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The Losers of the Red Bull Junior Team - Part 3 - /r/Formula1 Editorial Team

The Losers of the Red Bull Junior Team - Part 3: The Vettel Age (2007-2009)

by TheStateOfIt
In case you missed it:
Sebastian Vettel was the driver of the Red Bull Junior Team. Others that entered F1 in Red Bull’s name before him had been hit or miss. Christian Klien was a distant second fiddle to David Coulthard, Vitantonio Liuzzi was just there, Scott Speed had his notorious temper and the less said about Robert Doornbos, the better. But Vettel was the driver that made everyone believe in Marko. We all know his heroics in Toro Rosso in 2008 and becoming a title challenger in 2009, but even his rookie year impressed many. A point on debut as a last-minute replacement for Robert Kubica, his fourth place in China and even threatening for the win at Fuji.
Everyone started to believe in the Red Bull programme at this time. If such a star like Vettel could come from this academy, who’s to say there can’t be more?
I bet the rest of these hopefuls thought so too.

The Vettel Age (2007-2009)

Pedro Bianchini (BRA) - 2007 - Formula BMW
If life was fair, Bianchini wouldn’t be on this list. The list of Red Bull Junior drivers says he joined in 2007, but he was on Red Bull’s watchlist for a much longer time. In fact, in his karting days, he made an appearance on Brazillian late-night television decked out in full Red Bull gear. In any other timeline, this would be a relic for many an F1 fan, watching a current driver gain national attention at his infancy.
Not in this timeline, though. In one of his first tests in Formula BMW, he got caught up in a major accident that broke his fibula and sidelined him for the first bit of the season. With minimal testing, missed races, and a still healing injury, Bianchini struggled and performed well below expectations. Naturally, the results-hungry Marko monster’s appetite wasn’t whetted, and threw the poor kid out of the programme. He left full-time motorsport after another unsuccessful season in Formula BMW, though he still races karts on the rare occasion.
He now works as a sales coordinator for some company called Fibrafix, thanks to some LinkedIn and Facebook diving. Once again, it’s not stalking if it’s research.
Kevin Mirocha (GEPOL) - 2007 - Formula BMW
Mirocha suffered a similar fate as Bianchini, being dropped after a single season in Formula BMW with average-ish results, the most being a podium at Silverstone. However, there was no broken fibula to blame. The Polish-German driver was just above-average, but once again, Marko’s theory of development is not improving above-average drivers to the top of the table, but rather that all his drivers should already be at peak performance.
After being kicked out of Red Bull, his move to F3 the year after showed a hint of promise, but joining HBR Racing in the following year’s Euroseries proved to be a massive mistake as the whole team collapsed mid-season, taking Mirocha with them into the pit of uncertainty. Despite that, he found minor redemption in the 2010 Formula Renault NEC Championship, winning a race in a part-time drive. This made him a surprise call-up to GP2 in 2011 for Ocean Racing Technology, however that drive was short-lived. Scoring zero points, he was dumped mid-season for a fellow Red Bull dropout, Brendon Hartley.
His final showing was a much more successful season in Palmer Formula Two (to differentiate it from current Formula Two), even winning a race, but as the series died a quiet death, so did Mirocha’s racing career. A peek at his Instagram indicated he took up automobile photography and the like. That was over three years ago, though, so lord knows what’s happening with him now.
Daniel Morad (CAN) - 2007 - Formula BMW
I can tell you, with 95% confidence, that if you’ve seen a go-kart crash on YouTube before, you’ve seen Daniel Morad. I know you’ve seen Daniel Morad, even if you yourself didn’t know it was him. Y’all remember this incident, right? It’s literally on every ‘celebrates too early’ clickbait compilation on YouTube.
And that guy is Daniel Morad.
Morad, however, is much more than a karting mishap. Under Red Bull, he was the 2007 Formula BMW USA Champion. All good, right? He was immediately dumped by Red Bull.
Morad has no idea why. Compatriot Robert Wickens was also under the Red Bull Junior Team when he won the Formula BMW USA Championship just a year prior. He got chances in Formula Atlantic, Formula Renault, Formula 3, A1GP and Palmer Formula Two under Red Bull’s employ. Morad got a one-line email saying he was out of the programme.
He was able to make it to A1GP at least, but with Team Canada out of the series, he exploited his Lebanese heritage to race for constant backmarkers Team Lebanon. In the final season of the series, Morad did the team a favour by scoring their first ever points finish in the entire series.
His next career move to GP3 wasn’t as fruitful, but he did get lucky with the reversed-grid system to take a victory in the Silverstone sprint race. That year was also the same year where he won the Rotax Max Challenge, which was the race of THAT incident. For the past decade, though, he’s moved on from hands-free go-karting to sportscars, finding some success in GT3 cars in IMSA’s endurance series, winning the 2017 Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona in the GTD class. Nowadays he’s also a Twitch streamer as well, making appearances in several iRacing events alongside the best of the best.
Tom Dillmann (FRA) - 2007-2008 - Formula Three
Yep, I consider him a failure of Red Bull’s Junior Team, despite his appearances in Formula E. Dropped right from Red Bull after a disappointing start to his Formula 3 Euro Series campaign, Dillmann’s career never settled at all after that, hopping from team to team, series to series, category to category for nearly every year after. As much as motorsport is about breaking away from the pack, entropy in your career moves hasn’t translated to results for Dillmann.
The most Dillmann got out of his career was a championship in the decaying Formula Not-Renault V8 3.5 series in 2016 and a win in GP2 in 2012, being another benefactor of the reverse grid system in the Sprint Race. His championship in Formula Not-Renault did earn him a reserve driver spot at Venturi in Formula E, which he cashed in to race in a few events when main drivers Stephane Sarrazin and Edoardo Mortara weren’t around. It seemed Dillmann finally had something going right in his racing career in his second season deputising for Venturi, nabbing 4th at New York.
Then he joined NIO. And, for those not familiar with Formula E, NIO suuuuuuuuucks. Dillmann’s only real comparison, his teammate Turvey, was streets ahead. Like, literally, because Formula E runs on streets, and Turvey was normally ahead, so literally, like... streets ahead. Please laugh. Anyway, he’s now testing with Formula Two teams has proved to be really, really competent in the world’s vacation to simracing, being quite the star in The Race’s All-Star events and finishing 2nd in the Virtual 24 Hours of Le Mans.
Mika Mäki (FIN) - 2007-2009 - Formula Renault 2.0 / Formula 3
His early career was bright. Performed well in his national karting championships. Barely lost out on two Formula BMW trophies to the same guy. Red Bull comes and signs him up. And, unlike most on this list, he did not disappoint in his first season, winning the Italian Formula Renault Championship in 2007. His next season in Formula 3 Euroseries got off to a blinding start, winning two races and being in hot contention by round six.
Then he got into an off-track accident. He crashed his Nissan 350Z in a tunnel, spearing through a metal railing. Mercifully, he was uninjured, but questions were raised about how such a serious crash occurred in a 40 km/h tunnel late at night. I’m unsure how the investigation went and whether Mäki was punished or not, but you can just tell his results were affected. His hot streak in F3 suddenly ran cold and though he managed a few more decent results, his championship hopes were gone.
He still claimed another race victory in next year’s Euroseries and even finished second in the F3 Masters event, but Red Bull had enough and cast him away. One final, hapless, half-hearted, half-season effort with Motorpark Academy the next year saw him finish last in the F3 Euroseries he had been contending for just two years earlier. That was the end of Mäki’s racing career.
But Mäki isn’t dead yet. From the looks of things, he’s gone batshit insane. He’s started his own media/marketing/communications company called Ajaton, which means Timeless in Finnish. His company’s tagline is ”FRUITY AS FUCK”. Mika himself dressed up like a fucking dictator in his company profile picture. I don’t know how much of this is good PR or creative marketing, or how much of it is Mika being mad. Whatever it is, I’m all aboard the wacky Mäki train.
Dani Juncadella (ESP) - 2008-2009 - Formula BMW
Red Bull seriously missed the boat with Juncadella, and Juncadella missed the boat with Red Bull. How did this mutual boat-missing happen? He performed solidly in his two seasons in Formula BMW under Red Bull, coming in as a runner-up to Felipe Nasr in 2009, though most credit to that goes to Mucke Motorsport getting themselves DQ’ed from five races. Then Red Bull Junior Team did their traditional purging of talent, and Juncadella was one that got exiled from the team going into 2010.
Back then, it was a shame… for Red Bull. After a year getting acclimated to F3 machinery, Juncadella made himself famous as he won the 2011 Macau Grand Prix. The next year, he took domination to new heights, winning the 2012 F3 Euroseries, the F3 European Championship (which was basically the Euroseries with a hat on top) and the Masters of Formula Three. Red Bull had missed out on the biggest name in Formula Three.
But then it would be Juncadella missing out on Red Bull’s support system. Despite his F3 success and subsequent tests with Ferrari and Williams, there was nothing going for him in single-seaters. Him signing to Mercedes brought about some rumour with being Mercedes’ development driver, but all this led to was him making the sideways switch to DTM.
He did snatch the role of reserve driver at Force India in 2014, appearing in three Grand Prix weekends, but he got sick of Formula One politics and testing restrictions, retreating back to his role in DTM. He hasn’t found the same success in touring cars, though, propping up the table in most of his DTM seasons. Only a solitary victory at Brands Hatch in 2019 and a last lap battle with Max Verstappen in Team Redline’s simracing championship were indications of Juncadella’s previous success in Formula Three.
Mirko Bortolotti (ITA) - 2009 - Palmer Formula Two
Bortolotti, like Juncadella, had tons of hype and talent behind him. There wasn’t that much of it during his karting days or his early single-seater career, but the hype around him exploded when he won the 2008 Italian Formula Three series by an absolute landslide, with a seven-race winning streak being more than enough to seal the championship. His reward was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to test with Ferrari at Fiorano.
He cashed in that reward by setting the F2008 lap record around Fiorano. Sure, testing limits heavily restricted the running of Ferrari’s race and regular testers on Fiorano, but still, beating that lap record in what was supposed to be a token, prize-winning joyride made everyone sit up and take note. The hype meter went through the roof when he signed on to Red Bull’s junior team, and finishing a solid fourth in Palmer Formula Two gave him the chance to test for Toro Rosso over the winter.
In the first week of January 2010, the press tipped him to replace Jaime Alguersuari for the upcoming season at Toro Rosso.
In the second week of January 2010, Bortolotti was removed from Red Bull’s junior team.
Granted, he did say he wasn’t exactly ready for Formula One in the midst of all the rumours, but Red Bull suddenly pulling the plug was the last thing everyone expected. Ferrari’s driver academy swooped in and planted him in a GP3 ride for 2010, but he struggled in the switch of categories and was booted out of that junior driver programme after a year in the GP3 midfield. He won the Palmer Formula Two championship in 2011, but the rapid shift from Italy’s next Formula One driver to GP3 midfielder had already disillusioned the 21 year-old Italian, and after one final test with Williams as a prize for winning the F2 championship, he shifted to sportscars.
Bortolotti’s shift to sportscars has been fairly successful, becoming the champion of the final Megane Series Championship in 2013 before signing on to Lamborghini’s factory squad in 2014. Before his shift to Audi in 2020, he won the Blancpain Endurance Championship for them in 2017 and took class wins for them in both the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring. All congratulations to Mirko, but who knows where he could’ve been had Marko done what the press thought he’d do a decade ago: stick him in the car.
Not everyone can be Vettel. If everyone is Vettel, nobody is. (yes I ripped Syndrome’s line, it’s a badass one). However, this section contains probably the saddest stories, where many of these drivers actually proved their talent at a young age, like Morad, Juncadella and Bortolotti. And yet, despite all that, they never got a fair shake with Red Bull.
We have one final part left to go, the fourth-part of this four-part series. The next part features the losers of the Red Bull from more recent times, coming from textile salesmen, sons of Top Gear personnel and an actual, legit, hero.
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Who are the secret puppet-masters behind Trump’s war on Iran?

By: Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies - May 30, 2020
Read the article here:
On May 6th, President Trump vetoed a war powers bill specifying that he must ask Congress for authorization to use military force against Iran. Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign of deadly sanctions and threats of war against Iran has seen no let-up, even as the U.S., Iran and the whole world desperately need to set aside our conflicts to face down the common danger of the Covid-19 pandemic.
So what is it about Iran that makes it such a target of hostility for Trump and the neocons? There are many repressive regimes in the world, and many of them are close U.S. allies, so this policy is clearly not based on an objective assessment that Iran is more repressive than Egypt, Saudi Arabia or other monarchies in the Persian Gulf.
The Trump administration claims that its “maximum pressure” sanctions and threats of war against Iran are based on the danger that Iran will develop nuclear weapons. But after decades of inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and despite the U.S.’s politicization of the IAEA, the Agency has repeatedly confirmed that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program.
If Iran ever did any preliminary research on nuclear weapons, it was probably during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, when the U.S. and its allies helped Iraq to make and use chemical weapons that killed up to 100,000 Iranians. A 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate, the IAEA’s 2015 “Final Assessment on Past and Present Outstanding Issues” and decades of IAEA inspections have examined and resolved every scrap of false evidence of a nuclear weapons program presented or fabricated by the CIA and its allies.
If, despite all the evidence, U.S. policymakers still fear that Iran could develop nuclear weapons, then adhering to the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA), keeping Iran inside the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and ensuring ongoing access by IAEA inspectors would provide greater security than abandoning the deal.
As with Bush’s false WMD claims about Iraq in 2003, Trump’s real goal is not nuclear non-proliferation but regime change. After 40 years of failed sanctions and hostility, Trump and a cabal of U.S. warhawks still cling to the vain hope that a tanking economy and widespread suffering in Iran will lead to a popular uprising or make it vulnerable to another U.S.-backed coup or invasion.

United against a Nuclear Iran and the Counter Extremism Project

One of the key organizations promoting and pushing hostility towards Iran is a shadowy group called United Against a Nuclear Iran (UANI). Founded in 2008, it was expanded and reorganized in 2014 under the umbrella of the Counter Extremism Project United (CEPU) to broaden its attacks on Iran and divert U.S. policymakers’ attention away from the role of Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other U.S. allies in spreading violence, extremism and chaos in the greater Middle East.
UANI acts as a private enforcer of U.S. sanctions by keeping a “business registry” of hundreds of companies all over the world—from Adidas to Zurich Financial Services—that trade with or are considering trading with Iran. UANI hounds these companies by naming and shaming them, issuing reports for the media, and urging the Office of Foreign Assets Control to impose fines and sanctions. It also keeps a checklist of companies that have signed a declaration certifying they do not conduct business in or with Iran. Proving how little they care about the Iranian people, UANI even targets pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical-device corporations—includingBayer, Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Abbott Laboratories—that have been granted special U.S. humanitarian aid licenses.

Where does UANI get its funds?

