them Artum squatted next to the still wailing soldier and said “You got off lucky. I’ve seen that woman kill a Draastrekian with her bare hands. Snapped his neck like a twig.” he smirked at the horrified look on Mendril’s face.
Getting to his feet Artum addressed the other soldiers “I’m sure you’ve all heard the stories about what the humans did during the war and I’m sure you’ve discounted most of them as exaggerations. I thought so as well, after all Praxian space was far from the front lines and the humans never penetrated deep enough into Union space for us to experience the brunt of their wrath but let me assure you; every rumour, every horror story you’ve heard whispered, they’re all true.” he said making the Praxian soldiers gulp. “Humans soldiers are the most deadly fighters in the galaxy, even the Lizards fear getting into another scrap with them because they know they wouldn’t survive another war. You wouldn’t know it just by looking at them; they don’t have any claws or any other manner of natural defence but what they do have is a willingness to go to any lengths to achieve victory.”
Seeing the troubled looks on their faces Artum smirked as he pulled a small, thick book from his pocket and held it out to them “Any of you know what this is?” getting blank looks from them Artum continued “This is the humans ‘Rules of War’ that they made every Union member agree to follow. I trust that as a prominent member of the Union the Conglomeration requires its soldiers to know these rules, correct? No? I imagine most of you laughed at the thought of rules for warfare; I don’t blame you. The idea seems ludicrous doesn’t it? After all the point of war is to defeat your enemies through any mean necessary. Why should we care how they are treated?”
“Well to humans these rules are doctrine, they are sacrosanct. Their military and their soldiers won’t break these rules so long as they are fighting against someone who also abides by them. They will operate within these bounds but do not believe they will be constrained by them. If something is not expressly covered by these laws the humans won’t hesitate to do it. Take our friend here.” he said gesturing to the still groaning Mendril on the ground.
“He picked a fight with a human but didn’t have the forethought to restrict the use of firearms. And so she chose the most efficient way to beat him completely within the rules that he set.” he smirked and waved the book in the air. “When I joined the human military these rules were drilled into me and every other recruit. The same shall happen to you during the course of this joint training exercise and as you’re memorising them I want you to all to remember something. Every rule in this book was put in place to protect the humans from themselves, every rule was written in direct response to the horrors that they at some point in their history unleashed upon one another. And I want you all to realise how lucky the galaxy is that the humans are allowing us to be protected by their rules.” he said gravely before clapping his hands together. “Well, what are you waiting for? Get him to the infirmary before he bleeds to death! I don’t care if they end up amputating your foot, I expect you to be ready to start your training first thing tomorrow morning is that clear?” he said looking down at the injured Praxian.
“Yes Sir.” Mendril said through gritted teeth.
“Good. You’re all dismissed. I’ve got a date to get ready for.” he grinned.
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