UANI was founded by three former U.S. officials, Dennis Ross, Richard Holbrooke and Mark Wallace. In 2013, it still had a modest budget of $1.7 million, nearly 80% coming from two Jewish-American billionaires with strong ties to Israel and the Republican Party: $843,000 from precious metals investor Thomas Kaplan and $500,000 from casino owner Sheldon Adelson. Wallace and other UANI staff have also worked for Kaplan’s investment firms, and he remains a key funder and advocate for UANI and its affiliated groups.
In 2014, UANI split into two entities: the original UANI and the Green Light Project, which does business as the Counter Extremism Project. Both entities are under the umbrella of and funded by a third, Counter Extremism Project United (CEPU). This permits the organization to brand its fundraising as being for the Counter Extremism Project, even though it still regrants a third of its funds to UANI.
CEO Mark Wallace, Executive Director David Ibsen and other staff work for all three groups in their shared offices in Grand Central Tower in New York. In 2018, Wallace drew a combined salary of $750,000 from all three entities, while Ibsen’s combined salary was $512,126.
In recent years, the revenues for the umbrella group, CEPU, have mushroomed, reaching $22 million in 2017. CEPU is secretive about the sources of this money. But investigative journalist Eli Clifton, who starting looking into UANI in 2014 when it was sued for defamation by a Greek ship owner it accused of violating sanctions on Iran, has found evidence suggesting financial ties with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
That is certainly what hacked emails between CEPU staff, an Emirati official and a Saudi lobbyist imply. In September 2014, CEPU’s president Frances Townsend emailed the UAE Ambassador to the U.S. to solicit the UAE’s support and propose that it host and fund a CEPU forum in Abu Dhabi. Four months later, Townsend emailed again to thank him, writing, “And many thanks for your and Richard Mintz’ (UAE lobbyist) ongoing support of the CEP effort!” UANI fundraiser Thomas Kaplan has formed a close relationship with Emirati ruler Bin Zayed, and visited the UAE at least 24 times. In 2019, he gushed to an interviewer that the UAE and its despotic rulers “are my closest partners in more parts of my life than anyone else other than my wife.”
Another email from Saudi lobbyist and former Senator Norm Coleman to the Emirati Ambassador about CEPU’s tax status implied that the Saudis and Emiratis were both involved in its funding, which would mean that CEPU may be violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act by failing to register as a Saudi or Emirati agent in the U.S.
Ben Freeman of the Center for International Policy has documented the dangerously unaccountable and covert expansion of the influence of foreign governments and military-industrial interests over U.S. foreign policy in recent years, in which registered lobbyists are only the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to foreign influence. Eli Clifton calls UANI, “a fantastic case study and maybe a microcosm of the ways in which American foreign policy is actually influenced and implemented.”
CEPU and UANI’s staff and advisory boards are stocked with Republicans, neoconservatives and warhawks, many of whom earn lavish salaries and consulting fees. In the two years before President Trump appointed John Bolton as his National Security Advisor, CEPU paid Bolton $240,000 in consulting fees. Bolton, who openly advocates war with Iran, was instrumental in getting the Trump administration to withdraw from the nuclear deal.
UANI also enlists Democrats to try to give the group broader, bipartisan credibility. The chair of UANI’s board is former Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman, who was known as the most pro-Zionist member of the Senate. A more moderate Democrat on UANI’s board is former New Mexico governor and UN ambassador Bill Richardson.
Norman Roule, a CIA veteran who was the National Intelligence Manager for Iran throughout the Obama administration was paid $366,000 in consulting fees by CEPU in 2018. Soon after the brutal Saudi assassination of journalist Jamal Khassoghi, Roule and UANI fundraiser Thomas Kaplan met with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in Saudi Arabia, and Roule then played a leading role in articles and on the talk-show circuit whitewashing Bin Salman’s repression and talking up his superficial “reforms” of Saudi society.
More recently, amid a growing outcry from Congress, the UN and the European Union to ease U.S. sanctions on Iran during the pandemic, UANI chairman Joe Lieberman, CEPU president Frances Townsend and CEO Mark Wallace signed a letter to Trump that falsely claimed, “U.S. sanctions neither prevent nor target the supply of food, medicine or medical devices to Iran,” and begged him not to relax his murderous sanctions because of COVID-19.
This was too much for Norman Roule, who tossed out his UANI script and told the Nation, “the international community should do everything it can to enable the Iranian people to obtain access to medical supplies and equipment.”
Two Israeli shell companies to whom CEPU and UANI have paid millions of dollars in “consulting fees” raise even more troubling questions. CEPU has paid over $500,000 to Darlink, located near Tel Aviv, while UANI paid at least $1.5 million to Grove Business Consulting in Hod Hasharon, about 10% of its revenues from 2016 to 2018. Neither firm seems to really exist, but Grove’s address on UANI’s IRS filings appears in the Panama Papers as that of Dr. Gideon Ginossar, an officer of an offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands that defaulted on its creditors in 2010.

Selling a corrupted picture to U.S. policymakers

UANI’s parent group, Counter Extremism Project United, presents itself as dedicated to countering all forms of extremism. But in practice, it is predictably selective in its targets, demonizing Iran and its allies while turning a blind eye to other countries with more credible links to extremism and terrorism.
UANI supports accusations by Trump and U.S. warhawks that Iran is “the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism,” based mainly on its support for the Lebanese Shiite political party Hezbollah, whose militia defends southern Lebanon against Israel and fights in Syria as an ally of the government.
But Iran placed UANI on its own list of terrorist groups in 2019 after Mark Wallace and UANI hosted a meeting at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York that was mainly attended by supporters of the Mujahedin-e-Kalqh (MEK). The MEK is a group that the U.S. government itself listed as a terrorist organization until 2012 and which is still committed to the violent overthrow of the government in Iran – preferably by persuading the U.S. and its allies to do it for them. UANI tried to distance itself from the meeting after the fact, but the published program listed UANI as the event organizer.
On the other hand, there are two countries where CEPU and UANI seem strangely unable to find any links to extremism or terrorism at all, and they are the very countries that appear to be funding their operations, lavish salaries and shadowy “consulting fees”: Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Many Americans are still demanding a public investigation into Saudi Arabia’s role in the crimes of September 11th. In a court case against Saudi Arabia brought by 9/11 victims’ families, the FBI recently revealed that a Saudi Embassy official, Mussaed Ahmed al-Jarrah, provided crucial support to two of the hijackers. Brett Eagleson, a spokesman for the families whose father was killed on September 11th, told Yahoo News, “(This) demonstrates there was a hierarchy of command that’s coming from the Saudi Embassy to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs [in Los Angeles] to the hijackers.”
The global spread of the Wahhabi version of Islam that unleashed and fueled Al Qaeda, ISIS and other violent Muslim extremist groups has been driven primarily by Saudi Arabia, which has built and funded Wahhabi schools and mosques all over the world. That includes the King Fahd Mosque in Los Angeles that the two 9/11 hijackers attended.
It is also well documented that Saudi Arabia has been the largest funder and arms supplier for the Al Qaeda-led forces that have destroyed Syria since 2011, including CIA-brokered shipments of thousands of tons of weapons from Benghazi in Libya and at least eight countries in Eastern Europe. The UAE also supplied arms funding to Al Qaeda-allied rebels in Syria between 2012 and 2016, and the Saudi and UAE roles have now been reversed in Libya, where the UAE is the main supplier) of thousands of tons of weapons to General Haftar’s rebel forces. In Yemen, both the Saudis and Emiratis have committed war crimes. The Saudi and Emirati air forces have bombed schools, clinics, weddings and school buses, while the Emiratis tortured detainees in 18 secret prisons in Yemen.
But United Against a Nuclear Iran and Counter Extremism Project have redacted all of this from the one-sided worldview they offer to U.S. policymakers and the American corporate media. While they demonize Iran, Qatar, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood as extremists and terrorists, they depict Saudi Arabia and the UAE exclusively as victims of terrorism and allies in U.S.-led “counterterrorism” campaigns, never as sponsors of extremism and terrorism or perpetrators of war crimes.
The message of these groups dedicated to “countering extremism” is clear and none too subtle: Saudi Arabia and the UAE are always U.S. allies and victims of extremism, never a problem or a source of danger, violence or chaos. The country we should all be worrying about is – you guessed it – Iran. You couldn’t pay for propaganda like this! But on the other hand, if you’re Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates and you have greedy, corrupt Americans knocking on your door eager to sell their loyalty, maybe you can.
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What if you know the killer but not the crime/s?

I really hope some people will take the time to read this. I think if you do, it’ll probably be one of the crazier things you’ve read on Reddit lately. It may get confusing, I have so much info it was hard to try and condense, but I need to start somewhere.
I know of a man, that I honestly and truly believe has many of the makings of a serial killer. In fact, I would pretty much risk everything and bet that he has killed at least one if not multiple people. Problem is, I don’t know who or where.
Here’s what I do have proof of:
  1. 4 animal MURDERS dating back to when this guy was a teen. 1 cat, 3 dogs.
  2. He at one point tried joining the police force. I don’t know what stopped that from happening but thank fucking god it did.
  3. He had three kids, with two women, all around the same time. They’re all adults now, mid to upper 20’s, and has turned all of them against their mom’s. Almost everyone that knows him will tell you he is a charmer, a brainwasher, and a sociopath.
  4. Death threats against his ex wife(mom of 2/3 of this kids).
  5. Ex wife passed away, presumably of liver failure, and he was trying to collect on her life insurance policy a day later.
I think he ended up with a portion of that money, although he was not the beneficiary. I am not 100% positive of this though, but I can find out. This guy now moved to the other side of the country.
You may be wondering what my point is or why I care. Well, my best friend is missing (willingly, I guess) with this person. She is also his daughter, but not the daughter of the ex who passed away. She was estranged from him childhood on because she wanted nothing to do with him, partly due to knowing he murdered her two dogs when she was little. She literally taught me what a sociopath was telling me about her dad. But somehow, how a narcissistic asshole always seems to, he reconnected with her towards the end of our high school years, around 2010/2011ish.
Here’s where it gets weird. Everyone noticed her slowly becoming more distant. She starts spending A LOT of time with him. Like, only him. Somewhere in here is where he divorces his ex, the mom of two of his kids. My friend moves in with him, and on social media, it starts to seem like they’re closer than father and daughter. Date nights, meals for two, gifts he would give her (including two beautiful dogs what in the actual fuck) and selfies of them snuggled up together.
I was basically the last person to believe that she was actually in a relationship with him, but it became really hard to deny. I researched and learned about Genetic Sexual Attraction, when a parent and child are estranged and then meet again as adults it’s not uncommon for there to be an attraction and even a relationship that starts. So that, combined with the fact that I know how manipulative this guy is, I believe she’s completely under his spell at this point. I think coercive control is very real and I think he’s a master at it.
It’s been 10 years since they reconnected so this hasn’t happened over night. Over the last few years, the distance between her and anyone but him has grown. She’s now gone, with absolutely no social media, and no known phone number. I assume he’s telling her that for them to be together, they had to leave and she had to cut all contact. No one has heard her voice since May 2019, but there was an email claiming to be from her more recently, although I know it was either him or he was watching her write it.
I need to know that my friend is safe, and I want her home. I want to get her the help that she needs. And I want to get her away from him. That’s where I’m stuck. She is 26 and as far as everyone knows she left to be with him, so therefore we have no cause for a missing persons report. Some people I have spoken to suggested a PI to let her know her we are looking for her and want to help, the problem there is that I think she has been so brainwashed at this point that she would instantly tell him and then they could move again and scare her further away.
I know it sounds extreme, but given what I know, I don’t believe that killing animals would have satisfied him for long. I believe he has escalated to the murder of humans, and somehow stayed completely off any police radar. This guy has NO criminal history, but I have countless stories from multiple people of abuse and violence towards animals and people. The FBI estimates 25 to 50 operating serial killers in the US at any given time, so it can’t be that crazy to think that he is one. Think Ted Bundy, Israel Keyes, Luka Magnotta and Charles Manson combined level of sick and twisted sociopath.
I honestly think the only way to get this guy away from my friend is to find what he’s done and expose him for it so he can be put away. So where do I go from here? All I REALLY have is the knowing in my gut that there is something to find, but how do I find it? DNA would be great, but then I’d have to assume his crimes are known and that there is logged DNA evidence, and then convince someone related to him to give a sample to a genealogy site like GEDmatch and hope it hit. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I think if anything his victims are probably missing people, or people that were never reported missing at all which is so fucking frustrating.
I know this was a lot, and like I said, this is only the tip of the iceberg. I appreciate anyone that took the time to read this and any feedback or ideas. Maybe places to crosspost and get the story out. I just want my friend back. Thanks.
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My 2019 Ky Derby Pedigree Analysis With The Ones I Am Considering Betting

Bloodlines is, IMO, one of the most important criteria to consider in every race. It can give you clues on which horse(s) will perform the best in sprints, middle distances, long distances, dirt, grass, all weather tracks. But using bloodlines alone will leave most to frustrating results, much like anything else you can think of using, including speed ratings, trainers stats, jockey stats, expert picks and everything else. However, when you take bloodlines, then try to figure out when a trainer has succeeded in getting his horse to peak in the race he has usually been pointing for months, and the jockeys who has followed most of the real contenders for most of their careers, then it will give you an advantage over most of the other handicappers in a game that is all about being prepared and willing to take educated chances.
Most horses will not go much further than their pedigree will suggest time and time again. Neither will they perform their best when asked to go too short or even on a surface they not like as much as another surface.
Trainers are creatures of habit and once they figure out the way they have had success in the past, they will revert back to that "system" over and over again. So while knowing which trainers has won a race such as the derby is important, it is more important to know if he has a horse entering that race that has follow his successful path before(including other prestigious races) and if he is peaking for that start, not the start or two before.
All jockeys, like trainers and owners, wants to win the Ky Derby more than any other race. So they will spend months looking at or riding horses that they think has a possibility to give them their best shot at winning a race that is very elusive to most. So, again, while it is important to watch which top jockeys ends up landing on which horse, it simply implies he thinks, along with his agent, that this horse gives him the best shot of winning.
So I will list every horse in this year's Ky Derby , with their pedigree, and my thoughts of their probability of succeeding at one and one quarter mile. While some of you will disagree with my assessment, that is what makes betting the derby so thrilling. But in the end, I do not and have never spread my money in order to say I cash a ticket. I am always trying and have been successful occasionally in narrowing down my choices to the bare minimum and pocketing life changing winnings.
TACITUS-- Tapit- Close Hatches By First Defense. 3x4 To Unbridled, 4x4 To Seattle Slew, 4(C)x5(C) To Mr Prospector, 5x5 To Northern Dancer & Secretariat. Tapit has been a top sire for years. He ran in the 2004 Ky Derby and finished 9th to Smarty Jones in a muddy renewal of the derby. While Tapit has sired several Belmont S winners, he has never sired a winner of the Ky Derby. The Belmont S is usually a much slower paced race than the derby, so that is, IMO, the biggest factor to consider. Tacitus's dam, Close Hatches, won 9 of 14 lifetime starts, showed front running speed but her best distance was up to 1 1/16 mile. She won one G1 at 1 1/8 mile in four attempts(all three of her career off the board finishes was at this distance) when she was allowed to set a pace she was comfortable without any challenge and drew off. Tacitus's broodmare sire, First Defense, won the G1 Forego S at 7 furlongs for this biggest and only G1 win. In summation, I will take a stand against Tacitus, not only winning but also finishing in the top four.
OMAHA BEACH--- War Front- Charming By Seeking The Gold. 3x4 To Rubiano, 5x3 To Mr Prospector, 5x5 To Native Dancer. War Front won 4 of 13 lifetime starts, all on dirt, though his pedigree suggested he would perform much better on grass. His biggest win came in the G2 Vosburgh H, and he was no factor in his only start at 1 1/8 mile. However, as his pedigree suggests, he is much better known as a sire of high class grass runners, especially up to a mile. Omaha Beach's dam, Charming, won 1 of 3 lifetime starts, and was pulled up and later retired in her only stakes try. His broodmare sire, Seeking The Gold, won 8 of 15 lifetime starts with his biggest win coming in the G1 Super Derby. However, he narrowly miss in the G1 Travers S on Saratoga's speed favoring track and his career finale saw him run second to heavy favorite Alysheba in the G1 BC Classic, though beaten soundly on an off track, a type of track he was superior to most. As a sire, he is best known was siting champion milers, both on dirt and grass. In summation, while I believe Omaha Beach would be no surprise for a minor award, I will not be using him at all.
VEKOMA-- Candy Ride- Momma De Mona By Speightstown. 5x4 To Mr Prospector & Hoist The Flag. Candy Ride won all 6 of his lifetime start, including beating Medaglia D'Oro(who never won at 1 1/4 mile) in the G1 1 1/4 mile Pacific Classic in his career finale. As a sire, Candy Ride is known for siring high class front running speed but most are distance challenged at 1 1/4 mile until they turned 4 YO and/or he gets major help from the dam side. His best runner to run in the Ky Derby, Gun Runner, flatten out in the stretch while just holding on for third. Vekoma's dam, Mona De Momma, won the G1 7F Humana Distaff for her biggest stakes score but did so with a late kick. Vekoma's broodmare sire, Speightstown, won 10 of 16 lifetime races, all at 6 or 7 furlongs. However, he was injured twice in his four year career, required long layoffs of 1 1/2 year and nearly a year, so his connections probably did not want to risk trying him at middle distance. As a sire, while most of his runners perform best sprinting, he has sire a few to win at the 1 1/4 mile, including Golden Ticket, who dead heat for the win in the 2012 G1 Travers S with Alpha and Haynesfield, who beat Blame in the 2010 G1 Jockey Club Gold Cup.In summation, while I will probably pass on using him, he could be one that hangs around and nabs a minor reward.
PLUS QUE PARFAIT- Point Of Entry- Belvedera By Awesome Again. 4(C)x5(C) To His Majesty, 4x5 To Mr Prospector. Point Of Entry won 9 of 18 lifetime starts and is a perfect example of what I have suggested over and over about how a horse's pedigree can tip you to live longshots. He became his career on dirt and won 2 of his first 9 starts, showing flashes but never quite being able to put it all together. His trainer, Shug McGaughey, finally decided maybe he would do better on grass where he would go on to win his last 7 of 9 starts, most in G1 competion. His 2 losses were both in the G1 BC Turf, where he finished 2nd, beaten a 1/2 length and returned the next year to run 4th, beaten 1 3/4 length in his first start back after returning from an injury, suffered five months before hand. Plus Que Parfait's dam, Belvedera, finished last in her only lifetime start at Charles Town. However, his broodmare sire, Awesome Again, won 9 of 12 lifetime starts, including the G1 BC Classic in his career finale. His best known son is Ghostzapper, a 1/2 brother to City Zip and broodmare sire of 2018 TC Winner, Justify. In summary, while he is one of the better bred horse in this year's field, he has thus far under performed and/or seems a cut below the main contenders, so I will probably pass.
ROADSTER-- Quality Road- Ghost Dancing By Silver Ghost. 4x3 To Mr Prospector, 5(C)x5(C)x4(F) To Raise A Native, 5(F)x5(F) To Hail To Reason. Quality Road won 8 of 13 lifetime starts, including the G1 Florida Derby and was the expected favorite for the 2009 Ky Derby before suffering an injury in a workout while preparing for that start and was declared(scratched) from the race. He has been an above average sire since starting his stallion career and here is his latest top runner. Roadster's Dam, Ghost Dancing, won 5 of 9 lifetime starts but was not tested against top runners. His broodmare sire, Silver Ghost, won 3 of 6 lifetime starts, none against top runners though he was fast in sprints. Silver Ghost sired some useful middle distance runners on dirt, but I have had the most success with him using his daughters in long distances grass runners pedigrees. In summary, Roadster has a pedigree that could conceivably win the derby and it will be a matter of if he has enough experience and class to pull it off. My guess is he does not and I will try using others but is the one I am most concerned about leaving out of my bets.
BY MY STANDARDS-- Goldencents- A Jealous Woman By Muqtarib. 5x4 To Mr Prospector, 5(F)X5(F) To Secretariat & Northern Dancer. Goldencents won 7 of 18 lifetime starts, including the G1 Santa Anita Derby and was very fast but did a steady fade in that year's Ky Derby after not being able to get near the early lead. His best distance was a mile and he won 2 runnings of the BC Dirt Mile to put an exclamation point on that statement. By My Standards's dam, A Jealous Woman, won 8 of 25 lifetime starts, including 2 non graded stakes at SA at 1 mile on grass and a 2nd in the G2 Goldikova S, all in fast times for that surface. His broodmare sire, Muqtarib, won 3 of 15 lifetime starts, including the G2 Richmond S in England. In summary, By My Standards simply is not one I will waste any money on.
MAXIMUM SECURITY-- New Year's Day- Lil Indy By Anasheed. 5(C)x4(F)x5(F) To Northern Dancer. New Year's Day won 2 of 3 lifetime starts, including the 2013 G1 BC Juvenile Dirt in his final start with a late run. This is his first crop to race but he has some pedigree that suggest distance will not be a problem. Maximum Security's dam, Lil Indy, won 2 of 19 lifetime starts. His broodmare sire, Anasheed, is a 3/4 brother to Mineshaft but won only 2 of 15 lifetime starts. In summary, there are two ways to look at his chances. First, I like horses that did not have to use all their energy winning or finishing their final prep. In the Fla Derby, he looked like he had something to run with him early but that horse turned out to be over-hyped. Second, he got to walk the dog, setting an extremely slow pace and then sprinting home the last 4 furlongs which I usually bet against next out. My choice will be to make this one beat me and if he does, it is time to move on to another race.
GAME WINNER-- Candy Ride- Indyan Giving By A.P. Indy. 5x5 To Mr Prospector. Candy Ride(see Vekoma above). Indyan Giving was unraced but her dam, Fleet Indian, won 13 of 19 lifetime starts but spent most of her career beating up on mediocre competition. After winning 2 G1s, she was pulled up in her final career start and did not finish the race in the G1 BC Distaff as the favorite. Game Winner's broodmare sire, A.P. Indy, won the G1 Belmont S and that year's BC Classic after scratching from the Ky Derby the morning of the race with a minor injury. In summary, Game Winner spent most of the early part of this year on my watch list and was still there until his run in the SA Derby. I know he was wide throughout(4 wide is not a good enough excuse, at least for me)to see him shorten stride in deep stretch which was the only reason Roadster caught him. Now he needs to go another 1/8 mile. Not for me against these.
CODE OF HONOR-- Noble Mission- Reunited By Dixie Union. 4(C)x5(C)x4(F) To Norther Dancer, 5x4 To Blushing Groom, 5x5 To Mr Prospector. Noble Mission is a full brother to Frankel and won 9 of 21 career starts. However, all his starts was on grass in Europe where he was his best at 1 1/8 mile but running style, distance and even class does not necessarily transform into success or failure on dirt. Code Of Honor's dam, Reunited, won 5 of 10 lifetime starts with the 6 furlongs G3 Thoroughbred Club Of America S being her only graded stakes win. His broodmare sire, Dixie Union, won 7 of 12 lifetime starts with the G1 Haskell S being his longest win at 1 1/8 mile. However, Dixie Union is sire of 2012 Belmont S winner, Union Rags. In summary, I believe his Florida Derby race is a throwout simply because the pace was slower than most high claimers would be expected to run, much less G1 competition. His run in last year's Champagne S when 2nd is as good as anyone in this field, IMO, and there is a reason John Velasquez chose him over Pletcher's horse. He simply thinks he has a better chance to win with this horse. That said, I am still undecided if I will use him, but he is on my short list to consider.
HAIKAL-- Daaher- Sablah By Distorted Humor. 5(C)x4(F)x4(F) To Mr Prospector. 5x5 To Northern Dancer & Buckpasser. Daaher won 4 of 9 lifetime starts with his biggest win in the G1 Cigar Mile H. Daaher's sire was Awesome Again, who won the BC Classic at 1 1/4 miles and also sired a BC Classic winner in Ghostzapper. Haikal's dam, Sablah was unraced. His broodmare sire, Distorted Humor, won 8 of 23 lifetimes starts including a pair of G2s 7 furlongs sprints at CD And Keeneland. Distorted Humor also was sire of 2003 Ky Derby and Preakness winner, Funny Cide. One more piece of his pedigree worth mentioning is Haikal's 3rd dam, Shadayid, ran 3rd in the 1 1/2 mile Epsom Oaks and spent the rest of her career mostly taking on the boys and running well against them. In summary, Haikal will be one of my top two choices, depending on the post position draw. And I will give you the reason why I like him. I mentioned earlier that trainers were creatures of habit. They figure out what works for them and then try to set up their other horses to follow the same path. McLaughin is 0-9 in his attempts to win the Ky Derby with one second place finisher. That second place finish occurred in 2005 when he brought a confirmed sprinter bloodlines wise, turned him into an off the pace type, spaced his races out and on paper, he looked to have no chance. Closing Argument used what he was taught to perfection and when he caught Afleet Alex at the wire, he costed me by far the biggest payday I will ever have an opportunity to collect on. If you look up Closing Argument and Haikal, you will see a very similar pattern, including both ran 3rd in their final prep. I let a one million dollar payoff get away from me that I really liked, but I do not plan on letting another get away, especially when the same trainer could be involved. HAIKAL WILL BE WITHDRAWN FROM THE KY DERBY PER HIS TRAINER MCLAUGHLIN.
IMPROBABLE-- City Zip- Rare Event By A.P. Indy. 4x5 To Blushing Groom. City Zip won 9 of 23 lifetime starts, all sprints. However, he is a 1/2 to Ghostzapper. Improbable's dam, Rare Event, won 4 of 14 lifetime starts, all condition races and was unplaced in 5 stakes tries, mostly on grass. Improbable's broodmare sire, A.P. Indy, simply loved to run and he got better as the distances stretched out. And since I learned that the dam is as important as the sire in determining how far any horse wants to go, this will make him eligible to win as she not only has A.P. Indy on top but her dam(2nd dam of Improbable) is a 1/2 sister to Hard Spun, second in the 2007 Ky Derby after setting the pace. Also, being inbred 4x5 to Blushing Groom gives you another factor to consider. Blushing Groom had a heart not seen in most thoroughbreds and would always find more when challenged. And he passed this heart on to most of his foals. His best siring dirt son, Rahy, is sire of Serena's Song and broodmare sire of Giant's Causeway. In summary, my biggest concern with him is his jockey may ask him to go too early and not save enough for the stretch run. But Irad is known for leaving something in the tank for the stretch drive. Plus, since Baffert started sending horses to Arkansas, the one he thinks has the best shot to win ends up there. IMO, with Justify last year, he chose the race he thought would be easier to win and he need the win points more than place or show points to be sure he qualified. Baffert usually does not make mistakes if he has the horse. You have to beat him. He knows as much as anyone that SA dirt track results is usually speed favoring & track aided. His best shot to tied the all time record for wins in the Ky Derby by one trainer with 6.
WAR OF WILL-- War Front- Visions Of Clarity By Sadler's Wells. 3(C)x3(F)x5(F) To Norther Dancer, 4x5 To Forli, 5(F)x5(F) To Lalun. Last seen getting crushed as the heavy favorite in the La Derby. But he had a legit excuse as he not only lost action but easily could had hyper extended a tendon. So, IMO, that race is a toss and he deserves another try. Since then, he is working like a horse on a mission and his bloodlines is screaming "do not toss". Everyone knows about Northern Dancer, but few knows about the two others who repeats in his pedigree. First, the filly Lalun was dam of Sadler's Wells broodmare sire Bold Reason, who ran 3rd in the 1971 Ky Derby, 5th In the Preakness and third in the Belmont S. Lalun is also dam of Never Bend, who also never bend and he was a refused to quit front runner who ran 2nd in the 1961 Ky Derby(to a late runner) after battling with and putting away two unbeaten horses and 3rd in the Preakness(behind the Ky Derby favorite and the Derby winner). He also was a top sire in Europe's distances bloodlines before he was overtaken by none other than Sadler's Wells. Forli, who appears 4x5 in War Of Will bloodlines, won his first 8 races in Argentina and then purchased by Arthur Hancock Jr to stand in the U.S. His best known son, Forego, was unraced at 2 YO and entered the Ky Derby as an outsider without a stakes win but finished 4th to none other than Secretariat. He would go on to be named Champion Handicapper Horse for 4 straight years, carrying as much as 137 lbs and winning 34 times in 57 lifetime starts. Forli's daughter, Special, was the dam of Northern Dancer's son, Nureyev and 2nd dam of the aforementioned Sadler's Wells. Another Forli's daughter, Tuerta, was dam of 1984 Ky Derby and Belmont S winner, Swale. In summary, while is last leads a big question mark(in most handicappers eyes), do you want to bet against the real speed if he has recovered? Your choice, but he will be included , especially underneath, on my tickets. His trainer, Mark Casse, has shown you his intentions and that is go for the lead to get a good position, then maybe rate behind battling front runners until given the cue to go entering the stretch, which is what wins most Ky Derbies. The main reason no one has won from the one hole since Ferdinand in 1986 is most simply did not have enough speed to get a good early position. This one does and if he breaks on cue, he will be gone before the others knows what hit them. Bloodlines is there and so is the front running speed with a jockey that rides front runners well.
LONG RANGE TODDY-- Take Charge Indy- Pleasant Song By Unbridled's Song. 4(C)x5(C)x5(F) To Secretariat, 5x4 To Fappiano, 5(F)x5(F) To Northern Dancer. His sire, Take Charge Indy won the G1 Florida Derby, but finished 19 of 20th in the Ky Derby, beaten 50 lengths and beating only a UAE Derby winner who was pulled up and did not finished. His, broodmare sire, Unbridled's Song, also won the 1996 Florida Derby and G1 Wood Memorial, then open a clear lead in the Ky Derby before hitting that invisible wall that so many has found at the 1/8 pole and fading to fifth. In summary, while Long Range Toddy has a little more help underneath than his sire and broodmare sire, I simply believe he has peaked and will be no factor in this year's derby. Pass for me!
TAX-- Arch- Toll By Giant's Causeway. 3x5 To Roberto, 4(C)x4(F)x 5(F) To Northern Dancer, 5(F)x5(F) To Secretariat. Tax's sire, Arch, biggest win came in the G1 Super Derby, where he beat a lackluster field after that race had lost most of its prestige. He would finish 9 of 10 in the G1 BC Classic, beating only a horse that was pulled up and did not finish in his only other G1 effort. Arch, as a sire, is best known for siring horses that found 1 1/4 miles just beyond their reach, though he is broodmare sire of 2012 Ky Derby & Preakness winner, I'll Have Another, but he had major help underneath. Tax's broodmare sire, Giant's Causeway, won 9 of 13 lifetime races, but finished 2nd beaten a neck, by Tiznow, in his only race on dirt with no more than 1 1/2 lengths separated the top two throughout. A Classic! Tax's dam, Toll, traces through her dam line back to La Troienne, considered by most to be the most influential dam in U.S. history. In summary, Tax is certainly bred to get the distance and would be no surprise, especially underneath, but I prefer others more. His trainer, Danny Gargan, is looking for his first G1 win and he is picking a tough spot to accomplish that feat, though he wins at 22 % and has an in the money % of 53. Not bad stats.
COUNTRY HOUSE--- Looking At Lucky- Quake Lake By War Chant. Country House's sire, Looking At Lucky, won 9 of 13 lifetime starts, with his only two off the board finishes was in the Ky Derby in the slop, where he broke from the dreaded 1 Post, was boxed in throughout and never got to make a serious run until it was too late and his career finale, in the BC Classic, when 4th behind Blame and Zenyatta, though he got sick one week before that start and only ran because Baffert & the owners had announced he was retiring after that race. Looking At Lucky's sire, Smart Strike, is also sire of Curlin. Country House's broodmare sire, War Chant, won 5 of 7 lifetime starts, including the BC Turf Mile in his career finale. His only off the board finish is his career came in the 2000 Ky Derby when he finished 9th after running 2nd in the Santa Anita Derby. Most of Country House's underneath help topped out at 1 1/8 miles. In summary, if the pace is extremely fast, he will have a chance to get a piece underneath, but I doubt if the pace will be as fast as he will need. I have seen bigger shockers to hit the board in the derby, but I will pass.
CUTTING HUMOR-- First Samurai- Pun By Pulpit. 4(C)x5(C) To Northern Dancer, 5(C)x4(F)x5(F) To Mr Prospector, 5x5 To Secretariat. His sire, First Samurai, won 5 of 8 lifetime starts, including two G1s as a 2 YO(Hopeful S & Champagne S), then won the G2 Fountain Of Youth via DQ at 3 but was caught late in that race by Corinthian, but the unofficial winner impeded the 3rd place finisher, costing him the win. In his next start, First Samurai, finished fifth and was no factor in the Blue Grass S, his only unplacing of his career. First Samurai has bred a mixture of sprinters/ milers with his best son, Lea, finding 1 1/8 miles was his limit in top company. Cutting Humor's broodmare sire, Pulpit, won 4 of 6 lifetime starts, including 2 G2 wins in the Fountain Of Youth in a good time of 141 4/5 for a 1/16 miles and the Blue Grass S but also finished 2nd in the G1 Florida Derby. However, in the Ky Derby, he alternated the lead with Free House for the first mile before fading readily in the stretch to finish 4th, beaten 7 lengths by Silver Charm and was retired after that effort. While he spent most of his career siring milers/ middle distance type horse, he is most famous as sire of Tapit(who got a lot of help from his dam) and Lucky Pulpit, sire of 2014 Ky Derby & Preakness winner, California Chrome(also with major help from the dam line). Interesting though,Cutting Humor has some serious mud influences in his 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th dam sires. In summary, I will not use this horse in any of my bets, simply because he does not have enough top runners to help him negotiate 1 1/4 mile. While the derby always seems to have one real outsider to finish 3rd or 4th, I would rather consider one who will be trying to pick up the pieces in deep stretch.
WIN WIN WIN-- Hat Trick- Miss Smarty Pants By Smarty Jones. 5(F)x5(F) To Mr Prospector. His sire, Hat Trick, was an all or nothing miler while spending his entire career in Japan. But his sire, Sunday Silence, won the 1989 Ky Derby in the mud, and came back to out duel Easy Goer in the Preakness in one of the best and thrilling duels ever, before running 2nd to that rival in the Belmont S by 8 lengths. However, in that years BC Classic, he again managed to beat Easy Goer to make it 3 wins in their 4 meetings. Also, as a sire, he was sold to Japan interests for $10 million and led the sire list by far in every year he was at stud. His son, Deep Impact, took over where he left off and has led the sire list almost every year since. Win Win Win's broodmare sire, Smarty Jones, won 8 of 9 lifetime starts, including a muddy renewal of the 2004 Ky Derby and suffered his only career defeat in that year's Belmont S, while finishing second. However, Win Win Win is the only horse in this year's field that has 5 different Ky Derby winners showing in his 5 generation pedigree(Sunday Silence and Smarty Jones(see above), Unbridled(winner of 1990 Ky Derby and 2nd in Preakness), Foolish Pleasure(winner of the 1975 Ky Derby and 2nd in both the Preakness & Belmont S) and Cannonade(winner of the 1974 Ky Derby and he sports the same sire(Bold Bidder) as 1979 Ky Derby & Preakness winner, Spectacular Bid. Win Win Win also has 4 Belmont winners showing that does not include any of the above(Damascus who finished 3rd in the 1967 Ky Derby and then won both the Preakness & Belmont S. His sire, Sword Dancer, was second in both the 1959 Ky Derby & Preakness, before winning the Belmont S on a muddy track). Arts And Letters was second in both the 1969 Ky Derby & Preakness before winning the Belmont S and denying Majestic Prince a TC sweep) and Caveat(who ean 3rd in the 1984 Ky Derby and then returned to win the Belmont S, beating the famous Slew O' Gold by 4 1/2 lengths going away. In summary, I have not seen this many Ky Derby, Preakness and Belmont winners in one's pedigree in my more than 40 years of studying bloodlines and he will be included in all my bets, especially since Haikal may be a late scratch.
GRAY MAGICIAN-- Graydar- Burg Berg By Johannesberg. 5(C)x5(C)x4(F)x5(F) To Mr Prospector. His sire, Graydar, won 5 of 6 career starts, including the G1 Donn H and G2 New Orleans H, both at 1 1/8 mile, both in gate to wire fashion and beating Flat Out both times, by 8 and 4 lengths, respectively. He finished his career winning the G2 Kelso H, also in gate to wire fashion completing the mile in 134.08. Gray Magician's dam, Burg Berg, spent her career racing in Southern California, winning the non graded Swingtime S At 1 mile on grass but also finishing 2nd in the G2 Royal Heroine S, also at 1 mile on grass. However, Gray Magician is a full brother to last year's G3 Robert B Lewis winner, Lombo, who then came back and showed the way in the G2 San Felipe S for 6 furlongs before McKinzie put him away. Their broodmare sire, Johannesburg, won his first 7 career starts, including the BC Juvenile Dirt in 2001 and then came back in the 2002 Ky Derby, and finished an even 8th, but broke from the dreaded 1 post and trapped inside, off 1 one mile prep in Europe as a 3 YO on grass. However, he is most famous known as sire of Scat Daddy. In summary, his effort in the UAE Derby when 2nd could be a signal he is starting to figure out the game as he was with the pace throughout, lost a little ground when in traffic, but when cleared he finished with a rush. I will caution you before you toss him, that he is the first runner heading into the derby that has worked not once, but twice at San Luis Rey Training Center and both works indicates he is ready. The problem with most UAE runners is they return(or ship over) and trainers will usually use caution and not work them, but expect them to perform in the biggest race against the best horses America has to offer being ill prepared. Not Peter Miller and he has called on Drayden Van Dyke to see it through. My longshot special underneath.
SPINOFF--- Hard Spun- Zaftig By Gone West. 5x4 To Raise A Native, 5x5 To Native Dancer. His sire, Hard Spun, ran 2nd in the 2007 Ky Derby to Street Sense, setting all the pace, 3rd in the Preakness to Curlin, and 4th in the Belmont S to Rags To Riches and Curlin. He also ran 2nd to Curlin, in that year's BC Classic, contested on one of the sloppiest track you will ever see. Spinoff's dam, Zaftig, won the G1 Acorn S at 1 mile but also ran third in the first running of the 7 furlongs Listed BC F&M Sprint, ran in 119.90, on the then SA all weather track. Spinoff's broodmare sire, Gone West, was a miler during his racing career and was a champion miler sire, especially on grass and in Europe. His best dirt son, Came Home, went into the 2002 Ky Derby highly regarded with 6 wins in 7 lifetime starts but found the 1 1/4 mile distance a little longer than he liked, though he would later win the G1 Pacific Classic at 1 1/4 miles on speed favoring Del Mar race track. In summary, I simply believe he will not get this distance and he managed to hang around in the La Derby because the best pace type horse did not produce his best run. So, I will pass, mostly because there is plenty of speed that I believe will make him work.
MASTER FENCER--- Just A Way- Sexy Samurai By Deputy Minister. 5x5 To Nearctic. His Sire, Just A Way, is a grand son of Sunday Silence and while I know very little about Japan's racing, he did run second in the Japan Cup. However, his sire is Heart's Way, who also ran 2nd in the Japan Cup but is best known in the U.S. as sire of Yoshida. Master Fencer's broodmare sire, Deputy Minister found 1 1/16 mile to be his best distance but was considered an early favorite for the 1982 Ky Derby before he was taken off the trail after 2 sub par efforts to begin his 3 YO season. As a sire, though, he is known for the fillies he sired including Go For Wand, Open Mind, Better Than Honour and colts Awesome Again, Touch Gold and Dehere. In summary, while Master Fencer is well bred and has all U.S. breeding throughout, I watched both of his preps and he came from last with a solid late kick to finish 4th, then 2nd. However, when he finished 2nd, he looked rank throughout(to me) and that does not usually end well in their next start. Now facing better horses and with one very slow work since arriving, I will have to pass on him.
BODEXPRESS--- Bodemeister- Pied A Terre By City Zip. 5x4 To Mr Prospector, 5(C)x5(C) To Northern Dancer, 5x5 To In Reality, 5(F)x5(F) To Raise A Native. His sire, Bodemeister, won the G1 Arkansas Derby before running 2nd in both the Ky Derby & Preakness, all while prominent throughout. However, his pedigree literally screams late runner and I feel his best foals will come when trainers decides to let them rate. It has already happen with several of his foals and they have responded with a late kick like Empire Maker, A.P Indy and Roberto, all showing in his lineage. Bodexpress broodmare sire, City Zip, was best at sprint distances and most of his foals also is better at sprints on dirt and up to a mile on grass. In summary, I will not use this horse on any of my tickets.
This is my pedigree summary for the 2019 Ky Derby. I have not decided if I will bet this race, simply because I will wait until I get a better feel of what the track conditions will be. I know rain is expected, but the weather forecast is often wrong, especially because rain will stop often before reaching the area suggested because the system will often weaken and break up or change directions before arriving. Where I live we have been expecting heavy rain for two days and it arrived this morning, sprinkled less than .01 of 1 inch and was gone in 15 minutes, even though the radar showed a heavy band of rain less than 40 miles away. If I choose to bet this race, all my tickets will reflect who I like best from the ones I am considering and I do not change my mind. I have never made any real money by betting horses I do not really like and bet only because the track conditions changes.
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Preview of the 2019 Kentucky derby and more

It’s a bittersweet week as this will be my second to last article for this website, yet the 2019 Kentucky Derby is upon us.
As with Friday’s Kentucky Oaks card, I also did several of the under-card races for Saturday as Marley’s Freedom, Instragrand, Bricks and Mortar as well as several other top horses, are all scheduled to run.
We have so much to go over, I’m going to cut this introduction short.
Good luck in whoever you play, and most of all, enjoy the race!

Saturday, May 4, 2019
Churchill Downs
Race: 6 (1:13 PM EST Post)
Humana Distaff
Marley’s Freedom has been favored in eight straight, including being odds on in seven of them and has rewarded her backers six times. Eclipse Award nominee for Champion Female Sprinter last year looks to be picking up where she left off with a win and an excusable second in two races this year. Back to back, sub 1:00, bullet five furlong works and a cut back in distance should help here………………….In Taking Marley’s Freedom, Spiced Perfection scares the daylights out of me. Filly by Smiling Tiger has won 3 of her last 4 including a pair of Grade: 1s…………………Amy’s Challenge has serious early speed and should come out running once again in this spot. That said, she has never tried what am I anticipating to be an off track and she still hasn’t won a horse race over six furlongs in her career.

Race: 8 (2:45 PM EST Post)
Churchill Downs Sprint
No one has been close to the speedy Mitole in his last five races dating back to over a year ago. Colt by Eskendraya is 2 for 3 in the slop and, barring getting hooked in a speed duel with the equally as quick Promises Fulfilled, he’ll be the one to catch down the lane……………………With a plethora of speed signed up here, this race sets up very well for the stretch running Whitmore, who has hit the board in 22 of 26 starts……………. Promises Fulfilled has a ton of early speed and is a Grade: 1 winner. I always take a “wait and see” approach on horses making their first start since returning from Dubai like this horse is and especially the ones who are doing it with quick (a little over a month) turnarounds………………….. Honorable Mentions: You may want to toss Uno Mas Mondelo’s last race as it was his first start in two months and he had a nightmare trip. Gelding by Macho Uno is capable of much better……………When Uncontested is right, he can run a hole in the wind……………..Do Share loves the slop and ran an enormous race last time out. However, he looks setup to "bounce" over the planet Saturn in this spot.

Race: 10 (4:28 PM EST Post)
Pat Day Mile
This race goes through the vaunted Instagrand, as it’s his race to lose. The physically impressive, $1,200,000 colt by Into Mischief has the second best (Improbable) motion/stride of any three year old in the land. He will be cutting back to an optimal distance and dropping in class as he faced Kentucky Derby hopefuls Game Winner and Roadster last time out. He clearly meets no such rivals here but, like McKinzie on Friday, no excuses here……………………..Mr. Money has chased Game Winner, War of Will and the “now” horse By My Standards in his last three so he gets a little class relief here. Back to back strong works and the third start of the layoff angle signal a good effort upcoming……………………Hog Creek Hustle also chased far better recently so he too will be dropping in class, cutting back to a better distance for him and draw a good post for his running style………………Honorable Mentions: Last Judgment is two for three in his career, steps up but his speed figures say he’s not completely out of this one………If Global Campaign gets in off AEs, I will have him in some exotics combos.

Race: 11 (5:25PM EST Post)
Old Forester Turf Classic
Trainer Chad Brown rolls into this race with a formidable 1-2 punch in Bricks and Mortar and Raging Bull, who are a combined 12 for 17 lifetime. Since they are uncoupled, I’ll go with Bricks and Mortar, who was brilliant in winning the inaugural Pegasus World Cup Turf in January but may have “bounced” slightly in his last as he was life and death in deep stretch to fend off a 62-1 but still won. Nothing but “trips” speed figures in three races since coming back from a 14 month hiatus and ran the highest one (107) on a turf labeled “yielding”, logically signaling he can handle any give in the ground……………………Raging Bull probably needed his “flat” effort in his last as it was his first start in 3 ½ months. Of course, I’m not sure how “flat” it was being he was beaten by less than two lengths, in the Grade: 1 race and registered a 97 speed figure. Anyway, he too can handle give in the ground and this stretch runner should be tighter for this………………..I originally had Sychrony in the second slot but dropped him a peg when I saw that it will probably rain on Saturday. This five year old, by super sire Tapit who has hit the board in 17 of 20 career tries and registered back to back “trips” in his last two races, appears to need a firm turf course to do his best running…………………….Honorable Mentions: Breaking the Rules will positively be in several of my exotics combos as he might be ready to "ambush" this field. Since being introduced to grass racing, he’s compiled a record of 4-2-1-1 with strong and very consistent speed figures (93, 94, 95 and 96). Moreover, note the closing fractions in those four races as they consist of (in sequence) :23.4 last quarter, :11.3 last furlong, :28.4 last 2 ½ furlongs and a mind-boggling :22.2 final quarter in his last race. The icing on the cake is, he is still another who can handle some give in the ground. They want to give me 15-1 on him on the morning line? Shoot, I’ll take it…………………Qurbaan has yet to run a bad race in five tries since coming over from France last year…………...Just a few side notes in this race: Ticonderoga is in careerazor sharp right now, but he’ll be talking an enormous step up in class………………Prime Attraction hasn’t won a horse race in over two year but scored “trips” in his last three turf attempts………….Markitoff is another who has only won one race in the last two year and just 2 in 23 career tries. That said, this son of Giant’s Causeway appears to have quietly rounded back into top form highlighted by giving Bricks and Mortar all he could handle last time out.

Race: 12 (6:50 PM EST Post)
Kentucky Derby
Analysis By Post Position Order (selections below)
PP#1 War of Will thoroughly dominated the Fair Grounds Road to the Kentucky Derby this year before hitting a speed bump in the Louisiana Derby. Good looking colt by War Front “slipped” a few yards out of the gate, fell back towards the rear of the pack and never threatened. He was dead lame the next day but, with a little time, seems to be ok now. He’s looked sensational in the mornings over the past three weeks while firing three straight bullet works. This is a very nice colt but did he peak too soon? I guess it doesn’t matter because whoever draws #1 post in the Derby is an automatic throw out for me.

PP#2 Tax has run very well in all five career starts, topped off by gamely battling the improving Tacitus the entire length of the stretch in the Wood Memorial in his last. I know because I was there. Anyway, this too is a nice colt but drawing the two hole isn’t much different that drawing the “wood” and with his running style, he looks up against it.

PP#3 By My Standards is the “now” horse on a lot of people’s Derby list and he very well might be. Yes, this drop dead gorgeous looking colt by Goldencents is improving as his last three speed figures indicate (73, 86 and 97), and yes, he ran the best race of his life in winning the aforementioned Louisiana Derby at 22-1 last time out. However, I thought that race was an oddly run one especially with what happened to 4/5 betting favorite War of Will. I’m going to toss him and hope it doesn’t come back to bite me.

PP#4 Gray Magician isn’t 50-1 on the morning line for no reason. Colt by Graydar is 1 for 8 in his career, couldn’t beat $80,000 optional NW1X at the end of January, hasn’t run a speed figure higher than 80 and was on the other side of the world last month. I wouldn’t take 150-1 on him…

PP#5 Improbable for those of you who have been reading me regularly you know this strapping chestnut with a near perfect stride/motion has been my Derby horse since the beginning of December. But, at the last minute, do I jump off of him? After rattling off three impressive wins, including one key one in November, getting the “oh so important” race over the track, albeit with legitimate excuses he’s been beaten twice in a row. The first time was his first race in four months and a “hot dog stand” wide trip (yes, he was so wide, I thought he was going to stop and get a hot dog at the concession stands) in a race that most likely cost regular rider Drayden Van Dyke the mount. Then, he clearly didn’t like the blinkers that were added as he kind of lost “it” in the gate, he had to deal with a sloppy track and also had to deal with budding star Omaha Beach as well. At the end of the day, (second beaten by just one length) I thought it was an excellent race. The average speed figure it takes to win the Derby over the past 15 years is a 108. You get the third start off the layoff from this colt after a 95 and a 99, so a 108 is in range and you can tell by watching him train, he looooooves this surface.

PP#6 Vekoma The third thing I noticed about this colt is how on earth is he 20-1 on the morning line? (I was thinking 10-1) The second thing I noticed was he is three for four in his career including conclusively winning the Bluegrass Stakes last time out. Of course the first thing I noticed about him is that awkward “swimming” stride/motion he has. Colt by Candy Ride burns a lot of energy running like that which could take its toll at 10 furlongs and it also makes him susceptible to injury. Past that, I won’t be shocked if he runs big once again in this race.

PP#7 Maximum Security there have been three “trips” speed figures recorded along the entire Road to the Kentucky Derby, one by Omaha Beach, who is now out of this race, and the other two by…yep…this colt. By New Year’s Day, he ran a 102 while beating mid level optionals by a colossal margin, then came back and wired the Florida Derby field and registered a 101. So, if you are a speed figure player, and I am to some degree, this is probably your horse. He’s just not mine, as I found too many red flags in this colt. First off, trainer Jason Servis said his first race was in a $16,000 maiden claimer because this colt “has some issues” yet wouldn’t elaborate (red flag). About that Florida Derby win, he got off with an uncontested lead …that will not happen on Saturday as he will be challenged early for sure (red flag). He has run all of his races on the speed favoring, conveyor belt called Gulfstream Park, a vastly different surface than that of the quirky Churchill Downs surface (big red flag) and finally, his three works since the Florida Derby have been…well….pitiful. He didn’t look well physically and the clock showed it as he went a half in :54.4, three eighths in :42 and last week went a half in :53.4. Bottom line here is, I pass, and if he beats me I’ll tip my cap to him.

PP#8 Tacitus as I mentioned, I was in the paddock before the Wood Memorial and got a real good, close up look at this ridiculously well bred, gorgeous gray colt and he looked like a million bucks, then went out and ran like it. If you haven’t seen the replay, I invite you to watch the head on shot of the Wood. Watch how this colt gets absolutely “mugged” several strides out of the gate, but shakes it off and wins impressively anyway. If you look up “improving horse” in the dictionary you will definitely see a picture of this son of Tapit out of five time Grade: 1 winner Close Hatches. Moreover, his speed figures are climbing steadily and I really, really like his final work for this (5F- 1:00 flat at Churchill Downs).

PP#9 Plus Que Parfait I’ll admit this colt looked good while winning the UAE Derby last time out. However, he had to travel across the world back to a place where he’s been manhandled consistently, never ran higher than an 83 speed figure and has just one (maiden) win……pass.

PP#10 Cutting Humor won the Sunland Park Derby in “racehorse” time and scored a “racehorse” speed figure (95). But head hunters in New Guinea could see the Sunland Park surface was “supped up” that day which in turn produce some “false” speed figure ratings and false performances. I expect him to bounce big time here……pass.

PP#11 Haikal I’m not going to lie, I love how this horse runs. I love the “Silky Sullivan” like style. You know, like lay 10, 12, 15 lengths out of it early but come with a huge late run, it’s exciting to watch. He used that style along with a super fast early pace and came “over the top” to win the Gotham. Then he made up some 10-11 lengths in the last five or so furlongs to grab the “show dough” in the Wood Memorial. At 30-1 on the morning line, this horse is your long shot special as the extra distance should play right into his hands. Although at this writing, due to a foot abscess, he is "50-50" he will even start.

PP#12 Omaha Beach the 5/2 morning line favorite sadly scratched with a trapped epiglottis, compounded by a quarter crack that isn’t fully healed.

PP#13 Code of Honor has a ton of talent but just hasn’t been able to put in together consistently. Could Saturday be the day he finally does? Possibly…

PP#14 Win Win Win is another with a boatload of ability. It’s been interesting watching the metamorphosis of this colt. Early in his career he was a speed/stalker type who set a track record in the Pasco Stakes at Tampa Bay Downs but as his career unfolded, he now lays well out of it early and comes like a freight train down the lane. Not sure the new tactics are good for him even though he’s finished right behind Tacitus (Tampa Bay Derby) and Vekoma (Bluegrass Stakes) in his last two.

PP#15 Master Fencer is absolutely, positively the proverbial “dark horse” in this race. I mean, with no published workouts recently, and having to come from Japan, with just two of six wins, who knows anything about him? He looked ok training it the morning (you can miss him with those "ear muffs" he wears) but still….if he wins this race, he’ll make Mine That Bird look like a 3/5 shot.

PP#16 Game Winner like stablemate Improbable, the Two Year Old Colt Champion has tasted defeat for the first two times in his last two, once with an excuse (first race in 4 ½ months) and the other without. Colt by Candy Ride does not possess that explosive, breakaway speed that I like to see but he comes with a relentless late run and he never gives up, which is a very admirable trait. Other than Improbable, no-one has visually looked better training on this surface than him. He’s given me several signs over his career that the 10 furlong distance will be no problem at all for him. Can we say that about another horse in this field with conviction? I’m not sure. All I know is, he is a must use in any exotics betting scenario.

PP#17 Roadster In the fall of last year, when trainer Bob Baffert was asked “who do you think your next Justify is”? Baffert just smiled and said one word: “Roadster”. It’s amazing how much damage a good racehorse can do when he is able to breathe isn’t it? After having “tieback” surgery done, and missing a good amount of time, this horse has come back running and decimated an $80,000 optional field before coming “over the top” to win the Santa Anita Derby, beating Game Winner and the highly touted Instagrand. You get rising speed figures, third start off the layoff angle and, from what I’ve seen thus far, it doesn’t appear 10 furlongs will be a problem.

PP#18 Long Range Toddy is difficult to get a read on. On one hand, he has improved steadily throughout his career, topped off by running down the mega talented Improbable in deep stretch to win a division of the Rebel Stakes but came back and showed little in the Arkansas Derby. That performance could….keyword could….have been blamed on the sloppy track. That said, aren’t we expecting a sloppy track on Saturday?

PP#19 Spinoff is another in a long line of lightly raced, extremely well bred horses from the Todd Pletcher barn. By the gorgeous Hard Spun out of Grade: 1 winner Zaftig, this colt has improved leap and bounds through his career (speed figures: 60, 75, 84 and 95), highlighted by almost taking down the Louisiana Derby in his last. He’s been training very well at Palm Beach Downs of late but his inexperience (four lifetime starts) and drawing far into the auxiliary gate might be too much for him to overcome. I'm going against one of more favorite slogans (Ignore Pletcher, leave the track on a stretcher) with him......pass.

PP#20 Country House possesses a very strong late run and if he gets a fast pace and finds a seam to run through late, we could be hearing from him down the lane. That said, he has a really bad habit of breaking slowly, which is an absolute detriment in the Kentucky Derby.

AE- Bodexpress will draw in with the scratch of Omaha Beach. At first glance, he looked totally overmatched as he is still a maiden but his last two races, where he scored 91 and 95 speed figures, show a definite uptick in form. Will it be enough to pull this off? I highly doubt it.

I know that the odds are astronomical that trainer Bob Baffert will run 1, 2, 3 in the Kentucky Derby but he does have what appears to be the three best horses in the race. The other three I have listed all clearly stand punchers chances.

1) Roadster
2) Game Winner
3) Improbable

Honorable Mentions:
Code of Honor

By: Gerard Apadula
Director of Equine Operations and Development
Knights of the Round Stable Thoroughbred Racing Team

[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

2019- Record: 24-78 = 31%
2018- Record: 107-261= 41%
2017- Record: 92-235 = 39%
2016- Record: 91-229 = 40%
2015- Record: 67-180 = 37%
2014- Record: 29-73 = 40%
2013- Record: 20-59= 34%
2012 -Record: 24-73= 33%
2011 –Record: N/A
2010- Record: 24-74= 33%
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🔨🔩👔 Reddit's Drag Race Season 5 - Episode 1: "Werking Girls" PART 1 👔🔩🔨

Right off the bat, the first queen struts into the workroom.
For her entrance outfit, she is wearing a dark blue jumpsuit inspired by Kate Middleton’s engagement dress from 2010. The look is a more adult and sleek version of this look, with the jacket being opened revealing a bare chest underneath. The jumpsuit is carefully tailored and hugs her lithe form, making her seem more statuesque than she actually is. The lapels of the suit are a slightly darker shade of blue than the rest of the outfit, giving it just a little bit more structure. Her dark brown hair is up in an almost Edwardian fashion, exposing her long neck and drawing attention to her face. The makeup is simple and clean here. A bit of bronze eyeshadow, sleek eyebrows, and a dark red lip are all she needs, her nails matching the color of her lips. As far as accessories go, she wears a simple silver chain that hangs low on her neck, and matching silver pumps. This isn’t a busy look. It’s refined, comfortable, and minimalist. Inspiration and Sketch
“Who’s ready for a coronation?”
VERONICA’s CONFESSIONAL: “Hi, my name is Veronica Middleton, I’m twenty-five years-old, and I’m the crown princess of Chicago. I would describe Veronica as regal, witchy, and anxiety-ridden. I think what everyone is going to get to learn about me is that not only am I here to win, but I also just so happen to be a complete neurotic mess. I’m a total perfectionist and I’m my own harshest critic, which I think ultimately produces some amazing concepts on the runway. If I can stay out of my own head, I think I can go all the way to the end of this competition...hopefully.”
Veronica makes her way into the empty workroom and perches on the seat furthest from the door - perfect spot to see the remaining contestants enter….
Light battle music plays as Del O’Ryan next contestant pulls into the workroom. She wears a jumpsuit made of brown leather. At the legs of the jumpsuit, the garment separates into strands which cross-hatch over her skin. At the shin, the banded leather winds back together into a tall platform sandal. The piece of armour cuts off at the wrist in thick studded cuffs, and is lined along the bodice so as to resemble a breastplate. The armour’s neckline is sweetheart, and part of a white cotton shirt pokes out from the top (the shirt has a triangular slit at the middle of the neckline, but is otherwise a standard low-neck shirt with some lightly embroidered detailing near the hems).
The queen wears a long cloak with a high hood. Tied at her neck, the knitted forest-green piece hangs behind her. The cloak billows with her motion, and so she grabs it with her right hand to pull it along. Her acidic purple nails bite into the fabric. The queen storms to her mark.
DEL’S CONFESSIONAL: “My name is Del O’Ryan, and I’m a 20-year-old fake drag queen from Brisbane, Australia”.
Del pulls back the hood to reveal her face. She wears a brown-tone femme face, that has been wrinkled slightly. Her grey hair is up and back in a braided bratislavian-style bun. She wears a circlet of brown and green leaves. Del has contacts in - acidic purple irises with some slight cloudiness on the left eye.
Del holds a finger to her lips...
“Shhhh. I’m hunting for talent”
As Del walks across the workroom it can be seen that she holds a birchwood hand crossbow in her left hand, and wears a birchwood quiver on her back. The quiver holds 7 arrows, the feathers of which are dyed red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet respectively. A series of buckles and straps lie over her outfit, these leather devices hold 2 daggers on her legs, and 3 more across the chest. Their angling and placement accentuates Del’s feminine form. They pull in from the shoulders to a narrow waist and then down about saddlebag hips.
Del walks up to the other queen. Del looks her up and down and then says, “Aaah! Looks like I came to the right place.”
As the queens turn their attention back at the entrance, the new queen struts around the corner making her way into the workroom. She’s wearing a blonde curly bob wig, that has an almost wet look to it. Her face is painted to appear as feminine as possible for this 6’3 tall “woman”. Basic drag contouring, a smokey eye and crimson red lips with a fake cigarette resting between them.
She is wearing a black shirt with wide straps worn over the shoulders, leaving her chest area bare and showing a lot of cleavage. Over the shirt Satina is wearing a black leather jacket. A black belt with a silver buckle at the very front pairs the shirt with a pair of high waisted metallic black leggings. Her shoes are a simple pair of crimson stilettos.
“It’s about to be curtain fall ladies!”
SATINA’S CONFESSIONAL: “Hi there - I'm Satina and I'm 22! I like to describe my drag as the three Ds - Danish, delightful and then the third D' is tucked away at the moment, but maybe we'll do that one later.”
Satina turns her back at the camera showing the words ‘pink ladies’ stoned with small pink gemstones on the back of the jacket. Beneath the words are even more gemstones placed in the shade that slightly resembles a minimalistic vagina. She lets the jacket fall, so it only rest it the crease of her elbows. She stands still for a few second, showing off her bare shoulder blades, before she swings the jacket back up, and Satina finally turns to the other contestants.
“Ahhh shit! Am I gonna have to be the pretty one?”
The queens laugh, while a shady rattlesnake noise is played so you can’t hear the queens laughing. Satina runs up to the other queens and introduces herself before sitting down on a chair in wait for the next competitor.
The music in the workroom changes to the chorus of Q.U.E.E.N by Janelle Monae. A large, Avant-garde, puffy, obscure silhouette struts into the workroom. Her hair is a striking jet black, high strung, Arianna style ponytail, slicked back so much it looks like her face will begin to tear at the seems, about 5cm of the ponytail is dip dyed a rich gold. Her face is serving her usual flair of club kid androgyny, her entire skin has been covered in gold leaf but the gold leaf has been tinted in sections that match the contours of a face, darker to carve out her cheeks and lighter to glow her cheekbones etc, the gold leaf runs down her neck and to her chest as it begins to dissipate around there, just above the nip. Her lips are covered in a thick, black, juicy lip matte lip sync, making it the stand out of her look. Her earrings are large gold hoops, with black fringe on the bottom.
Her outfit is started off with a large, black ominous cape that wraps around her, tied to her shoulders, the cape, however, is made out Plastic that has been blown up like a giant puffer jacket but without the segments, only slightly blown up though, so it still falls gracefully and is movable. It extends her shoulders and falls gracefully at the ground, trailing behind. The cape is attached by a simple gold chain. The outfit under the cape is a simple, tight, turtleneck dress that cuts off at the shoulder and just above the crotch. The dress is made out of gold, sheer fabric that is skin tight to her unpadded body, (yes you can see her boy nips). At the waist, on an asymmetrical, the fabric has large, chunky, gold sequins tied onto it, dropping down to decorate the hem, (think Naomi's plastic look). Her shoes are pair of gold, glittery boot that pulls up to her thigh, leaving a small gap between the dress and her boots.
She struts in, giving her full commanding and visually deafening runway walk, drawing all attention to her. She struts in and gives a twirl, dropping the cape to around her arms like a shawl. She holds it here as she pulls out a small needle and… POP
A fury of black and gold glitter spews from the balloon as is explodes around the workroom. She basks in the glitter before turning to the girls.
DIANA’S CONFESSIONAL: *“Hello, hello, baby, it’s me, Diana Forrest! I’m 16 and I’m Edinburgh’s Premiere High Fashion, Baking, Dick Eating, Drag Queen! And I’m here to win the first challenge and go home a week after that!” *
Diana is immediately recognised by Del and Satina who scream and run to hug her. Veronica looks annoyed at the loud screaming - patiently waiting for the noise to be over with. Before anyone else can say anything, the next queen struts into the workroom!
Lu’s Entrance Look
As she enters, she puts a hand on her hip and seductively says:
Appearing on screen, subtitles translate the word: “Codfish”
LU’S CONFESSIONAL: “Hi! I'm Lu. I'm 19 and I am serving you international (cod)fish! I'm weird, quirky and I love to feel sexy!” wink
“What did she say?” can be heard from the side lines as Lu continues to pose for the cameras. Lu turns the girls and smiles while moving towards them to embrace each of them.
The next queen walks into the werkroom with an air of sophistication, and gives a pose to show off her outfit.
FEY’S CONFESSIONAL: “ وصلت الملكة، bitches. (Arabic for “the queen is here, bitches”) Bonjour! I’m Fey-Té Bill Hate but you can call me Miss Fey! I’m 20 years old and I come all the way from the beautiful Beirut, Lebanon. I’m really excited to be a part of this competition where I’ll be able to share with the world the Lebanese culture! I’m inspired by traditional Lebanese dress, but I add my own little modern twists on it. I’m very excited to meet the rest of the queens and you bet your ass I’m ready to send some bitches home! Au revoir!”
The other girls side eye each other as this girl walks in with her gorgeous dress with a beautiful print. But it’s not long until you hear the steps of the next queen walking in.
“So I Hear florals are in this season! Well that wouldn’t be the worst thing that’s in this season…”
Eve Kennedy
Eve looks the other contestants up & down like a mean girl before smiling & waving.
EVE’S CONFESSIONAL: “Hello, I Am Eve Kennedy, I just turned 20, from the Queen City of Cincinnati Ohio & you know what that means. I deserve a crown on my head. I might seem like I have a big ego but I have a daunting resume, I’ve worked with the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, I’ve been in commercials, I put out an album “The Grass Between The Pavement” look it up on YouTube. I sing, I dance, I act, I do hair & makeup, I sew, I can even write you a 14 page essay when you only asked for 6 pages. I do everything. I am the total package.”
Eve shuffles over to the other girls, excited to meet them all. And soon after, the next girl stomps through the doorway.
Flashback Mary struts into the workroom with a modelesque walk, placing one foot in front of the othe with each step. Her wig is a synthetic white, with black bobby pins bushing her hair back into black bows behind each ear. The wig then plummets down into frizzy curls that fall onto her shoulder. Red blush circles are placed around her cheeks and the tip of her nose, matching the cut crease eyeshadow painted on her face. Her lips are big, red and juicy like an apple. The body of her neck and arms are covered by a smokey colored turtleneck. The cut of the turtle neck is placed mid breast, exposing her nipples. A blood orange jacket with a glossy, black stripe one inch above the bottom hem falls from her shoulders onto her elbows. Part of her abdomen is exposed, but her waist is cinched and covered by a glossy, black half-cut swimsuit. A few inches of transparent, black thigh-high stocking can be seen right above her blood orange boot. The heel of the boot is black, with two black stripes to match underneath the top cut of boot.
click for a drawing
She glares at the other girl’s before placing a hand on her hip and says:
“Don’t start unpacking yet.”
“FLASHBAAAAAAAACK!!!” Diana screams, welcoming the girl. “Dragula sisters!” Satina screams back. The trio hugs as the rest of the girls watch in silence.
“Fun…” Veronica says.
And as soon as that entrance ends, another girl appears.
Skarlet Diamond makes her way into the workroom, showing off her look.
She wears a velvet wine red cloak with an large hood. The hood is pulled back in a way that shows off her face and the start of her hairline. She have on a jet black, slicked back wig. The cloak is long and touches the floor, and also has voluminous bell sleeves. The front of the cloak is slightly opened, showing off what is underneath. Underneath the cloak, she’s wearing a tightly cinched, pure white, lace bodysuit with small cascading ropes of pearls dangling on it. The bodysuit has pristine ostrich feathers lining the edges of sweetheart neckline. From the end of Skarlet’s sleeves, you can see her nails, which are quite long and come to a sharp point. Instead of wearing shoes, Skarlet has chosen to walk in with bare feet to go along with the Oracle of Delphi vibe. Of course with such an eye catching look, she need jewelry to accompany to top it off, so the queen has on a large, ornate golden necklace with tons of rubies. Her eyebrow has a small gold ring piercing, with a petite gold chain that droops down and connects to my ear where the piercing is. Her mug is painted fairer than usual, with sharp cheekbones. The eyeshadow is the that same wine red hue with it being smoked out all around Skarlet’s eyes, accompanied with a feline-esque sexy eyeliner look. Her lips are plump and smooth, with a striking, bold red lip. In one hand, she holds a larger than average fan, constructed from luscious peacock feathers dyed red with gold tips. In the other hand, the queen holds a very long, slender tobacco pipe, with gold accents.
She poses and strikes a pose.
“The stars are telling me something….I will be victorious.”
SKARLET’S CONFESSIONAL: “Hello World! I’m so excited entering the workroom for the first time. I can just taste the crown already!’s yummy. I think I have a good shot at this, but I need to be super humble about it too, because if I flop, that’d be a disaster. I don’t plan on being a flop though, I know how much effort I’m going to have to put in each week if I plan on winning. This is going to be a season to remember, keep your eyes out for me!”
The newcomer hugs and meets everyone in the room before another competitor walks through the door.
Chastity walks into the werk room with the sound of all the locks on her outfit chiming like bells marking her entrance. For her entrance look, she wears a large metal belt which wraps around my chest covering her nipples, similar to Aquaria’s entrance look. But instead, with a large heart shaped lock at the centre, surrounded by smaller locks around the belt. For the bottom half, she wears a mens chastity belt which is curved stainless steel cage, big enough to hold someone’s genitals with a metallic belt wrapped out with the queen’s untucked penis caged inside.
For her platinum blonde hair, she wears it in an androgynous curled up quiff which comes down to a mohawk (like rat tails but longer and prettier) which are all braided into separate braids.
The makeup: She’s going for an androgynous route as well. The queen uses bright pink eyeshadow as contour around her cheeks and black eyeshadow around my eyes, her lips are painted a nude colour.
The accessories: She wears a small pair of locks as earrings and a pair of thigh high stiletto laced boot with locks as aglets.
She looks at the camera and says:
“I thought I auditioned for Naked and Afraid.”
CHASTITY’S CONFESSIONAL: Hello I am Chastity Belt, formerly known as Alexa from Drag Survivor 2 and The Amazing Drag Race! I’m so happy and excited to be here with everyone else.
“So fun! An alt!” one of the girls scream as they see Alexa, oops, Chastity. “Y’all WISH I was an alt!”, the queen jokes back. And just before they could continue the conversation, the last girl enters the workroom.
The next queen enters the workroom, she’s wearing a black witch hat, it has a 2-foot wide base and a foot long top, ending in a point. She’s wearing black lipstick with a light black eye-show. She’s wearing straight black hair that drops down to her shoulders, were the ends then rest just over her shoulders, her skin is a pale white, making it a contrast with her clothing.
Her dress has a V-cut that goes down to the middle of her chest, although she doesn’t really have a present breast. Her sleeves are strap like, there’s two of them that travels in opposite direction, they coil around her arms like a snake, this leaves small diamond shapes on her arms where the straps don’t go over each other, the straps end at her wrist, with one on top of her arm and the other beneath, her nails are painted black. Willow is wearing a skirt that has five layers on it, the skirt reveals the front of her legs, the skirt itself begins just below her main her top dress, at her hip. On the layers, there are points that grow in number with each layer, the first layer has 5, the second has 7, the third has 9, the fourth has 11 and the fifth has 13, the skirt drops down to the ground behind her. Due to the size of the skirt, it makes her waist look tinier than it is, the whole ensemble is black.
Willow is wearing 1 inch stiletto heels, also on her legs, she’s wearing lace black leggings that go up her legs, although the skin underneath can be seen to be the same white color as the rest of her skin.
A clicking can be heard as the next girl walks in, she walks in, as she walks, her skirt moves behind in a left to right swaying motion, one she fully makes it in she looks to the other girls with a smirk on her face.
“Alright girls it’s time to create some magic!”
WILLOW'S CONFESSIONAL: My name is Willow Blue, I am 22 years of age from Orlando, Florida. With my drag, I like creating magic with my looks and everything else, I can’t wait to show everyone what I can do in this competition and I know I’m going to have fun along the way.
Willow accompanies her fellow RRS sister queens to kiki before the next queen arrives.
A knocking sound on the wall behind the entrance way is heard. Amelia Velvet struts out fiercely through the entrance way, and after a few steps she stops with her legs apart and at a tilt to the right. Her hands are on her hips, and she looks confidently and cockily to the camera.
For her wig, Amelia is wearing an Ariana Grande-like ponytail: it is a blonde piece that has been snatched back extremely tightly, and the hair falls to just below her ass. It is extremely full and heavy, but she’s working it out. The roots start slightly darker than the rest of the hair, but quickly blends out into a bleach blonde.
Her mug is beat for the Gods. Her brows are high, her cheeks and jaw are chiselled, and her nose is sharp. Her eye makeup is warm: a reddish brown that starts darker on the outside of the eyelid, and blends to a warm sunset colour on the inner point. She has her signature 3 crystals below the outer corner of each eye: 3 tiny ruby red jewels in a small triangular shape. Her lips are full and a warm nude shade. Overall, her face is very warm and soft: she looks sultry af.
For the look itself, Amelia is wearing a crimson red jumpsuit with extremely flowy sleeves. Reference:
It is extremely similar to the jumpsuit in the above reference - it is the same material, and it has a sharp triangular neckline that shows off her cleavage (although she is unpadded in the breast area). The garment hugs her entire body - she has generously padded her hips and ass, and her waist is cinched for the Gods. The garment is a crimson red colour that has also been coated in a red glitter: it follows the pattern of the reference, where there are spots where there is darker glitter than in other parts, and the whole garment shines and sparkles as she moves. The sleeves are the same length as in the reference and are used effectively in her movements.
Amelia also wears a strapped white shoe with a 5 inch heel. Her 1 inch nails are pure white, and are sharp enough to slice a bitch.
“Bow down, scum. The Velvet-Teen Queen is here for her crown.”
AMELIA’S CONFESSIONAL: Yo hoe! My name is Amelia Velvet, I’m 19 years old, and I’m from Ireland mawma! Buckle up bitches, because you’re about to indulge in the Velvet-Teen Experience
Amelia poses towards the camera in a very confident and modelesque way. She runs her ponytail through her hands, and whips it around several times, while rubbing her hands up and down her thighs in a sultry way.
AMELIA’S CONFESSIONAL: My drag style is very fashionable, very sexy and very fishy. I aim to always be attractive and visually appealing, but I’m not just a look queen: I have a lot up my sleeve. I’m a finalist from Reddit’s Rising Stars, and I’ve already proven that I have what it takes to make it far in this type of competition. But this time is different - I’m finna win.
She kisses everyone in the cheek and the fabulous cast of Season 5 gets together for a quick chat before they’re surprised by a few familiar faces walking down the workroom stairs.
Bridgette, Elle, Panthera and Sonya enter the workroom. “Hello, hello, hello” they all say in unison.
“My name is Bridgette Antoinette”
“Call me Elle Crimson”
“I go by Panthera Leo”
“And I’m Sonya Ponya”
“And I’m Bianca Bibancos”, someone rushing down the workroom doorway say. It’s Bianca, the host of the previous 3 seasons.
The girls scream, but no one can tell if they’re excited or scared.
“Bianca, go home already!” Panthera screams.
“Fine, whatever. Good luck on this MESS” the old host screams back as she pretends to leave, but actually goes on to hide in the corner of the room behind one of the stations.
“We’ll deal with her later, but, anyway…” Sonya says.
“We’re going to be the hosts this season.” Says Bridgette.
“We’ve invited the TWELVE of you to compete to become Reddit’s Next Drag Superstar. Each of you possess a bit of charisma, a scoop of uniqueness, a dash of nerve, and a whole big chunk of talent. And we’re going to put all of that to the test. I hope you guys are all ready for the first challenge, because here it is:” says Elle.
“For this design challenge, you’re going to have to use the items you find in a box to create a look. Each box contains pieces of a uniform for a given profession, and a few little props and gadgets to help complete your look. You can assume you have a limitless supply of the items in the box. Shoes and accessories can be brought from home, but the outfit itself has to be completely sewn/glued/stapled together with pieces from your assigned box. Your objective for this challenge is to use the items inside your box to create a couture outfit, something completely your own. You will be judged on creativity, originality, and design. Try to use some of the more unconventional items in the box. We don’t want to just see ‘slutty cop’, be inventive! One more thing, we’d like for you to describe how you constructed the outfit out of your given materials. Now, let’s get to assigning the boxes…” says Sonya.
“Diana, you were the winner of the mini challenge, so you get to pair each girl with their box. Go ahead.” says Panthera.
Diana has made the following matches:
Amelia Velvet - Chef
Chastity Belt - Welder
Del O’Ryan - Farmer
Diana Forrest - Nuclear Scientist
Eve Kennedy - Police Officer
Fey-Te Bill Hate - Janitor
Flashback Mary - Firefighter
Lu - Detective
Satina - Construction Worker
Skarlet Diamond - Judge
Veronica Middleton - Doctor
Willow Blue - Fisherman
You can find the contents of the boxes in here:
Submissions are to be submitted by Monday at 6:00PM EST, that’s 72 hours. Expect further details in the announcements chat and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
“Good luck girls, and DON’T FUCK IT...” The judges say in unison before hearing something else towards the entrance. A figure can be seen at the doorway, Bianca’s laugh playing in the background.
To be cuntinued…
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How To Play A Bard

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature’s changing course, untrimmed;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st,
Nor shall death brag thou wand’rest in his shade,
When in eternal lines to Time thou grow’st.
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
-Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Day (Sonnet 18) by William Shakespeare-
Over time, the Bard has been met with a lot of combat improvements, making it a class that proves it can participate in combat just as well as the rest. Yet, there are still some stigmas and problems when it comes to the travelling performer. “My Bard doesn’t deal enough damage.”, “Charisma is useless.”, “Buffing the party isn’t fun.”, “All they do is play music.”, “Bards are supposed to be horndogs.” and so on. It doesn’t seem to end no matter how hard TSR and Wizards of the Coast tried. So this is where I want to give some pointers on how to get a grip on this multi-talented minstrel, to make the best of this warrior-poet, and to break beyond the stereotype of the horny troubadour.


The Bard can go in many ways when it comes to ability scores, so in order to make it easier for yourself, come up with up to three performances that your Bard excels at. Whether it is storytelling, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, juggling, acrobatics, battle choreography, or cracking jokes, adding any three to your Bard’s repertoire will help you out along the line. There is more inspiration for this in the Alternatives and Inspiration sections.
All Bards perform in one way or another and that requires confidence and social grace. A Charisma of 16 or higher is a safe bet for any situation your Bard is in. Dexterity is often added for a better ability to dodge attacks but can also help with acrobatics, fancy dance moves, or clever tricks. Having a 16 or higher in this score as well would be ideal unless you want to go a different route. Constitution can help if it’s more about enduring long performance sessions or taking hits. Strength is more for the Skalds who travel, tell tales, and fight along warriors on the open fields. Intelligence is a must for the loremasters and storytellers who can share tidbits of information that they heard from anywhere. Talking at someone might work, but with Wisdom, talking with someone would work better as it shows that you are listening or even pick up some gossip and secrets from a crowded area. (Fun fact, the Bard in AD&D had to have at least these scores: Strength 15+, Dexterity 15+, Constitution 10+, Intelligence 12+, Wisdom 15+, and Charisma 15+. Imagine having to roll these scores with the 3d6-in-order method. The Bard was supposed to be rare.)
You can’t be good at all of these scores and methods, so use the performance arts to guide you in what would make sense for your Bard. Secondly, you can look at the following aspects you can let your Bard focus on.
These are not mutually exclusive sides, they are actually gradient scales. Even if you sacrifice a bit of Charisma in order to increase the physical scores (Dexterity, Strength, and Constitution), you still need spells in order to support your combat style. Otherwise, using only spells might go wrong when you have the wrong ones at hand for the situation, so you want to have a weapon with you just in case. And then there’s the case of having a weapon or spell to compensate when combat is either in the air or on the ground. It’s up to you what you want based on all the choices you made down the line.


Note I am not going to dictate, judge, or recommend specific spells or powers to you. Each edition has different spells with different effects and with the current edition, more new spells will keep coming. Any judgment on spells is irrelevant in my eyes, as some are situational or subjective to the player in effectiveness. I’ll give basic tips and broad outlines, the rest is up to you.
Versatility, serendipity, and support are the three keywords for this type of spellcaster. The Bard learns spells by travelling around the world and noticing little bits of magic everywhere she goes. This is why the Bard’s spell choices are all over the place. Some other spells are good for enhancing any performing experience so you could take your inspiration for choosing some of those. When it comes to Cantrips, choose at least one spell that affects the ability to hit. Hitting better for you or your party, or hitting worse for the opponent. If you want to focus heavily on weapons, look carefully if you need these Cantrips to increase your defensive or offensive capabilities to compensate for low combat scores.
Specializing in certain spell schools or types is not recommended for the Bard. They are meant to be generalists but their spells are oddly specific depending on the creature, situation, or components. The Bard has to perform to cast most spells; dancing, singing, and playing an instrument with two hands (the instrument is replaced with a conductor’s baton in 4e). Again, look at what you want to focus on. If you see yourself with your hands full of weaponry, you still have your voice to use. If you are able to leave one hand free, you have the other one left for movements (or a horn as it is the only one-handed instrument available). If you want to go on performing and focusing on spells fully, you will have little opportunity to handling weapons other than holding a dagger in one hand and not playing while you are at it. Even if you want to go fully armed with your Bard, you can still choose some spells that are useful outside of combat or support the combat style. Otherwise, if you think you’re not combat effective with weaponry (an ability score lower than 16), do look for at least one Cantrip or spell that deals damage if you don’t like to be a pacifist.
As a rule of thumb, to start with a balanced Bard, pick the following types of spells: one that is beneficial for you or the party, one that is detrimental to the opponent, something that helps with social interaction, and something practical that helps with exploration. You can interpret these in any way you like and some of these spells can work in different ways in- and outside of combat. You won’t be able to cover all your bases as there will be situations where some of these spells won’t work. That is where you have to think outside of the box and use a different prepared spell or method to create a beneficial result. When levelling up, you can still use the first set of spells at a higher level, making the base as versatile as how you use it.
With the last two editions, the Bard is no stranger to ritual casting. If you want to be stingy on the utility spells, then look for one that is a ritual that you think might come up often.


If you want to fight as a Bard then you will do well if you understand teamwork. You can smooth things out for the group and ease the problems that may arise with little boosts in combat prowess. You might need to remind the group of their additions in abilities from time to time, though. Sometimes the little things get overlooked but can still make all the difference. There’s no guarantee that the boost works, but the effort should be there. Assist those who can shine depending on the battle, making the heavy hitter hit heavier, making the damage sponge take more hits, giving the mage more magical bang for his buck, etc. If an ally is down or has trouble taking the fight well or has a big weakness, you can choose to support that one instead. This is a tactical choice that is up to you. The Bard is often dependent on a group, so if you don’t have a group, you might want to hire some retainers to fight along with you.
As mentioned in the Spell section, a lot of the Bard’s spells are situational depending on what is happening and what needs to be done. This requires versatile thinking from yourself as you might want to switch to a weapon if the spells don’t work, or you need to think outside of the box and use a different spell to make the battle easier. You might not be able to massively damage dumb brutes, but an illusion or charm spell might stop them in their tracks. You could have an effective spell at the ready, but the opponent doesn’t have the right requirements to be affected by it, so use a different spell that might exploit that opponent’s weakness. If you are focused on weaponry, there are still ways to get the best effects from the usage of weapons or your combat style. Even if you feel powerless against your opponents when it comes to magic, you can still turn the tables by magically supporting the group in a way that you think is effective. This versatile thinking turns teamwork into a moment of harmony, or a symphony if you will.
The Bard can find abilities and spells that allow her to emulate a certain class, but it will never be exactly the same. Embrace the Bard in its entirety rather than the sum of its parts. Any combat role that is missing can be filled up by a Bard who bends that way, but she won’t be able to take it for long. Consider your abilities when trying to position yourself. If you think you can take a direct hit, go to the front, if you think you’re better off at range, go to the back. Stay close to the rest (preferably within earshot) if you want to support them or if you can switch styles quickly. When combat goes well but you’re out of (primary) resources or the group needs that little push, you can break out of your style and positioning to keep going for a round or two. Keep learning from other classes in what they do well and what you can do, too. That way, you’ll excel your Bard’s talents and develop them into skills.
Lastly, the Bard is able to learn Countersong/Countercharm at some level. This ability rarely comes up, but can be a lifesaver for the entire group when it does. Keep an ear out for any charming effects that can be created with words or music. Not all monsters are willing to engage in combat, some prefer to defeat the entire group with guile instead.


Who could deny the social charm of the Bard? Some want to play a womanizer, others go for the aspiring artist, and perhaps others want to be that ambassador or spokesperson. In whatever way you want to play one, letting your Bard be social is a strong start. Now, not everyone has the real-life social skills to make their Bard shine and I can’t give an explanation that could do it justice. To keep it brief, social skills are about making a connection with people rather than being a chatterbox. People generally like themselves and like to talk about themselves and meet people who share something with themselves. Those with a strong social understanding are capable of finding things that they have in common at any level with their conversation partners, are able to show that they listen to people, and can have a conversation that is respectable without making it turn into a fight. If this sounds like a high-level challenge for you, try to be generally positive about things and give a compliment now and then. Attempt at some small talk and questions with strangers, practice assertiveness to keep going, and reflect on the tone of your voice when you spoke with someone.
Social skills help when combat skills won’t. Strong persuasive skills might convince a king to give his supporting troops. Honeyed words can keep the ancient dragon from turning you into kebab. Convincing a dumb brutish creature that the rocks you are holding are actually candy could give you an advantage when running away from it. Bargaining with a shopkeep can save you a bit of money. An interrogation might go well if done aggressively. Try to roleplay the argument, do speak out and accept the die result if one is necessary. Even if you think it doesn’t matter because it’s based on the roll, you might get rewarded for the kind of social strategy you chose to use. That said, please don’t use intimidation as a cudgel to get what you want. Even when you’re successful, you can still lose the respect of people, especially the ones who were willing to help you from the start. Asking nicely goes a long way and you can’t force people to surrender everything to you just because you rolled as high as you can.
Performance, in general, is the bread and butter of the Bard and might grant a bit of money or the adoration of people. The promise of being written in a poem, song, or epic story would be something any person be glad about. Otherwise, other kinds of performances can still give people a good time and a lasting impression. A person who is feeling down might be cheered up with a nice song. This is one of many strengths of a Bard as a hero.
Most of the Bard’s magic is focused on spells that support social skills and anything that would enhance the splendor of performances. These spells can help make people more susceptible to your intentions whether they are benign or malignant, obvious or inconspicuous, or for personal use or for someone else. Whichever spell you choose, there can be a way to make good use of it as long as you can figure out how. Do be careful, though. Most people don’t take kindly to being enchanted and manipulated like that.


The Bard can grant comfort and ease for the group. They can make resting and travel go smoother with their performances and are able to keep the group’s morale high. This way, the group will always have an edge when something unexpected starts. This might not work when the group needs to travel quietly, though. You might want to stay quiet when stealth is necessary and use the soothing notes when it’s okay.
When something needs to be done that a character is good at, you can be there to give that person a boost, minimizing risk and maximizing travel speed or survival. If such a person isn’t there, you might be a good second choice. The serendipitous skill-tricks a Bard learns in her career makes her better than anyone who doesn’t have any points in a said skill. As they say; “In the world of the blind, the one-eyed person is king.”
As with anything, the Bard can use magical spells to make something easier to do. Any supportive spell you chose could have some use when it comes to finding useful lore, opening ways, or leaving a message. There might be an expert in the group that can make something work, but if there is none or if all else fails, magic is a good option to fall back on.


In medieval Gaelic and British culture, a bard was a professional storyteller, verse-maker and music composer, employed by a patron (such as a monarch or noble), to commemorate one or more of the patron's ancestors and to praise the patron's own activities.
Originally a specific, lower class of poet, contrasting with the higher rank known as fili in Ireland and Highland Scotland, with the decline of living bardic tradition in the modern period the term "bard" acquired generic meanings of an author or minstrel, especially a famous one. For example, William Shakespeare, and Rabindranath Tagore are known as "the Bard of Avon" and "the Bard of Bengal" respectively.
In precise historical terms, the title "bard" applies only to certain groups of Celtic poets who sang the history of their tribes in long, recitative poems. These bards, found mainly in Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, filled many important roles in their society. They were store houses of tribal history, reporters of news, messengers, and even ambassadors to other tribes. However, in the AD&D game, the bard is a more generalized character. Historical and legendary examples of the type include Alan-a-Dale, Will Scarlet, Amergin, and even Homer. Indeed, every culture has its storyteller or poet, whether he is called bard, skald, fili, jongleur, or something else.
-2nd edition Player’s Handbook-
A Bard is not just a musician but a multi-talented performer. You can go in many ways or come up with variations on what your perfomance and style is. Otherwise, you can give your concept of the Bard a twist by looking at the following examples below.
  • Acrobat
  • Actor
  • Advisor
  • Aois-Dàna
  • Charan
  • Clown
  • (Court) Jester
  • Danser
  • Fili
  • Fool
  • Geisha
  • Greek Chorus
  • Griot
  • Hymnist
  • Joculator (Juggler)
  • Legislator
  • Minnesinger
  • Minstrel
  • Musician
  • Nīþ
  • Playwright
  • Poet
  • Puppeteer
  • Raconteur
  • Rhapsode
  • Wordsmith
  • Scop
  • Seanchai
  • Singer
  • Skald
  • Storyteller
  • Thespian
  • Troubadour
  • Vates
As a bonus, I’ll add the nine muses and their domains for the sake of inspiration as any artist could use some source of inspiration to work with.
  • Calliope of epic poetry
  • Clio of history
  • Erato of love poetry
  • Euterpe of song
  • Melpomene of tragedy
  • Polyhymnia of hymns
  • Terpsichore of dance
  • Thalia of comedy
  • Urania of astronomy


As the Bard is known for being a musician, it would be easy to fill this list with a massively long line of performers and bands. I wanted to put my favorites in here, but would that do it any justice? I’m sure that you have some favorites as well. However, that would make the list too long and arbitrary. So I’m noting relatively modern performers that have a combination of at least two of the following performance arts: storytelling, song, dance, acting, choreography, comedy, and poetry. Others are names throughout history that are undoubtedly famous or have made a significant impact on performance arts (and some random stuff just for fun).
  • 8 Mile (2002)
  • A Bard’s Tale games
  • A Modern Major General by Gilbert & Sullivan
  • A Star Is Born (1954)
  • A Whack on the Side of the Head by Roger von Oech
  • Acoustics, example one, example two, example three
  • Almost Famous (2000)
  • Alternative instruments example one, example two, example three
  • Amadeus (1984)
  • Amergin Glúingel
  • Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
  • Aristotle’s Poetics (though you won’t find the second book)
  • Be Kind Rewind (2008)
  • Beatboxing
  • Beatniks
  • Being John Malkovich (1999)
  • Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991)
  • Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)
  • Black Swan (2010)
  • Bob Dylan
  • Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
  • Bollywood movies
  • Boom-boom clap, boom-boom clap
  • Brave Sir Robin’s minstrels from Monthy Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail
  • Brook from One Piece
  • Brütal Legend
  • Cacafonix from Asterix & Obelix
  • Captain EO (1986)
  • Catchy beats
  • Catelyn Ohashi
  • Chanson de geste
  • Chanson de Roland
  • Charles Chaplin
  • Cheerleaders
  • Chloe Kim, Olympic snowboarder
  • Chopin
  • Christmas carolers
  • Christmas songs
  • Cloud Atlas (2012)
  • Clowns
  • Cool World (1992)
  • Cricket from James and the Giant Peach (1996)
  • David Bowie
  • Deedee’s New Voice episode from Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Departures/Okuribito (2008)
  • Dinobabies (seriously, it’s just the spectacled dino telling fairytales)
  • Dirty Dancing (1987)
  • Disney movies and songs
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Dreamgirls (2006)
  • Dungeon Masters/Game Masters
  • Earworms
  • Elton John
  • Elvis Presley
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Flashdance (1983)
  • Frank (2014)
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Gaucelm Faidit
  • Gilbert & Sullivan
  • Gloomy Sunday by Rezsö Seress
  • Grease (1978)
  • Gysbert Japiks
  • Haikus
  • Heroes by David Bowie
  • High Fidelity (2000)
  • High School Musical 1 (2006)
  • High School Musical 2 (2007)
  • High School Musical 3 (2008)
  • High School Musical 4 (2019)
  • Homer, author of The Iliad and The Odyssey
  • Humble beginnings
  • Il Trovatore
  • Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)
  • Jabbawokeez
  • Jack Black
  • Jem and the Holograms (2015)
  • Jem and the Holograms series
  • Jigglypuff, Meloetta, Chatot, Cricketot, Poliwhirl, Ludicolo, Bellossom, Oricorio, and Mr. Mime from Pokémon games
  • Jim Henson
  • Jim Henson’s The Story Teller and The Muppet Show
  • Jimmy Hendrix
  • Johnny Cash
  • Josie and the Pussycats
  • Julius ‘Groucho’ Marx
  • Kasperle
  • Kubo and the Two Strings (2016)
  • Kung Fu Hustle’s musicians (2004)
  • La Môme (2007)
  • Labyrinth (1986)
  • Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)
  • Les Miserables (1995, 2010, 2012)
  • Les Miserables, kazoo version
  • Lindsey Stirling
  • Lord George Gordon Byron
  • Louis Armstrong
  • Love’s Labour’s Won by William Shakespeare
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Madonna
  • Magical girl transformations
  • Man on the Moon (1999)
  • Marshal ‘Eminem’ Bruce Mathers III
  • Memoirs of a Geisha (2005, 2015)
  • Metallica
  • Michael Jackson
  • Michael Rosen
  • Moonwalker (1988)
  • Moulin Rouge! (2001)
  • National anthems
  • Nirvana
  • Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker and any of the songs from these games
  • Once More With Feeling from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer series
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Orange County (2002)
  • Orchestral versions of songs
  • Pentatonix
  • Per la ricuperata salute di Ophelia by Mozart and Salieri
  • Perfect by Fairground Attraction
  • Pianoman by Billy Joel
  • Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982)
  • Puppeteering
  • Queen
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Rabindranath Tagore
  • Radio Ga Ga by Queen
  • Rapper’s Delight by the Sugar Gang
  • Ray (2004)
  • Ray Charles
  • Rob Cantor and Andrew Horowitz
  • Rock and Rule (1983)
  • Rockadoodle (1991)
  • Rolling Stones
  • Sander Cohen from Bioshock
  • Sappho, the tenth muse
  • Saving Mr. Banks (2013)
  • School of Rock (2003)
  • Serendipitous music example one, example two, example three
  • Shigesato Itoi
  • Singin’ In The Rain (1952)
  • Skáldatal
  • Slam poetry
  • Some Like It Hot (1959)
  • Song covers
  • Song of the South (1946)
  • Soul Music, and the fool in Wyrd Sisters from the Discworld series by the late Sir Terry Pratchett
  • Straight Outta Compton (2015)
  • Sucker Punch (2011)
  • That one song that gives you goosebumps and makes you listen to it on repeat before wanting to sleep
  • The Adventures of Mark Twain (1985)
  • The Barbarian and the Geisha/The Townsend Harris Story/Barbarian (1958)
  • The Bard (2011)
  • The Bard (2017)
  • The Bard’s Song by Blind Guardian
  • The Beatles
  • The Blues Brothers (1980)
  • The Blues Brothers 2000 (1998)
  • The Book of Taliesin
  • The brown note
  • The Davidoff-Morini Stradivarius
  • The Devil Went Down To Georgia
  • The Entertainer by Scott Joplin
  • The fool from Wyrd Sisters
  • The Great Dictator (1940)
  • The grey note
  • The Music of Erich Zahn by H.P. Lovecraft
  • The Never Ending Story (1984)
  • The Never Ending Story 2 (1990)
  • The Never Ending Story 3 (1994)
  • The nine muses of Greek mythology
  • The Phantom of the Opera (1925, 1943, 1962, 1973, 1974, 1983, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1995, 1998, 2011)
  • The Piano (1993)
  • The Pick of Destiny (2006)
  • The Pied Piper of Hamelin
  • The pink note
  • The Road to El Dorado (2000)
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
  • The Score of Thespis by Gilbert & Sullivan
  • The Sound of Music (1965)
  • The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel
  • The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny and Word Disassociation by Lemon Demon
  • The Wiz (1978)
  • Thespian plays
  • This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
  • Tina Turner
  • Toast Song
  • Top Secret Drum Corps
  • Tribute by Tenacious D
  • Triple threats in theatre
  • Tupac ‘2Pac’ Amaru Shakur
  • Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles
  • Voice types: Sopranos, Mezzo Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Baritones, Basses, Contra Altos, Contra Tenors
  • Walk off the Earth
  • Walk The Line (2005)
  • Weightless by Maraconi Union
  • Weird Al Yankovic
  • West Side Story (1961)
  • Where The Wild Things Are (2009)
  • Whitney Houston
  • Will Scarlet, Alan-a-Dale, and the rest of Robin Hood’s Merry Men
  • Will Smith
  • William Shakespeare
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Woodstock
  • Yellow Submarine (1968)


  • Valor



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KNOWN UNKNOWNS: My theory on the Springfield three

The question I always ask myself is:
'What's the simplest, most boring way that this could have happened?'
and for the case of the Springfield 3, that question has had me banging my head against a wall for a very long time.
But then one night something occurred to me I hadn't thought of before, and I haven't ever seen discussed anywhere regarding the case. There seemed to be a little interest in it when I mentioned I was working on a new angle in a reply to the what's your deepest rabbit hole? thread.
So... as promised I thought I'd put it all together and see what everybody else thinks.
Go ahead and skip on down to the end if you don't want/need to read another summary on this case. I don't think my analysis is groundbreaking or anything, I simply thought it would be necessary to include the full write-up along with my admittedly flimsy theory just to demonstrate that I have done my research and haven't arrived at my current theory lightly (of course, that still doesn't mean it's correct).
At first I was going to simply add it as a reply to this post from itsSweded, but I'd already been working on it for a while and figured it would simply be far too long.
So, here we all go down the rabbit hole.

Case Overview

"I had never worked a case like it before then and have not worked one like it since," former Springfield police Sgt. Mark Webb told AOL News
"If you look into the records of missing persons every year, you would not come across many cases like this"...
"I think they (other people) were brought into this not knowing what was going to happen. It's quite possible that the primary person did not know what was going to happen"...
"There are people that have knowledge who don't feel good about the knowledge they have. They may not be the primary person"....
"The abduction leader probably was an acquaintance 'who may have known their comings and goings'"
*"Secondary players may fear going to police because they think the primary culprit would retaliate."
"But anyone withholding information probably is feeling strong anxiety..."
"If you think you don't feel good about it now, don't think it's going to get any better. Don't think it's going to go away."
James Wright of the FBI National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, who said his theory came from "the totality of information," but avoided specifics when speaking after a call-in-television show on KOZK-Ozarks Public television. Kansas City Star July 21, 1992...regrettably as transcribed on the topix forum
And it hasn't gone away.
For 25 years since the night of June 7, 1992, someone has been living with that guilt and anxiety. There are people who know what happened to Suzanne Streeter(19), Stacy McCall(18), and Suzie's mother Sherrill Levitt(47) after the three disappeared from Sherrill and Suzie's home at 1717 E. Delmar St. in Springfield, MO sometime between around 9-11 pm the previous night (reports conflict and no verified phone records are available) when Sherrill was last known to have spoken to a friend on the phone (Suzie and Stacy were last seen leaving a graduation party at their friend Janelle Kirby’s house between 1:30 and 2:30am. They had been expected to stay the night there after a party) and around 8am the next morning when friends of the teen girls arrived to find door unlocked and the house empty except for the dog, a Yorkie named Cinnamon who was found closed up in the bathroom.
Levitt's blue Corsica was parked in the carport.
Streeter's red Ford Escort sat in the circle drive with McCall's Toyota Corolla right behind.
Keys to the vehicles were found inside the unlocked house. The three purses were piled together at the foot of the steps leading into Suzie's sunken bedroom. Though the mother and daughter were chain smokers, Levitt and Streeter left their cigarettes behind. An undisturbed graduation cake was waiting in the refrigerator.
It was apparent the women had gotten ready for bed. Each had washed off makeup and tossed a damp cloth in the hamper. Jewelry was left on the wash basin.
McCall had neatly folded her flowered shorts, tucking jewelry into the pockets, and placed them on her sandals beside Streeter's waterbed… Yet, how she and the other women left is what baffles police, family and friends
Police cling to the idea that a single man could have used a ruse - something as simple as posing as a utility worker warning of a bogus gas leak in the neighborhood - to lure them out.
The family and friends of these three missing women have spent the past quarter of a century trapped in the agony of not really knowing even a single thing about what happened that night. In all that time, there have been no new breakthroughs. No concrete evidence. A mere few shaky, dubious suspects. No productive leads. No significant developments even with advances in technology. No known motive, no known means, no known opportunity.
In short, nothing.
Suzie, Sherrill and Stacy might as well have vanished into thin air leaving literally nothing in their wake except questions met with an echoing silence where the answers ought to be.
It is by every sense of the word a pure mystery.
Since that night, almost all of the conversation regarding the fate of these three women has been speculation. Not only because the events leading up to their disappearance occurred in an era before caller identification, cellular phones, text messaging, GPS, and the various other bleeps and bloops we all take for granted leaving in the technological footprint of our everyday life, but also because the police have not been very forthcoming regarding the progress of the case over the past quarter decade, if it has in fact progressed at all.
But amid the official silence of those intervening years, the internet has been rife with theories, gossip, rumors and speculation about what could have happened. There have been many posts on this subreddit, threads on websleuths, topix, true crime television such as Disappeared, 48 Hours, America‘s Most Wanted, podcasts, countless other true crime blogs and forums of varying credibility, dedicated to the case and to finding out what happened to those women that night, where they could have gone and how it could have happened.
Streeter’s brother Bartt, a once and former suspect in the case (according to some) has a blog which he dedicates to “an attempt to assemble public information on the abduction of Sherrill Levitt, Suzanne Streeter, and Stacy McCall.”
Some of the well-worn "clues" in the case are known to veteran sleuths and include the much lamented broken porch light
which was actually not the bulb itself, but rather the glass covering around the porch light
that was broken and generally accepted to be found the next morning (by Janelle and her boyfriend who cleaned it up and threw the broken glass in the garbage only to be eventually recovered by police as evidence in the case), the apparent disruption of the crime scene by the friends who came looking for this girls the next morning (the number of people who supposedly showed up and “contaminated“ the crime scene rages from 6-20), the lined-up purses, an uncorroborated possible sighting of the trio by a server at George's Steakhouse less than a mile from the residence, the green van supposedly seen being driven by Streeter in an apparent state of duress by a witness who only came forward much later, and an obscene phone message that was accidentally erased. The most complete list of people in and out f the house that morning I’ve been able to find is from websleuths
Officer Rick Bookout, responded to 1717 E. Delmar after Janis McCall contacted police, along with Officer Brian Gault. Wrote Incidental Report of 6/07/92.
Janelle Kirby; Mike Henson; Stewart and Janis McCall, and their daughters Meredith and Lisa; Adina Ruthrauff (a friend of Stacy and Suzie) and her mother Darlene; and Janelle's parents Randy and Kathy Kirby. The Tulsa World article states that 18 people had been in and out of the house, although only these 10 were listed in the Incidental Report.
If you know the case, then you know what I’m talking about. If you’re new to it, then you can find a plethora of information, speculation and outright conjuration regarding these topics for yourself simply by Googling it or checking out some of the above links. It gets to be a mess the more and more you over-think it, but by all appearances none of these three women had any discernable enemies, let alone the type of enemies who could simply make them disappear without a trace from an ostensibly locked home in the middle of the night without leaving evidence or signs of a struggle.
Or did they?
Records show that Suzie had a former boyfriend arrested alongside others for what amounted to grave robbery occurring on Feb. 21, 1992. Suzie had given a statement to officers with regard to the case on March 5, 1992 and may or may not have been scheduled to testify as a witness in the upcoming trial (I've been unable to find confirmation one way or the other).
Now, it’s debatable as to whether or not this was a semi-innocent act committed by misguided teens or something darker. But by all accounts, three boys had been caught vandalizing a mausoleum, stealing a skull, and attempting to sell said skull’s golden fillings to a local pawn shop.
Does that mean that they could be somehow involved with the disappearance of not only Suzie, but her mother and a random friend as well?
It's possible, but personally, I don't think so.
Clearly they were not master criminals, and they were all subsequently cleared by police. Although, some report that (at least) one of them was "cleared" very informally, by the chief of police himself, allegedly over coffee at a local restaurant. This only fueled subsequent internet fires over how well the police were able to handle the case from the beginning. Some sources even use quotes from the chief himself to show that the investigation was tumultuous and embattled from the outset.
Former Police Chief Terry Knowles micromanaged the case and questioned possible suspects himself. Information obtained was not properly shared among the investigators, Webb says.
"The whole case was so unusual in the way it was conducted," he said. "It became a very politically charged environment, and people started taking sides. [It] was not only an emotional ride for the family but [also] for the investigators. It was also a career-ender for some of the officers, and I was one.
"I didn't quit or get fired, [but] I ended up getting reassigned because of disagreements over the way the case was going."
Webb is not the only person connected to the case who has spoken about problems in the investigation. In 2002, George Larbey, former president of the Springfield Police Officers Association, told the Springfield News-Leader that detectives did not think Knowles had confidence in them.
"If your highest command tells you how it's going to be, simply put, that's how it's going to be," Larbey said. "Detectives felt powerless. ... The newer guys wouldn't have any idea what was going on, that this wasn't normally the way we did business.
"Knowles, who is retired, could not be reached for comment. But he gave an interview to the same reporter for a story about the 10th anniversary of the disappearance. He acknowledged being heavily involved in the case.
"I don't recall that being an issue back then," he said then about the criticism. "What anyone wants to say 10 years later -- I can't control that. It's certainly disappointing, and it's frustrating at the time to be doing everything you possibly can.
One of the most common theories floating around is that the three are buried under the Cox South Hospital Parking garage, only ten minutes from the house on Delmar. Of course, this is a theory largely purported by news sources as “credible” as The Daily Mail and first put forward by user Ken on the websleuths forum who happily states that he received the tip as part of a psychic encounter with the spirit of Stacy McCall. Personally, I think the hospital theory has zero credibility given knowledge of its origin. But of course, I am neither a professional investigator nor a professional psychic, so of course I could be wrong.
So, let's look at some statements from Websleuth Ken...
There are millions of people missing...not thousands. Imagine looking at a blue marble in a fish tank. You can "see" the blue marble through the glass and through the water. The frequency of light from the blue marble is different from it's surroundings, so you can easily see it. The principle used to find the 3MW is similar in approach. It's called Micro Impulse Radar. It can "see" through concrete because everything has a unique resonating frequency, including Mercury. Mercury is found in teeth fillings. When Tim Gray did his initial scan, his instrument picked up a signal unique for Mercury. Tim's instrument is unique in that it can detect resonating frequencies from considerable distances away and be able to pinpoint an objects exact location. This is the technology that found the three missing women at the parking garage. Tim's instrument is a prototype and it's not mainstream technology. It's a Pandora's Box in that if this technology were to go mainstream, there won't be anywhere to hide. Privacy will become a thing of the past. There is alot more at stake here with the Parking Garage dig than you can possibly even imagine. This is what you missed out on while you were sleeping in ignore mode. When this case breaks, you won't have to worry about eating your words; you will be asleep in ignore mode as usual. Pleasant dreams!
as well as
When the authorities dig up the concrete at the parking garage and they find the three missing women; Stacy McCall will make history. Stacy will have done what Harry Houdini failed to do...prove the existence of life after death. Even though I experienced a life changing vision with her in November of 1998, it was an uncomfortable and painful experience. She made it perfectly clear to me that she is furious.
Mrs. McCall has stated in the media that she believes her daughter could be alive. When the dig takes place at the parking garage; it will prove Mrs. McCall right. Just not in the way that she thinks. There is an old saying: "Dead men tell no tales." That myth is one that will soon be busted. Ken
advocated by users such as "Starlight"
Miles Draken said -- in part -- "so we can find out how wrong all these conspiracy theories and visions were. But, I guess everyone will just find new interpretations for them. Like Nostrodamus' predictions the events are predicted only in hindsight." Guess you watched the episode on Nostradamus over the week-end too! However, Ken Young's 'vision' has not been left up to humanity to 'interpret.' His vision[s] have been interpreted, not in 'hindsight' as you so boldly accuse, but far in advance of the discovery of these women. The location has already been named, along with the time period. Notice he said he could see the number in his vision. April is the fourth month of the year. That's when the first scan took place. There will be no 'new interpretations' for anything that is posted on my web site concerning this case or any other case. A 'prediction' is something given in advance. If it pan's out [comes true] then it becomes a fulfillment of a prediction. There's enough information posted concerning this vision, and enough people have read it to know if it 'comes true, then there's no 'hindsight' involved in it. I designed an entire web site because of this very type of accusation. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I do NOT have a history or a reputation for coming along after the fact and claiming credit for other people's work. That's not my style. And as far as everyone getting tired of this type of conversation -- what do you have contribute? The "Stacy Vision Theory" is the best bet in nearly 15 years. It gives more answers than anything before, or since. And, lest you forget -- there's been two 'scientific' scans conducted in the area, that seem to confirm there's something there, so I wouldn't say everything is 'psychic.' We've already verified the 'psychic' portions, and that's no longer debatable. What Miles Draken [and others] are bickering over at this point, and trying to debunk is actually scientifically accepted results that are used in many, many areas for various purposes! Pray tell -- what will you say when the vision, the interpretation and the tests pan-out, and the women are precisely where we said they are?
and investigative reporteblogger Kathee Baird who petitioned semi-successfully to have that particular area searched and whose blog “The Crime Scene” I have referenced in this write-up.
Here is some video of the attempt to use the radar, or possibly a similar type of radar at the parking garage.
It’s reported that “anomalies have been found” on the radar, but nothing has been concretely (sorry for the pun) proven and the topic remains heavily debated online.
Many also seem to think that the coincidentally-named Robert Craig Cox, an army ranger and former Soldier of the Year with a complicated legal history (to say the least) who is currently imprisoned for an unrelated crime may have been involved. He is reported to have been in the area at the time and may have had a tangential connection to Stacy McCall's father by virtue of working at the same business for a period of time. He has made some fairly cryptic statements regarding the case, but has so far produced nothing of significant value and may simply be seeking attention.
Another known person of interest is Steve Garrison, who is currently serving a 40 year sentence for an unrelated crime. Garrison reportedly gave police information allegedly unknown to the public regarding the green van and three murdered women, but it did not pan out after police searched.
Garrison told police a friend had confessed to killing the three women during a drunken party. He told police information unknown to the public that led investigators to serve three search warrants at two sites in western Webster County; that they would find the women’s bodies and clues about their abduction and deaths. He also said a moss green van believed used to take the women would be found about 12 miles away, south of Fordland.
The property searched was the same site where in 1990 LE searched for two of three missing Springfieldians. Property owner Francis Lee Robb Sr. pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder in a case authorities said at the time they believed involve a drug deal gone awry. Garrison was believed enough that a gag order concerning the three search warrants was issued by a judge.“…certain aspects of the information we received fit with other (private) aspects of the case,” Springfield Police Capt. Todd Whitson said. Whitson said the gag order was rare, but he could not say why it was issued,“other than to say there is such an order, and it governs the operation and everything related to the operation out here.” Added Webster County Sheriff C.E. Wells:“We can’t tell you anything about it until the order’s lifted.”
The source of the above quote is fairly comprehensive list of people generally considered to be potential (and publicly named) persons of interest. It can be found at the streeter family blog which is maintained by Bartt Streeter.
There is also the curiosity of the so-called GJ3. Three men allegedly named before a grand jury with regard to their involvement in the case. However, no charges were brought, and the records are sealed by the court leading to much speculation online.
I could go on and on, but so far it hasn't gotten me anywhere.


Well, none of the proposed answers have so far yielded much in the way of results, so for my own investigation I figured that if I can’t trust the answers, then maybe I could at least trust the questions.
So, now I'm back to the beginning, asking that same question.
'What's the simplest, most boring way that this could have happened?'
After years of reading on the case, I might not have learned anything new, but at least I know what I don't know.
How could someone(s) have gotten those three women out of the house that night without leaving a trace of evidence or sign of a struggle?
Did they impersonate an authority figure to gain entry?
Did they fabricate some type of emergency in order to get the women to comply?
Did they have a weapon they used to control them?
How could they have been transported from the house in a vehicle, likely against their will, without arousing suspicion or attracting attention while the perpetrator(s) were still able to drive the vehicle and prevent the three women from escaping or calling for help?
Why have the police put forward almost nothing even a quarter century after that night?
Ok, so after all that here's my flimsy, two-word answer for all of it:
cop car.
An armed, uniformed officer arriving at the house that night in a squad car literally answers every single question I've ever had about
how they could have been taken quickly and quietly without leaving any evidence of an intruder
why they even opened the door in the first place
why the dog was locked up
how they could they have been taken without signs of a struggle
why they left without most of their important belongings, including keys, purses, and cigarettes
how they could be so easily controlled by one perpetrator in transit
how they could be transported in a vehicle they'd be unlikely to escape from
why has no one made a single peep in the past 25 years and there has not been much progress in the investigation
It's such a stupidly simple answer that even I think it has to be wrong.
But it makes a kind of sense I'm having trouble shaking, so I'm interested in what you all have to say.
I don't typically go for the "cops had to have been in on it" type theories but after everything else is gone, you have to look at what's left, and right now it's the only thing I've got that explains all the answers and all the questions.
Of course, it's only my theory about how it could have happened, and does absolutely nothing to determine the who or more importantly, the why... which I admit I don't have even the slightest clue about.
If it happened like this, it had to be related to something, although I have no idea what, which means if I want to continue this line of reasoning, I have to start looking into everything else that went on around there except what happened to those women that night because maybe that's where the answer is.
And that'll be the brand-new part of the rabbit hole I'm gonna have to dig for myself if I want to keep going.
Anyway, I guess I'll close with one of the quotes I opened with, from one of the only FBI agents ever to speak publicly about the case.
See if it sounds different to you now.
"If you look into the records of missing persons every year, you would not come across many cases like this"...
"I think they (other people) were brought into this not knowing what was going to happen. It's quite possible that the primary person did not know what was going to happen"...
"There are people that have knowledge who don't feel good about the knowledge they have. They may not be the primary person"....
"The abduction leader probably was an acquaintance 'who may have known their comings and goings'"
*"Secondary players may fear going to police because they think the primary culprit would retaliate."
"But anyone withholding information probably is feeling strong anxiety..."
"If you think you don't feel good about it now, don't think it's going to get any better. Don't think it's going to go away."
edit: words, grammar and formatting
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